Mere Angne Mein 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti getting angry on Rani. She scolds Rani for putting garland on Sarla’s pic. She asks Raghav to call inspector, she is worried for Sarla. Raghav says if I call again and again, they will beat Sarla when they get her. Shanti looks at Sarla’s pic and thinks she won’t let Sarla win. Amit goes in Ramleela and thinks its his mum in that green saree.

Bansi and Lallan hold Sarla and do the roles in the play. Amit says I will just come and goes. Shanti tells Shivam that Sarla should look happy. She asks Kaushalya to call all neighbors inside. She asks Riya to get the forms, she will get the ladies fill the forms, she is doing this for Sarla. Rani asks will Sarla not come home alive. Shanti scolds her and asks Rani to get forms.

Riya gets the forms. Shanti

asks her to get more pens. The play goes on and Amit joins the play. Amit does Gabbar act in Ramleela and aims gun. The inspector comes home and says they traced the phone, but its off, we can trace right location when it gets on. He gets a call and says its good news. He says the phone was on and we traced it, its one km away at some tower. Shivam says its Ramleela there and much crowd. Kailash says Sarla is seeing Ramleela with foreigner, call me first, I have to talk to her.

Amit does his part in the Ramleela and says he wants to see Sarla’s face. The other guy stops him and bows arrow at him. Amit breaks the arrow and laughs. Vyom informs Mata ji that Pari is coming home. She gets relieved. Pari comes to Singh house and asks for Vyom. She says she knows Vyom and guard stops her. Pari runs inside the house by fooling him.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to get food or juice for everyone. Kaushalya confirms it from Shanti. Shanti says they will not leave before they get anything. Shanti lies to them and asks them to fill the forms, as Sarla may come back by this step. The kidnappers have left the forms. Raghav and Shivam look for Sarla and show her pics. They have a talk on the way. Shivam asks him not to worry, they will get Bua. Sujeev plays game and talks to Vyom. Vyom says mum is not at home, she had to go for some work. Bansi and Lallan get a call. They hold Sarla and take her. Raghav, Ashok and Shivam come there with police. Bansi and Lallan see them and get worried. Raghav says Sarla and they run taking her. Raghav sees some other lady in similar saree like Sarla. He says sorry, I felt its my sister.

Prabha fills the form and talks to Rani. Amit comes home and Rani hugs him. He rushes inside the house and talks to Shanti. He sees her life size photo of Sarla. Nimmi says Shivam and dad went to Ramleela ground to find her. Amit says I will find my mum, I came to see Nani. Pari comes inside and looks at lavish home. Mata ji tells Mama. Vyom sees her and hides. Pari sees Sujeev and smiles. Vyom and Mata smile.

Sujeev talks to Pari and asks her name. She says I m Pari. He says I m Sujeev. Vyom looks on and smiles. Shivam gets Sarla’s phone and tells Raghav. Raghav breaks down and says what will I tell Shanti. Shivam says we will find her and calms him. They leave. Pari smiles seeing Sujeev and dances around him to impress him. She rings her bangles to make him fall for her, and he gets irritated. He holds her hands and stops her.

The pandit tells Shanti that groom family is coming to see the girl. Shanti stops Preeti and asks her to get ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop this drama having the hell story

  2. sorry for the cast to work in such shit serial,please leave.the script writers are showing their intellectual capabilities:crap .

  3. what the hell is going on. such rubbish serial. shanthi stooping to any extent just for the sake of money. and what the hell is the story of mata mama vyom and sujeeth. and who is this sujeev in todays written update

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