Mere Angne Mein 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 16th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting happy with Vyom’s proposal for Preeti. Kaushalya hugs Sharmili. Nandu drops the flowers in shock. Shanti is glad too and everyone smile, thanking Sharmili. Shanti calls out Preeti. Sarla comes there and crushes the flowers. Nandu picks the flowers. Sarla says I m very happy, two daughters will be in that house. Nimmi asks Preeti not to cry, her life is set now. Sharmili says she did not tell Pari as she was sleeping, I give her freedom. Sarla says I spoke to her, she said she is coming here. Pari comes and says I m very happy for Preeti. She hugs Sarla. Riya goes to Preeti and asks her to change clothes, wear something good, come. Nandu looks on. Riya and Nimmi take Preeti along.

Sarla asks Sharmili about Sujeev. Mama says he has gone to expand

business. Sharmili says Makdi jokes a lot, Sujeev has meeting with the manager. Sarla says fine, we will meet him later. Sharmili asks Pari to see the fate, Vyom is marrying her sister. Pari says I m very happy seeing you happy. Sarla says she is very Sanskari. Mama says one more relation with you now, I want to hug you. Sarla says no, sit, no need to hug. She asks him to greet folding hands. Sharmili asks Mama to sit down and not joke with Sarla. Sarla gets tensed and keeps table in between. Riya makes Preeti ready and asks her not to be upset. She asks don’t you like this proposal. Preeti says nothing like that. Riya requests her to share things with her, and sends Nimmi to help Kaushalya. Nimmi goes.

Riya asks her to say if she is not ready to marry, and explains about responsibility and pressures after marriage, but she adjusted as she loved Shivam and all of them, she did not feel this is compromise. She asks Preeti to forget Mohit. Sharmili says I m very happy to get Preeti as bahu. Shanti says you like our Pari, that’s why you came to take her sister right. Sharmili says yes, and smiles. Sarla goes to get Preeti. She talks to Kaushalya.

Sharmili asks Shanti to call Preeti fast to do shagun, then we have to meet pandit. Kaushalya gives them sweets. Kaushalya sends Nandu to check Preeti and get her. Riya calls Shivam. Shivam stops his bike and attends the call. She asks him to come home. Sharmili asked Preeti’s hand for Vyom, she wants to do shagun today, she is here. He says thanks for giving me this good news, I m coming home. She ends call and takes snacks for the guests.

Preeti tells Nimmi that she can’t forget Mohit, he is my first love, its not easy, but I know he is not good for my family, I promise I will not do any work which shames the family. Nimmi consoles her. Nandu hears them and cries. Preeti says I m fine and hugs Nimmi. Nimmi says I feel this is happening for good, I think Vyom’s proposal is right for you, his family is also good, he is goodlooking too, he is rich, there will be all comforts there, just be strong, accept this relation by heart, I can’t see you sad. Preeti hugs her. Nandu looks on crying.

Rani looks for some good saree and thinks what to do. She asks Amit to buy a saree for her and flirts with him. He asks her to stop this drama and stay away. She asks where are you going, there is no one at home. He says that’s why I m running away. Nimmi brings Preeti downstairs. Nandu looks on. Sharmili gives the shagun coin from their family and blesses Preeti. Pari thinks I did not get any shagun.

Shanti says we did not do any preparations. Sharmili says your blessings are enough. Shanti blesses Vyom and Preeti. Sarla and Kaushalya also bless them. Mama asks Vyom is he happy. Vyom says yes and smiles seeing Preeti. Pari sees him and goes to scold Vyom, reminding he is just marrying Preeti, but he will be Pari’s love always. Vyom goes. Mama asks Pari to fix his marriage as well. Pari asks him to have patience. Sharmili says we shall leave now. We will bring shagun on engagement day. Shanti says we could not do anything today. Sharmili says I respect your rituals of giving glass bangles, but I want to get gold bangles for Preeti, if you allow. Shanti agrees. Kaushalya requests Sharmili to give them time to go marriage well. Sharmili says don’t worry, I will get mahurat after a month. Shanti thinks marriage should happen soon, I m afraid Sharmili will know truth and marriage breaks. The neighbor ladies see this and gossip. Sharmili asks did anything happen. Shanti says they say anything or the other, have sweets. She asks Nimmi to manage the ladies. Nimmi goes and scolds the women, asking them to leave.

Sharmili says I will keep all functions grand and all arrangements will be done by us. Shivam comes and greets them. Sharmili blesses them and leaves with Mama and Vyom. Mohit messages Preeti that Shivam and Nandu have beaten up, and he got plaster, he is bearing all this for her love, and promises he won’t let her become someone else. Sharmili stops seeing the ladies asking about Preeti’s marriage. Shanti laughs and signs Kaushalya. Sarla sends the ladies inside home with Nimmi. Sharmili asks Kaushalya is everything fine. Sarla says that ladies are close. Sharmili says fine, we shall leave. Sarla says yes, you are rich, you will have work. Sharmili leaves.

Nirmala makes Bindu hear about property papers, saying she gave it to Ashok and Sarla happily kept it. Bindu scolds her and says its my property. Nirmala says I will die, but not give my property to you, you are cheap woman. Bindu raises hand. Nirmala holds her hand and stops her. She scolds Bindu and leaves. Sarla scolds the ladies and asks why did they come to spoil things. The ladies argue and say bad about Preeti. They warn Sarla that they will say Sharmili about Preeti and Mohit. Shanti, Kaushalya and Nimmi get angry.

Riya scolds the women and says we have told Sharmili the truth. The lady says even then they agreed, great. Riya says yes, everyone is not of small mindset like you, please go. The ladies leave. Nimmi asks Riya did she start lying too. Riya says what to do, if lie is said for someone’s good, then its not bad, Raghav asked us to say truth to Sharmili before marriage. Shanti says thanks Riya, we will consider what you said.

Raghav calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya gives the good news. Raghav talks to Sarla and asks her to tell everything to Sharmili about Preeti. Sarla says fine, I have said something in signs. Raghav says no, clearly tell them. Sarla says fine, I will tell them. Raghav clearly asks her to not do anything wrong. Sarla agrees and ends call. Shanti argues with Riya, and asks Sarla not to hurry up. She says marriage will be done in 10-15 days, and none should know about this. She asks them to start preparations and leave everything on her.

Shanti calls Sarla and tells something. Sarla agrees. Shanti boasts of her smartness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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