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Mere Angne Mein 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti scolding Riya and thinking to send her away soon. Preeti laughs and is happy that her marriage did not get fixed. She is thankful to Mohit. Pari and Vyom are on long drive. Pari says she wants to have icecream and then they will go for shopping. Vyom agrees. Sharmili asks Mama to drive slow, and keep distance. Mama says Pari is very clever and they argue. Mohit calls Preeti and she does not answer his call to tease him. He calls again.

She teases him that her marriage got fixed. He says don’t say this, I will take sanyaas. She laughs and says relation did not happen, credit goes to Nimmi. He gets glad and asks her about Nimmi. Preeti says she went to Mami’s house, and asks him will he come to meet her, she wants to meet him. He says no. She asks what.

He says no, I will take Dadi for a date and set her to set our marriage. I will meet your Dadi, and jokes. He asks her to tell him where Shanti goes and he will meet her to win her trust. Preeti agrees.

Shanti calls Mrs. Tiwari and asks her about proposal. The lady says I have seen few proposals. Shanti goes to meet that lady to find a nice guy for Preeti. Preeti hears her conversation and sees her leaving. She calls Mohit and informs him. He thanks her and says he will manage. Preeti thinks she has to do something now. Preeti makes excuse and leaves. Kaushalya and Riya are upset. Kaushalya tells Riya that she is going to temple. She is regretting over the proposal breaking. She cries and worries for Preeti’s future.

Riya asks her not to think that and asks her to explain Shanti, they should educate Preeti and make her work, for her self esteem so that her life partner gives her equal rights. Riya says Dadi has to understand this and you have to explain her. Kaushalya says I can’t, what are you saying. Riya says its about Preeti’s life, many guys will come and reject Preeti, we can’t let Preeti get hurt, Preeti is competent, why should anyone reject her for one reason. Kaushalya agrees and is tensed.

Vyom and Pari have icecream and are close. Sharmili and Mama see this and fume. Mama won the bet and ask Sharmili to give 1000rs. She slaps him and says you want your 1000rs, where my world is ruining. He says I told you this will happen. She says I could not stop what happened, but I will not stop them now, get any girl and we will get Vyom married soon, its important to tie him in marriage.

Mohit acts infront of Shanti and begs to the man to let him stay at his house. He asks the man to act and push him. Preeti comes and hides seeing them. Mohit meets Shanti. She says you are Chintu right. Preeti wonders what is Mohit doing. He says he can pay rent upto 15000-20000rs and no one is giving him a house on rent, he is homeless and helpless. He takes her phone and says I have saved my number, tell anyone you know if they have place to give on rent. He says I don’t see any girl and sees Preeti.

Shanti asks how did he get homeless. Mohit says my building is demolished and I had to leave that place. Shanti says fine, I will tell you if there is some place in my sight. He thanks her. She goes. Preeti goes to Mohit and asks what was he talking to Shanti. Mohit lifts his bags and smiles. Shanti thinks her keys fell and looks for the keys on the road. Preeti sees Shanti coming back and worries. She calls Mohit mad and goes. Shanti gets the keys and is relieved. Mohit says I doubt this Srivastav family is okay.

Riya sees Kaushalya crying. Riya and Kaushalya pray. Riya asks her not to worry, don’t you trust Preeti. Kaushalya says I trust her a lot and I m proud of my upbringing. Riya says Dadi will agree. Kaushalya says I don’t have courage to talk to Shanti. Riya says fine, I will talk to Shanti. Kaushalya says no, don’t tell her anything, I will talk. Shanti tells Mrs. Tiwari what all Riya did, and asks her how does she control her three bahus. Mrs. Tiwari says I adjust with them, we need them and they need us, we manage their kids. Shanti asks shall we do this in this age. Mrs. Tiwari says that mother in law’s domination is gone, there is no use to make issue, we have to run home by understanding. Shanti says I just know to kick out everyone whom I don’t like. Mrs. Tiwari says you are doing big mistake. Shanti laughs off.

Shanti gets Raghav’s call. Raghav says bless me, the blame on me got cleared. She gets glad. He asks about proposal. She says it did not happen. He says don’t worry, I will come home late. She says fine and ends call. She praises Raghav and says just Riya is different. Preeti calls Mohit. She asks him what did he say Dadi. He says its our secret, and does not tell her, as its surprise for Preeti. He does shayari and she smiles.

Rani asks Amit to wear this track suit, he will look hero. Sarla scolds Rani and says I m going with Amit, you are not coming with us. She takes Rani’s saree to burn it. Rani says its costly saree, stop. Amit stops Sarla. Rani takes saree and runs. Sarla snatches the saree and says I will teach lesson to Rani. Amit falls down and Rani worries for him. Amit gets angry and scolds them. Sarla asks him why is he happy to go with Rani. He says I was not happy, Rani was happy and dreaming with open eyes. Rani asks Amit why is he saying this. Rani says I will go with Amit. Sarla and Rani argue, Amit says shut up, enough and asks Rani not to argue with his mummy. Sonal takes Rani’s side. Rani says its fine, Amit has held my hand. Sarla and Rani fight for the saree. He holds her head and fumes. He goes to room and shuts the door to avoid the catfight.

Shanti comes home. Kaushalya says she has to talk something important. Shanti asks her to say. Kaushalya says I want to say about Preeti. Shanti says she is finding proposals, don’t create suspense. Kaushalya is tensed to say, and asks Shanti to give better education to Preeti. She goes. Shanti asks Riya what did Kaushalya say. Riya thinks Kaushalya is so afraid, but I will make Kaushalya explain Shanti.

Sharmili waits for Vyom and Pari at home. She says she does not trust Pari. Mama says he did not give medicines to Sujeev as she did not tell him. Sharmili says great, I want Sujeev to become Durjeev and welcome Pari angrily. Mama says even I want to see does Sujeev kills her and how.

Riya asks Kaushalya to explain Shanti and not be scared. She convinces Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Riya to go and sleep, she will talk to Shanti. Sonal and Rani’s bonding and preparations for picnic angers Sarla. Shanti asks Kaushalya what does she has to say. Kaushalya says I was thinking… Shanti says tell it now. Kaushalya says Riya was saying about Preeti’s job, Riya is right. Shanti gets angry and asks Kaushalya why is she taking her permission. Kaushalya says you are elder, that’s why, Riya said that lady told right. She says Preeti’s education will help her.

Pari and Vyom come home. Sharmili says I m ready to welcome them, and calls Sujeev downstairs. Pari hugs Vyom. Vyom asks what is she doing, anyone will see. She says we will run away from here. He says give me the shopping bags, I will give this later and keeps bag in the car. Sharmili says I want Durjeev’s anger today.

Kaushalya requests Shanti to allow Preeti for further education and work, She begs Shanti to let Preeti work and study, to make Preeti’s life well. Shanti gets more angry on Riya.

Shanti fumes and eats green chillies. She gets shocked seeing Riya sitting on her swing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow shati will become more and more ashanti

  2. I am just so confused as who is that girl married to? Sujeev, or Vyom. She is a wicked grl with no reputation, I guess she got it from her mom, like Mother like Daughter.

  3. Very good Riya, You were awesome. Khusia has to learn to think about the good future of her kids. She should talk to her saas, not you. Zindagi har din hamme kuch shikati hain, you have to move on. Sarla’s husband has to be a man and give Sarla a tight slap so she can behave herself. She is so mean. what kind of mother she is? she is always a wall between Amit and Rani. I love to see that Rani is handling her. Please give Sonal more importance in the serial. She is the perfect/ sweet daughter of that witch Sarla.
    And dadi ji, sudhar jao aur apni friend Tiwari ka advice le lo. warna na ghar ka na ghaat ka.
    And love to see that the mother of that boy was such a good women/saas for Preeti.

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