Mere Angne Mein 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shivam about the order. She asks will you come along. He says fine, I will come. She asks him to get bike ready, I will come. He goes to Kaushalya and apologizes. He says I should have not got between you all, forgive me, we used to fight before marriage, that time you did not say anything. Kaushalya says things changed now, you are not kids now, Nandu will not be quiet seeing you slap Preeti, try to understand. Shivam says Preeti talks wrong. Kaushalya apologizes and asks him to be with Riya, you have become Riya’s servant. He asks what are you saying, its tough to explain you and Riya, I will become like Raghav and not say anything. Kaushalya asks him to become like Raghav, who is good son, husband and father. He leaves.

Rani stops Amit and says

I got something for you. He asks what. She shows Mohini yantra and thinks this will make him mine. He asks whats this. She says this will ward off bad sight, I got this for your prosperity. He says fine, tie it. She ties it to his arm and says all money problem will end. Nirmala looks on. Amit leaves. Rani tells Nirmala that Amit loves her. She gets the boy’s call. The boy scolds her. Nirmala laughs on Rani and goes.

Shanti throws the keys at Riya and Riya catches it. Shanti says I knew you will catch the keys even if your eyes were shut. Riya says no. Shanti says I did not forget the day when you snatched keys from me, keep this, start practice, you will manage home. Riya says why, Kaushalya has right and she will become heir of this house. Shanti says no, Kaushalya can’t manage a kitchen, what will she manage a house, one needs to make strict decisions, Kaushalya is a cow, her heart is soft, you can take strict decisions, so I want to make you my heir. Riya says no, I can’t take keys without telling Kaushalya, she will feel bad. Shanti says no, don’t tell her. Riya says this is wrong. Shanti says fine, I will make Kaushalya the heir, let anything happen. She does emotional blackmail and Riya stop her.

Shivam gets ready. Nimmi thinks whats Riya doing, I think Riya and Shanti are backbiting about Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Shivam to slap Nimmi. Shivam says you both continue, I m just standing silent. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to add fuel in fire, I will go and see.

Riya tells Shanti that she is ready to take this responsibility, if Shanti thinks she is suitable, I will become the heir. Shanti thinks Riya is greedy and always wanted to take keys. She says fine, but there are few things to know, when to take decision, you will think for the betterment of family and decide, there is no place for selfishness, house will run my way, you won’t make any modern changes, and don’t tell anyone. Riya agrees and says I will pass all the tests.

Kaushalya comes there and hears them. Riya says I will always support truth and I will become the heir like you want. Kaushalya gets shocked and thinks Nimmi said right, daughter is daughter and bahu is bahu, Riya wants to become heir by filling Shanti’s ears. She cries and goes. Shanti comes and asks Nimmi to get all accounts. Riya tells Shanti that she will do as Shanti said. Shanti asks her to get order. Riya asks Kaushalya to bless her. Kaushalya blesses her rudely. Riya and Nimmi leave.

Kaushalya cries and says I have always lived under your rule, but now I will hear to Riya, no, I can’t do this. Shanti thinks how did Kaushalya know this. She asks how did you know. Kaushalya says I heard you, I request you, Riya will take revenge and make us beg for money, she will make my daughters work, make anyone else the heir, not Riya.

Shanti thinks this has become big issue. Kaushalya says I also want to show I m saas. Shanti says fine, show it. Kaushalya asks how, everyone tells me this and that. Shanti asks who, I m here with you, I want to see what you do. Preeti meets Lucky at the temple and hugs him happily. She says I can’t make reasons to come out of home and meet you. He says do I need to say how much I love you, I m with you. She asks him to prove his love. He asks shall I jump in Ganga, tell me what proof you want. She asks him to marry her infront of Lord. Shivam comes to the temple. Nandu says I love you Preeti ji. She asks him to come to temple with her and takes him. Riya asks Shivam to come and do darshan. He asks Riya and Nimmi to go. Riya says its big order, we will go temple together, then everything will be fine.

Shanti and Kaushalya talk at home. Shanti says I wanted to know what was Riya thinking when I was dying, she did not pass my test, she failed, she got ready to sit on my place, I can’t let this happen, you have right first, don’t tell this to Riya, else she will create drama. Kaushalya asks how can I hide this from Raghav. Shanti says you are innocent, just don’t tell anyone, I will take your tests, you have to pass in it and then take tests, even if anyone feel bad. Kaushalya says I will pass by top marks. Shanti says you will fail if you say this to anyone. Kaushalya says I won’t tell anyone. She goes to make tea for Shanti.

Preeti asks Lucky/Nandu to fill her maang if he loves her. Shivam comes there and sees Preeti. Nimmi and Shivam get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What is shanti trying to do? Split the family?

  2. No spoilers out either. What is she planning?

  3. Kaushalya is the dumbest woman i know! She is so thick! Cant see good in Riya at all! Nimmi is just a selfish cow…has she forgotten that she adopted her baby and that shes a widow…! Actually shes 2faced…when Riyas always supported those 2 ugly sisters and they just bad mouth her all the time…also they made Shivams character so crap…what happened to the s*xy charming man…turned him into some angry helpless jobless character…show was about Riya and Shivam…things got twisted…

  4. Aborted****

  5. Yesh TuFfy,i also think so…lots of misunderstanding….i guess,creating this mess,shanti trying to find suitable heir,giving equal and tight competition………..aab Tera Keya hoga re preetiya???greedy woman…

  6. Doesn’t preeti know she has to divorce her husband then she can marry dumb girl cross all the limit shame nandu is gonna beaten by preeti when she gonna find about him dumb people hrry in marriage go shanti is divided in rule and rule her self wow still that crap going on and riya become greedy as well khusla wow

  7. nandhini karthikeyan

    Why you people are delaying uploading the written update?

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