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Mere Angne Mein 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with officer saying we have come to seal this house. Riya says we will come on road, I apologize to you. The man says your husband should apologize. Shivam says I will not apologize, its not my mistake. Riya asks is it my mistake, or Kaushalya and Nimmi’s, put your ego on side and apologize. Shivam apologizes.

The man says fine, we will seal just one room so that you remember what mistake you did, Everyone stop them and ask them to seal any other room, not this. The man asks Kaushalya to move, else police will move her. Riya says we will find some way, let them do what they want. Kaushalya says wait, and gets Babuji’s pic. The constable seals the room. The man says remember, the punishment of breaking this lock is jail, don’t try to break this seal. The officers

leave. Kaushalya cries. Sarla asks where will I sleep now. Nimmi says I would have locked officers in room. Kaushalya scolds her for spoiling things, as Shivam did. Preeti jokes and asks Nimmi to go and shout on road about event company. Nimmi asks her not to say nonsense. Riya says Preeti said right, we will do our company marketing.

She thanks Preeti for the idea. Sarla says its not wedding season now. Riya says its fine, we will manage birthday parties. Sarla asks Shivam does he know any govt officer, bribe them and solve this case. Riya asks her not to show wrong path. Sarla thinks I can do this, else what will be my respect infront of Amma. She says I will go home and sell some old jewelry. Kaushalya says no, we can really talk to any govt officer. Riya says no, its wrong. Kaushalya says why, its all house. Shivam thinks to do something to save the house.

Rani argues with Nirmala. Amit comes and shows his new bike to Rani. Rani likes it and asks him how did he get much money to buy bike. He asks her not to ask. He thinks to steal money from home, and buy a new home and then let everyone else go to hell. He finds the room locked. Rani says Sarla locked her room, because of Nirmala. Amit says Sarla has tortured Nirmala, break this lock. Rani says no, Sarla will scold you, since when did you think of others. He says if I m so bad, why don’t you leave me. Rani says I will not leave you, even if you are bad.

Sarla calls Bansi and asks do you know any agent who can stop house auction, tell me fast, its imp. Amit tries to break the lock. Sarla comes and says lock won’t break. Rani tells about Amit’s new business, he got so many gifts and bike too. Sarla gets very happy and blesses Amit. She gets a doubt and asks Amit about his business. He says I managed. She asks did he get this work outside municipality office. He gets worried and says no, bless the bike and do its tilak. She asks are you mad, Shanti Sadan is getting auctioned, this quarter will go from our hands, did you not do the work which I told you, about taking over Nirmala’s house, don’t take new bike towards Shanti Sadan, who gave you this work. Amit lies and says leave it. Sarla says Shanti did not pay tax, we will shift to Nirmala’s house. Amit says fine, all work will be done. Nirmala worries.

Nimmi announces about Shashikala event company. Riya talks to a girl sweetly. A lady enquires about the budget. Riya says its about the decorations and requirements. The lady says we are middle class people and have to make budget. Riya says sure, we will tell you rates after seeing requirements. The lady asks for dance performance and food. Riya says we will keep dancers, and don’t worry about food, it will be good quality. Another lady says they did Pinky’s engagement arrangements and got good food. Riya gives her pamphlet and asks them to give order. Nandu takes the rickshaw ahead.

Sarla and Rani smile seeing the bike. Rani reads the message and shows to them, Amit’s son Bablu’s bike. Sarla scolds Amit and asks who is Bablu. Amit says I don’t know. Rani starts crying. Amit asks her to calm down, I m regretting by one marriage, I don’t have any son, there is no one in my life. Rani refuses to go with Amit. Amit makes her do the puja. Sarla asks Amit to say how he got money to buy bike and who is Bablu. Sarla thinks Rani is going, I have to stay here to keep an eye on Nirmala, I have to find out that thief too.

Shanti asks Riya what did you do that Sarla left and went to her home. Riya says nothing. Shanti asks what are you hiding, I will find out everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again shanti blaming Riya for sarla leaving. Sarla blessing her son who stole her money.

  2. This stupid show is not at all worth watching. As long as sarla and her company continues its filthy behaviour no one will watch this show.

  3. Pathetic show. Shanthi, Sarla, Paris, Amit get away with bullying, lying n stealing. Sending out wrong message to public. It’s okay to do wrong and get away with lying. Furthermore truth is never revealed. Daughter in law’s treated like dirt.

  4. The Govt. employees action is very unrealistic. The officials have no right to compromise on sealing the house and just seal one room, that too the greedy lunatic Shanthii’s room purposely to taunt Kousalya and Ria. Stupidity to the core. When she comes back Sarala is going to pour petrol in her ears and shanthi the idiotic heroine of the show is going to scold Kou, Ria and Shivam. Anyways, other than Shanthi, Sarala and Pari all other characters are for supporting characters for the main ones. Raghav is such a waste guy, he can’t take vacation for his daughter’s wedding. He can’t decide anything what to buy where to look for grooms he cannot go for jewellery shopping with the family members. He won’t take any responsibility and come home with a dead face bz he is tired. Shivam nowadays hugs Ria when he is into some problems that too after beating and yelling some one. The Dir thinks the problems will be solved once Shivam did that. Wiping his forehead and look right and left will not solve the issues and no space for their acting in this serial.

  5. Nothing positive shown at all and no good messages or teachings from this show. Please end it. Shanti will always believe her daughter and raghav won’t do or say anything against her even if she’s wrong, the only time he did was when Riya got keys.

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