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Mere Angne Mein 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya seeing a drunkard. Amit hides and looks on. Kaushalya and Shanti do not recognize Ashok and shut the door. Amit takes Ashok with him, and says mummy said right, he is drunk. He ties Ashok and makes him sit on the bike. He takes Ashok home. Sarla waits for Ashok. Rani shows mehendi to Sarla. Nirmala says my mehendi is very dark, I will get loving husband. Sarla sees Nirmala’s hands and says its nonsense, even my mehendi was dark, what happened.

Nandu does exercise. Kaushalya sees the drunkard gone and is relieved. She asks Nandu to have tea. Nandu washes his face and his fake moustache falls. Shanti calls Kaushalya and she goes without seeing Nandu’s face. Nandu drinks tea. Amit tells Sarla that Ashok was outside Shanti Sadan. Sarla asks did he say anything

to Shanti. Amit says no, he was lying outside house. Nirmala worries for Ashok. Sarla asks her to get ready. Amit asks them to get lemon water for Ashok.

Nandu sees his face in mirror and gets shocked. He thinks where did his moustache go. He sees Shanti coming and gets shocked. He hides his face and talks to her. She asks why is he turning his back towards her. He says I did not get bath, I can’t face elders like that. She says you have very good values, bless you, have bath soon. She goes. He thinks where to find moustache. Preeti comes there. He wears monkey cap and hides his face. He makes excuses and she jokes on him. Riya calls the municipality guy and asks him to come and clean the drainage pipes. Shanti says call him soon, command him and gets angry. She takes phone and says see how I order. She asks the man to come fast, else he will hide seeing her, leave from office. The man ends call. Shanti says he has ended call but he will come in 5mins, voice should have power. Riya says I will clean the floor. Nandu looks for his moustache. Shanti looks at him.

Riya asks Nandu what happened. He says I m feeling cold, I think its fever. Shanti asks him to apply balm. Nandu looks around. Shanti asks did anything fell down, apply balm to him. Nandu says no, I will manage. Shanti asks Nandu to remove his monkey cap.

Sarla is tensed and argues with Nirmala. Nirmala cries and says I want to be happy. Sarla says fine, I will tell Amit to click your pics by phone. Nandu gets his moustache and falls to Riya’s feet saying you are like my mum, thanks. He fixes his moustache. Shanti says don’t cry. They all get shocked seeing his half moustache and laugh. Preeti scolds Nandu for not doing his shaving well. Shanti asks Preeti to apply balm to Nandu. Preeti applies a lot of balm. He says let it be, it will hurt your hand. Shanti asks Preeti can’t she see he is unwell. Kaushalya and Riya talk about Ashok. Kaushalya says I will call him. Shanti says leave it, I will call Sarla. She calls Sarla. Sarla is busy and does not attend call.

Ashok is drunk and tells Sarla that this is injustice, no one does this with enemies. Bansi and Rajendra come there as pandits. Sarla asks Rani to make them do arrangements in mandap. Amit compliments Nirmala. Sarla asks Nirmala to come, mahurat will pass. Amit asks what will Papa wear, he has nothing in his cupboard, I will get something. Sarla goes. Amit asks Nirmala to give money, he will get sherwani for Ashok. She gives him money and says Ashok should look good, I want camera phone for recording, I will die after one month. He says I can’t see this, give me money, I will give my phone, take this, its 20000rs phone, its camera quality is good. She thinks this will do my work. Pari says everyone is playing money, and no one is asking me. Nirmala asks Rani to help her.

Amit makes Ashok ready. Ashok says I won’t marry. Sarla asks him to be quiet, did his drama not end. Shanti thinks why did Sarla not answer, she should go and meet her. She asks Nimmi to see the cleaning work and warns her to get it done well. Preeti hears them.

Shanti comes to Sarla’s house and asks did anyone’s marriage happened here. Sarla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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