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Mere Angne Mein 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupam and Bua talking about giving nek to the relatives. Riya comes and hugs Bua. Bua says she has made kachoris for her, and Riya likes it. Bua asks her about her inlaws, and Riya says Shivam’s family. She praises Shanti and Bua says I m unique, whats her name. Riya says Shanti Devi. Bua says I hate this name, someone of that name had fight with me in childhood. Riya laughs and says this Shanti won’t be that. Bua thinks to meet Shanti.

Shanti comes home and pays less money to rickshaw driver. She asks Kaushalya why is this ghee smell coming. Kaushalya says she made ghee sweets. Shanti sees many dishes made in kitchen and checks the ghee box. She says I feel the ghee is more than before, and checks it. Shanti tells Raghav that she has gone to Shivam’s office

to get leave. Shivam comes and says he got the leave. Raghav asks him to be at home and help in marriage arrangements.

Shanti says Sarla wants mehendi from Jaipur and asks Shivam to go. Raghav says Sarla is doing all her wishes true, its good. Shanti says its marriage at home after many years. Raghav asks Shivam to get ready, he will send him by train. Sarla asks Pari where did ghee go, and argues. Amit applies facepack and relaxes. Sarla checks for her necklace in grains and does not get it. She says she has kept her gold necklace here. Amit gets worried. Sarla saks who has stolen it, and asks Pari.

Sarla asks them to find it, ad gets the tiffin box empty under the bed. She starts crying. Sonal calms her and asks her who was around her when she kept the necklace. Sarla recalls Amit and goes to her. She asks did he take it. He says yes. She asks what, you took it, how dare you? He says his job would have gone, and lies to her. He asks her not to cry and take another necklace from Shanti, by acting. He goes to wash his facepack. Kaushalya packs Shivam’s bag and is sending him. Shivam hugs her and leaves.

Riya is happy as everyone is dancing on dhol music at her home. She sees Shivam at the door, with the rose. She smiles and goes to him. She imagines everything and everyone laugh seeing her sticking to the door. Bunty hugs Riya. Raghav talks to Shanti that he will book train tickets for the relatives. Sarla comes crying. Shanti asks her to calm down and say what happened. Sarla says my necklace got stolen, she has got it polished and kept to give in marriage. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to be normal and not say about Ashok getting ghee box for them.

Shanti asks Sarla not to cry. Sarla says what will I give to Riya now, and cries. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to see. Shanti asks what can we do now. Sarla asks her to tell Kaushalya. Raghav asks what are they murmuring. Shanti says we will lose our name in society, and asks Kaushalya to say if she has anything. Kaushalya says Amma ji….. Shanti says your mum gave you 10 tola necklace, I m getting so shameful, no, you have to keep it for Shivam’s marriage. Raghav asks Kaushalya to say does she have anything. Shanti says no Raghav, why will Kaushalya give her 10 tola necklace. Raghav says there is no problem, and asks Kaushalya to get the necklace.

Kaushalya says its my mum’s necklace, I will give it to Shivam’s wife, and cries. Raghav says we have to do Amit’s marriage first, we will make any jewelry for Shivam’s wife later. Shanti says she will not force Kaushalya and cries. Nimmi and Preeti sign no to Kaushalya. Shanti starts her drama about her family name. Raghav asks Kaushalya to get it and she goes. Sarla says she does not want to take Kaushalya’s necklace. Shanti asks Raghav to see how much Sarla is ashamed to take Kaushalya’s necklace. The girls cry and go to Kaushalya.

Kaushalya cries hugging the necklace given by her mum. Nimmi and Preeti come to stop her. Kaushalya sends them and wipes her tears. Bua scares Bunty and asks her not to miss any item in baraat. She tells about baraat story. Bua does not accept any injustice and wrong things. Sarla asks Shanti will Kaushalya get necklace. Kaushalya brings it and Shanti asks her to give it to Raghav. Raghav asks Shanti to take it. Sarla smiles. Shanti asks Raghav to make such necklace for Kaushalya, when he has money. Kaushalya sadly goes and Raghav looks on. Shanti and Sarla continue drama. Raghav goes. Sarla says she will leave now and smiles. Shanti says Sarla is struck by bad fate. Nimmi and Preeti cry.

Riya gets Shivam’s call and Riya recalls Sarla’s words. Bua ji asks her to take the call. Bunty asks Riya to talk to Shivam. Riya says Sarla stopped me from talking to him. Bunty says it won’t matter, take the call. Riya answers the call. She does not talk and hears Shivam’s voice. She says sorry, I wish I could talk to you. Nimmi calls Shivam and cries, saying Shanti and Sarla have taken mum’s necklace, and she is crying in her room since long. She says why does Dadi do this always with mum, and cries. He asks her not to cry, everything will be fine.

Kaushalya cries in her room. She turns to sleep seeing Raghav. He asks did she sleep, he wanted to say that… She stays annoyed. He leaves, and she cries.

Bua ji talks to Shanti on phone, and they both argue. Shivam comes home and Sarla is shocked seeing his early arrival.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today Dadi did one good thing….she did not handover the necklace to Sarla, otherwise that Amit would have sold it yet again.

  2. Riya bua will clear the misunderstanding I thought…..
    Again sasikala did good she didn’t give the nakeless…

  3. i love sasikala’s style………..

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