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Mere Angne Mein 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmili getting angry that they are getting Preeti married here. She tells them how they cheated her and got Vyom married to Nimmi, I don’t want Nimmi, get her married to someone else. Sarla says Sharmili is right, Preeti married Vyom, how can she marry Nandu now. She asks Raghav and everyone what happened to them, she will not listen to them, she will take Preeti. Kaushalya says Preeti got married. Sarla says Preeti is married to Vyom. Nandu says you can’t take my wife. Sarla slaps him and scolds him angrily. Shanti tells Sarla that Nimmi is Sinha family bahu. Sarla says this can’t happen, what will happen now, they have sent Nimmi back. Sharmili goes.

Raghav says Nimmi’s marriage is done with Vyom. Sarla asks who made Nimmi sit in Preeti’s place. Shanti

says what happened to my grand children, Shanti Sadan is ruined in one moment. Preeti and everyone cry. Pari asks Vyom to see what happened, when he went to marry Preeti. He asks her to get lost. She says I m very happy today. He says I swear, if I know you are behind all this, I will kill you. She argues with him.

Sarla says you all know we lost our name in Pari’s sasural. She says Sharmili will always take revenge for Pari. Shanti asks Sarla not to say a word, nothing will happen to Pari. Sarla says how, Sharmili threatened Pari, I will die. Raghav gets unwell. Shanti blames Riya and asks them to see what Riya did. Raghav faints and holds chest. Everyone get shocked seeing him, and rush to him. Shanti asks Shivam to call doctor.

Riya stops Anupam from calling them, its my mistake, their pain is much more than me. He says you are taking their side, I will file police complaint, they made this a joke, I have to talk to them. She says I will call Shivam from my phone. She calls Shivam. Anupam says when they get police beating, they will get sense, he won’t receive call. She says don’t do anything, they are angry, once their anger cools down, they will send Shivam. He hugs her and they cry.

Doctor checks Raghav and says its just stress, he will be fine. Raghav asks the daughters to be away, as they did not know about his respect before, its better to be childless than having such daughters. Kaushalya calls Riya and scolds her. She says Raghav and his daughters’ relations broke, you will never be happy, you ruined our house, and curses her. She says you will not have any relation with us and Shivam. Shanti says you should have done this before.

Shanti asks Sarla to come with her, they will leave Nimmi home, Riya has gone and now rule is in my hand. Sarla agrees and says I m with you. Shanti says we will drop Nimmi to Sinha house. Nimmi says no Dadi. Shanti drags her. Nimmi says I don’t want to go, Preeti was stubborn to do this, you ruined my life. She says they will not accept me, and no one wants to keep me here, I got alone. She hugs Kaushalya and cries. Shanti asks Kaushalya to send Nimmi now. Shivam says enough Nimmi, you go from here, its because of you both, why did you not share anything with me. Nimmi says please forgive me Papa, don’t send me. Raghav asks her to go. Nimmi cries and says they hate me, don’t take me there Dadi. Shanti says everything will be fine, come with me, they will accept you. Shanti drags Nimmi and takes her. Kaushalya cries and says I will never forgive Riya.

Anupam gives food to Riya. Riya says I don’t want. He asks her not to cry, have food. She says I really don’t want to. He says I m also getting angry, whose call came some time before. She thinks Anupam will feel bad if I tell about Kaushalya’s call. She says it was Bunty’s call. He says strange, Shivam did not call, you call him, I will talk. She calls Shivam. He is with Raghav and goes out to answer. He asks whats your problem, everyone is worried in my house because of you, Nimmi is not accepted by Sinha family, Papa got unwell, mummy is crying, Dadi went to request Sinhas, what do you want. She cries and says I can’t hear you, fine call me later. She ends call and tells Anupam that there is network problem, Shivam said he will call in some time. Anupam understands her sorrow and goes. She cries.

Sharmili asks Nimmi why did she come back. Shanti says I got her here, forget everything, accept Nimmi. Sujeev says never, Nimmi will never stay here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank You Amena for Uploading The Episode Story.
    These People Are Damaging The Story.
    Kaushalya is A Very Cheap and Disgusting WOMAN.
    She Deserves A Woman like SHANTI DEVI (Made for Each Other).
    Total Story is CHANGING Now Very DRASTICALLY.
    Actually I LOVED This SERIAL SO MUCH
    Now This SERIAL is LOSING its TRACK.
    ALL THE NEGATIVE CHARACTERS Belong From My Disgusting RELATIVES.These People Must Support Good Characters Like Riya Sonal Raghav And Punish Evil Characters like SHANTI DEVI, SARLA SHARMEELI.

  2. I want to see shant in her old clothes but nice episode

  3. some month ago this serial was my fav… nowadays I only read updates… please don’t separate mohit and presto… and kindly please give riya some good roles… her character is so weak. ..

  4. Hey guys I’ve written and ff on swasan and raglak meeting part 1 pls read and before that there was an intro also pls comment cx

  5. they r dragging too much..why Priti is not saying anything …its only because off her ….all are dump accept shanti and sarla now I hate this drama

  6. OK now this is what the directors are telling the society
    >Srivastavs were worried like as if Preetis marriage was a global problem..Who will marry preeti ??? Who will marry Preeti??

    >Nimmi is forced to go to a place where people hate her the most . reason being she is married and has to go to her inlaws.

    So they are showing the society that marriage is considered as burden and not responsibility. Once a daughter is married , then they can relax comfortably matter how many ever problems their daughter faces. After all their so called Maan maryada is what matters to ppl, They are more concerend about what society feels rather that how their daughters suffer.

    Cant a women lead a life without getting married. We see many ppl abroad who lead a successful life without husband or without getting maried also

    > Riya being kicked out of house for ruining their respect.
    Sarla conspires to get Amit married to Riya, despite knowing she loves Shivam.
    She lies about cancer and makes Srivastavs mortgage their house.
    Amit mortgages his wife in Gambling.
    But they can still be forgiven ..reason they are a part of family.

    They have settled Preetis life by getting her married to Nandu
    They are trying to settle Nimmis life by requesting them to forgive her
    BUT RIYA BEING KICKED OUT FOR RUINING THEIR RESPECT. I guess the other two fools also have to be kicked out as they are also a part of it,
    But as they are a part of family , despite any mistake they do, they still accept them

    SO they are telling the society to treat the bahu very badly as and how they wish as she is not a part of their family

    Good good..keep worsening the serial more and more for higher TRPS. Thanks to the directors for this socIAL SERVICE OF SPOILING SOCIETY

    Yes its true that Riya Nimmi n Preeti as resposible for this stage But
    Is marriage the only aim of a women in her life.

    1. well said….

    2. Hahaaha “marrying Preeti is a global problem”! But you make excellent points about this stupid show.

    3. Thank you. That’s exactly the problem of this show and in our country to a certain extent. It’s as if a woman should die if she doesn’t get married. SMH

  7. What’s wrong with them… 🙁

  8. I lyk this serial very much because I believe that ladkiyo ki kimat ladko k juti saman hoti he aur ladkiyo ko hamesha apni awkat me rehna chahiye. .r8 guys???? Who agree with me?

    1. Someone needs to slap you with a juti. Are you uneducated?!

      1. Bitoo, i am coming and will help you with the slap.

    2. Oh really… beta shadi kar le… u will get to know ur aukat in few days….dnt u dare think of trying any of this stupid things n ur wife… else u will cry ur whole life y did u cross ur limit…. idiot

    3. Is serial mein to sab Dadi ki juti hain… Or sahi hai Jo boys girls ko paavn ki juti samjhte hai.. Wo real mein kisi or ke talve chaatne wale hi hote hai..
      Jaise Raghav or Shivam ka koi stand hi nahi hai, wo bas apne amma/Dadi ka hukum bajaate hai or apni bawaate hai..
      Aise logo ka society me kabhi koi respect nahi hota..

    4. I wish ur mom hadnt given birth to u,fed u,nurtured u &brought u up to give disguisting comments on women.someday u should meet a major accident & there should be only female doctors in the hospital,i think u should die in tht situation rather than taking a help from ‘juti’.idiotic person.

  9. Kaushalya is the worst mother in law anyone can get and priti is the worst spineless daughter anyone deserves.

  10. I agree with swapna this sereal is showing negative Riya is also at fault why she couldn’t tell her husband?

  11. Well said swapna ???

  12. Swapna Your Comment is Very Nice And to be PRECISE VERY CORRECT.
    These People Ill Treat Riya And Highlight Each nn Every Silly Mistake She Does,Because She is A Not A Member of Their FAMILY.SARLA is Even Responsible for THE BREAKUP MOHIT-PREETI’S MARRIAGE.
    She Even played Games with Riya’s MARRIAGE
    But She was Excused.
    But Everything Went in Vain.
    Intact They Course Her.
    You Gave Very NICE And Sensible Comment Regarding This SERIAL Swapna.
    I Hope These PEOPLE Should Show Some Sense towards This.
    But This SERIAL Gave More Support to The NEGATIVE CHARACTERS.

  13. Where the story is going on, getting headache.

  14. kill the devil in the shows and bring positive shows MAYBE THE WORLD WILL CHANGE TOO
    the shows that we are watching, are all from 18 & 19 century, we live in 21 century, girls were not born just be slaves to the husband’s and their families. they have a soul too, and they are educated.

  15. blo*dy and worst serial…..hate the directors of story…they r showing,as if women r abla naaris…donno in which era these blo*dy story directors are living…the world is going ahead….might b this story directors are unaware of the WOMAN POWER..they r showing , a girl should die at in- laws only inspite of her problems there, and a girl cant take parents help in solving her problems…like this bloddy serial is giving worst message to the society…

  16. The only mistake riya did was by not telling ny1 n trying to handle all d worst situations alone atleast she cld share dem wid shivam…raghav was rght in syng dat u r bahu of diz home n not d decsn maker of our lifes she shld hve taken sum trustable elder in her confidence n nimmi shld hve stpd d mrg frm tkng place knwng dat evry1 hates her in dat family n no one wil accept her as bahu aise ho ya waise izzath to lagi hii thi dauv per..n preeti no words fr her she was d so called dari sehmi haklati ladki n did such a big kaand…all f blame cme on riya n d evil ppl r enjyng n relaxed ke bina kuch kare hi unka kaam hogaya n wo kuch bhi kerle na kabhi pakde jate hai na kabhi koi sawal kerta hai unse gr8…does diz rly happens?

  17. Can’t stand this program anymore. The story writter should be more sensible about this kind of episodes. Apart from shanti Devi and sarla everyone is stupid!!

    They can get away with murder but the rest can’t get away with anything.

    Riya’s character along with her mother inlaw’s and preeti is so weak.

    I thought the drama was about challengeing old customs with new era and was hoping that some people might change after watching this programme, however the message which is coming across is so stupid in so many ways!

    Swapna is right! Hope the story writers reads these comments and consider what people are actually thinking!!

    I don’t think I can put up with this drama anymore! Wasted so much time watching this anyway.

    1. I love your comment! I absolutely agree with everything.

  18. This serial is now fullll with stupidities…shaadi ho gai to bandh gae. Chahe pati gambling me haar jae…chae sarla jaisi saas hamesha badtameezi karti rahe. Chahe shanti jaisi saas ho Jo hamesha jaan lene ko tayyar rehti hai…shivam jaisa idiot pati ho…nandu jaisa good for nothing husband ho…ya sharmili jaisi saas aur sujeev jaisa pati. ..I hv stopped watching this one now….

  19. Please think practicaly before writting all that bullshit stories. All the worst things are done by family members eventhough family head is not aware of that plzzz donot ever write such a stupid stories.

  20. Kuhu, toh Teri.mumy aur behen ki bhi wahi kimat hein kya Jo tu bolraha hein

  21. In middle class families and specially in villages or small towns it happens what is shown there. Once they got married they r supposed to b together in any case.

  22. This is also truth that instead of carrier girls focus is much more on marriage and how to get her work done through her husband’s . Instead of taking responsibility on her self.

  23. Sorry it’s career ….girls just focus on self dependendance not to your husband’s for every small thing

  24. Me ek ladki hu. Ladka nhi

  25. Meri baat ko lekar tum log itna gussa Ho gaye bt humari Indian mythology ka kya hoga??? Ram ne sita ko agni pariksha dene k liye kaha which means wo apni wife par trust nhi karte the bt phir bhi hum ram ki puja karte he… koi unko juta marne ki baat kyu nhi karta??? Answer me? ????

    1. Have you gob mad or what??
      Do u know complete mythology of ramayan??? Agnipariksha is not about rama trust K and dnt u dare talk like dat about rama
      Men and women are equal in every aspect.. Really I pity u on ur thinking chi

  26. Yes I agree that we should not belittle woman and the serial is not going in a sane way..but remember we should not curse other people to such an extent as one person as cursed in the comment section..this is a good website for people who missed or for some reason are unable to watch the serial, they watch the written updates and feel connected..please guys don’t encourage people who badmouth other people and curse them in such an evil way?..who Am I to say all this..well I am some one who still believes in other human beings and kindness.

  27. Bullshit thinking of a so called girl like kuhu, shame on u. Doob mar chullu bhar paani mein. Teri jaisi larkion k kaaran hi kuch larke abhi bhi sudhar nai paate.

  28. I stopped watching this serial also. It pisses me off so much. It is beyond ridiculous. I only read the written update for curiosity and hoping it will get better:
    1. Shanti never gets caught for her mean actions
    2. Nothing happened to Amit for gambling his wife. Rani should divorce him, she is so stupid. Can’t she just get a job please and find a guy who deserves her.
    3. Kaushalya is brainless. Before she was just sweet and docile, now she is the biggest idiot.
    4. They force Preeti to marry into a stupid family. Even if she does not want to
    5. Nimmi did not stop the marriage with Vyom. How ridiculous. Who would go ahead with the marriage instead of their sister. Bunty did not stop it either. So ridiculous.
    5. Everyone is blaming Riya for everything, when the original fault is Preeti’s and Nimmi’s. Preeti and Nimmi never support Riya when she is doing so much for them. No one listens to anyone.
    6. Then they force Preeti to marry Nandu. LOL. How dumb.
    7. Shivam’s IQ is now almost as low as his Mom’s (Kaushalya’s LOL).

    It’s like this serial is saying:
    1. Marriage is the most important thing in the world by far. It doesn’t matter what the family is like as long as it is bada ghar. Girl’s career, happiness, who cares about that.
    2. Idiots like Riya stay nice and try to “manage” everything LOL no matter what even when she knows Shanti is up to something – like put chilli powder in the chai, then put chilli in Riya’s food.

    What would be wonderful?
    Riya is sad but gets over him. She meets a really lovely guy from a NICE family.
    Shivam begs Riya to come back realising that it is all Dadi’s fault. Riya says no … I always took your side, but you kicked me out of the house.
    The nice guy from a NICE family starts to chase Riya. Shivam tries to get in the way. And becomes angry and jealous and starts to drink a little. He bumps into Mohit, and it is a bit ironic.
    Riya eventually divorces Shivam.
    Eventually Riya marries the NICE guy.
    Nimmi divorces Vyom and meets a fun and intelligent business man and her clothing business takes off. She is incredibly happy. She becomes a top fashion designer and moves to Mumbai.
    Nandu changes to win Preeti’s love and she falls in love with him. She goes to university and completes her studies and starts working.

    Everyone finds out about Shanti’s bad deeds and repent treating Riya so badly. Shivam is very angry with Dadi.

    They kick Shanti out of the house and remove name Shanti from Shanti Sadan. They beg Riya to come back but she says no, but forgives them. Shanti goes to live else where with some other family member where she tries to dominate again but even meaner and crueller people live there and treat her disprespectfully. She stops trying to dominate, repents her actions. She breaks down realising she has broken Shivam’s marriage. She confesses to Kaushalya everything. Kaushalya tells her to forgive herself and they bring Shanti back. They both beg Riya to come back asking for her to come back but it doesn’t happen.

    10 years later Shivam is still single and repenting his actions and being a bit sad.

    Riya has a little baby daughter. Her and her husband bump into Shivam in a shop … like some ironic place. Riya is CEO of a pharmaceutical company.

  29. Serial me ab kuch to positive aur acha hona chahye. Riya ko hamesha hi galat saabit kar diya jaata h. I just cant take it any more

  30. You r taking me wrong. Maine Yeh sab cheap baat isliye ki taki tum log gussa karo aur me Lord ram k bare me tum say se puch saku bt I think koi mere question ka answer nhi de sakta. Prove me wrong or else say dt Lord ram was not a gud person. Other wise me aur Meri family girls ko bahut respect karte he after all I’m also a girl bt I hate our mythology

    1. Kuhu, Ram has left sita in protection of agnidev and and requested him to protect sita like his daugther and took her shadow with him. On completion he called back agnidev and he requested him to return his sita to him

  31. I really need a meaningful answer. Plz don’t be angry nd give my answer. I really want to know about ram. Why he did this? ? Was it r8. Plz tell me

    1. First of all mythology is different from history. History is fact by mythology is exaggeration or improvisation of facts so that we can understand like cinema….
      As Putrakamesthi episode was inserted to make believe the readers that Sri Rama was in fact the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Seeta parityaga (Disowning of Seeta), Seeta Agnipravesha,  episodes were inserted consciously  to pave way for the arrival of all GODs and Sri Rama accepting Seeta  episodes.
      Hence, eulogising Sri Rama as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Seeta as Adilakshmi by Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva WAS DONE to elevate the status of Lord Vishnu and did not fit into Srimad Ramayana
      As I already mentioned earlier, Sri Rama always expressed his great eagerness in getting back his dear wife Seeta at the earliest. At no point of time, till his meeting with Seeta after the death of Ravana, he was depicted expressing his desire to give up Seeta as she was residing in Ravana’s house.
      If Sri Rama already had a doubt of Seeta’s conjugal fidelity or he already decided to disown Seeta after killing of Ravana, he would have felt relieved with the news of death of Seeta.  Instead, his immediate reaction to the news of Indrajit chopping off the head of illusionary Seeta was to faint away.

      The insertion of Sargas 115 to 118 in Yuddha Kanda might have made the readers believe that Sri Rama was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is Lokadhipati.  However, this insertion had done more harm to the character of Sri Rama.

      It is nothing but character assassination and in the process of elevating Sri Vishnu, Sri Rama had become a victim of this slander.

      This agnipareeksha and abandonment of Seeta is not there in valmikis ramayan which is the actual ramayan. These are added later to ramayan just to improvise it
      I hope u understand all this which I posted and understand ram and respect him

    2. There is also a divine explanation for this Agni Pareeksha

      Sita was the avatar of mahalaxmi who already knew that Ravana was going to abduct her. But, she had to go as it is part of their Avatar mission. So, right before Ravana abducted her, Sita gave her original form to the Agni (fire) to preserve until she comes back and what Ravana abducted was the maya Sita. When returning from Lanka, the Maya Sita entered Agni and got back the original form kept by Agni.

  32. Kuhu ur question is right and I appreciate you for your analytical sense.Actually Lord Ram was wrong if we take as a husband but as a king he had to follow some certain rules of that time. And you can conclude from our mythology that during that time maybe girls were not given so much respect and power like they are given now-a-days. Girls were not thought as a person and rather as an animal.Their were very little who thought that girls were equal to men. Ram was one of them.He loved Sita very much.And coming back to your question- Sita was considered Sati Savitri type as she never looked at another person than Ram.And as she was a goddess and Ram a god so Ram had told her prior to her kidnapping that to stay in the protection of agni then later when he freeds her from Ravan then to come back to her through Agni Pariksha and till that time keep her illusionate Sita(or maya Sita) infront of the whole world. So you see both had known that this is going to happen and had done prior planning for it. I hope you have got your meaningful answer and guys pls try to understand her and telling about this serial -then I will only say that this is a HEADACHE SERIAL FOR ME. And kuhu one more thing pls watch Siya Ke Ram . You will get to know how pious are Sita and Ram .

  33. Very well said Michelle..But that never happens. They drag the serial to heights of stupidity and abruptly end the show when they dont find any storyline to extend it. Same happened with TSM and Mohi ..

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