Mere Angne Mein 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone worried for Shivam. Doctor comes to them and says Shivam is out of danger, there is a small complication, we don’t know he will be able to walk or not. Riya cries. Nimmi explains what doctor said. They get shocked. Nimmi sees Riya and gets angry. She says you would be very happy ruining Shivam’s life. Raghav asks Nimmi to talk with manners, whatever happens in person’s life, that person is responsible the most. Sarla says I knew Raghav will support Riya. Shanti asks Sarla to be quiet. Raghav says you all supported Shivam and did not tell me anything, so its your mistake too.

Nimmi asks what do you mean, its our mistake, Riya has got Shivam here and sent him to die, even then you are taking her side. Raghav says listen…. Riya asks Raghav not

to say anything to Nimmi, Nimmi is saying right, its my mistake, I was wrong. Sarla asks Pari to record this. Riya says I did not know in which family am I marrying. Pari records this. Riya says you are not of my standard, I did not understand this, I did not know the difference to marry in modern educated family and middle class illiterate family, I felt I will change you all and show living way, but I was wrong, Shanti used to say dog’s tail can never get straight, you all are same. They all get shocked.

Riya says you all don’t want to understand, I don’t want to stay there, I feel suffocated, I have to take permission for everything, there is difference between me and Shivam, I did MBA, I m educated, Shivam did not complete education, don’t know how he got job, he left the job, then he liked to do boxing, I thought to support him if its his passion, if he gets money, you all can get a good life, he could not do anything, he failed even in that, see his state, now there is no hope from him. They all get shocked. Riya says I m fine, I have long life in front of me, I don’t want to become anyone’s wheelchair, Shivam is illiterate and handicapped. Raghav shouts enough. Riya turns and cries. Raghav asks Riya not to say a word now. He scolds her and says we don’t need your new thinking, get out from here.

Sarla smiles and enjoys. Raghav says we can see how much Riya respects Shivam, its hospital rule that only family stays here at night, you leave Riya. Kaushalya says I will get such nice girl for Shivam that you can’t think, get lost. Shanti says whatever I did with you, after hearing this, I think I did right. Sarla thinks it happened so soon today. Raghav asks Riya to leave. Riya cries and leaves. Kaushalya says I don’t understand, this is Kalyug, Riya left when Shivam is still unconscious. Raghav says we realize person when someone dear is in problem, it happened good that Riya left, wish that Shivam stands on his legs, manage the house again, everything shattered, everything will get fine if Lord blesses us. Shanti says everything will be fine. Sarla thinks I have sent Riya, I will see who saves Shanti from coming dangers now.

Everyone see Shivam, while he is unconscious. Shanti calls and says Shivam is not culprit, help him. She cries. The family cries. Riya sees Shivam from outside the door and cries. Noore khuda……plays…………. She leaves. Raghav sits by Shivam’s side. Shivam gets conscious. Days pass. Shivam recovers. He walks a bit and stumbles. Riya gets hurt by a thorn and removes it. Raghav holds Shivam and supports him to walk. Riya recalls Shivam and cries. Shivam recalls Riya.

Shivam asks where is Riya. Shanti says she has run away seeing the troubles. He gets shocked. Shanti says she said she does not want to ruin her life with a handicapped man, she gave the mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Well said Riya! You have finally spoke your mind out! It’s not fair that Riya gets blamed for everything! And it’s not fair that she has to take permission from shanti or kaushayla to do anything!! I’m happy she spoken her mind out.

    1. Esther

      I think she’s been blackmailed by Sarla else she’ll never spoke against Shivam,,,,but whatever she said was true

  2. where ds serial is going.. wat we saw in trailer bfre starting of ds serial is nvr showed.. dadi bua always win

  3. Esther

    Nimmi is like a chameleon,,,,don’t she have any brain….none of the Srivasthavas are normal…all are mad and stupid,,,,

  4. I think Riya will come back in a new avatar like she did copying Shanti lol but better. The show will take a leap, the viewers will find out Riya is pregnant and gives birth to hers and Shivams baby but no one knows about it and Kaushyla found someone for Shivam who acts like a well cultured bahu but is chavel like Radhika from Saathiya lol Will be interesting a episodes later. 😛

  5. How disgusting they blackmail riya into leaving then lie and say she left willingly they also have a video recording now shivam will never forgive riya kaushalya nayee bahu laungi ek bahu ki saat nahi nibha payee dusri ki saat kya nibhayenge yeh log

  6. Did shant has non sense that riya saved them from cunning Chanda how can she asked her to leave her husband. He is should blamed himself he didn’t tell anything to his family. Even sarla forget that riya her marriage unthankful sarla she will play game hate that character such a selfish character. She took her daughter in law muglsutra and now she took riya ;s what a negatives in the serial now they gonna brainwash Shivam so he can believe that she left him for money why everyone blame riya ever time nonsense serial is I don’t want watched anymore

  7. It is completely out of character for Riya to say the words she did. At first, she cannot say a single word in her defence, now she says words that are completely wrong, completely contradictory to her love for her husband, words that can only come from a heartless woman – – – weird, unless there is here is a plan behind Riya’s words. Who knows where the story is going, let’s see.

  8. What a bore and what a disgusting mind to write such a convoluted plot put unnecessary ideas into illiterate heads

  9. i hope yeh sab kuch thik ho jaaye. i dont want ki inki haalat rahul or manvi jaisi ho jaaye. but unki tarah romance ho. i really like shivam nd riya but i want them like my love rahul nd manvi:-*

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