Mere Angne Mein 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit and Ajay meeting. Amit tells everything about Rani refusing to marry him. Ajay asks why are you after Rani. Amit says I realized I love Rani a lot, men’s life is ruined after love, wife who is in control is good, don’t get after Rani. Ajay’s friend joins them. Ajay jokes about Amit’s broken marriage. Amit asks will you have fun by this. Ajay’s friend tells about Ajay’s marriage, he got beautiful wives both time. Ajay gets his father in law’s call. He asks Amit to take care and leaves.

Ajay’s friend tells Amit that Ajay trapped a rich girl. Amit asks did you see his first wife. The guy says she is very beautiful, fair, long hair, delicate. Amit thinks Ajay left his first wife, is he Aarti’s husband, how to ask him, if he gets angry, he won’t

give me free wine. He calls Shanti. Shanti asks did you find out about her husband. Amit says no, I m sending some address, reach there fast.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to come, we will go out. Kaushalya gets glad. Preeti looks on. She thinks Amit is double crossing her, its fine, I will go after him, I will find out who is Charni’s husband. Shanti, Kaushalya and Amit reach Ajay’s house. Kaushalya says I met him at bar, he taught drinking wine to Shivam. Preeti comes. Ajay’s wife says he does not touch wine. Shanti says you are minister’s daughter right. Kaushalya says yes, we attended her marriage. Shanti reminds they blessed her, their jodi looks like Ram Sita, Raghav got that girl home that day. Ajay asks what’s the matter. Shanti scolds Amit.

She says this girl is minister’s daughter. Amit says he has remarried, leaving first wife. Preeti hides and looks on. Shanti says I m getting dizzy and asks for water. Kaushalya says I remember, he made Shivam have wine. Ajay says I remember Shivam, I was explaining him, wine is bad, I taught him good things. Ajay’s wife argues. Shanti says we have a girl home, she is shameless and bad, do you know her. She shows Aarti’s pic. Ajay gets shocked.

Shanti says she came our home, she said her husband is Ajay. Ajay says yes, Aarti was my first wife. They get shocked. Ajay says she is not suitable to be called a wife. Amit says she said a lot. Shanti says yes, she married my grandson forcibly. Ajay gets shocked. Shanti says she got in our house as bahu, I wanted to kick her out, you are a good guy. Kaushalya says good people don’t drink wine. Ajay apologizes. Shanti asks about Aarti. Ajay says Aarti used to see men, she is bad character girl.

Ajay’s wife tells them that Ajay came to me crying, his parents left him seeing Aarti’s bad character. Shanti asks Ajay is he sure. Ajay says yes, she came to us after marriage also. Ajay and his wife lie to them. Amit thinks its good I left mandap that day. Preeti thinks she is characterless, Shivam got stuck. Ajay cooks bad stories against Aarti. They get shocked. Ajay say she forcibly took divorce from me. He acts good in front of them. He asks Kaushalya to keep Shivam away from Aarti, keep your daughters away, she will ruin your family.

Shanti says Raghav got her home. Amit asks why did you not tell me she is characterless. Ajay says you did not tell me about marriage. Kaushalya says you both are friends, could you not tell us. Ajay says Amit would have asked me directly. Amit asks how can I ask anything. Kaushalya worries. They leave. Preeti thinks to talk to Amit. She asks did you double cross me, you took money from me and Dadi, and gave info to just Dadi, return my money. Amit says you don’t answer, I called you many times, I did not give info to Shanti, she called me here. Preeti asks him not to lie. He says I m not lying, I don’t return money, Charni will always be characterless, I can help you to prove this.

Preeti says what will I do now, she spoiled all the fun. They all leave. Ajay gets angry. His wife asks what will happen now, if Aarti tells them truth that we are lying, what will happen. He says they will not believe her, I have brainwashed them. She says our name should not spoil, if Papa knows this, it won’t be good. He asks why do you always scare me. She says I m just saying. He says I will manage.

A man gets oil and asks for money. Aarti goes to get money. Nimmi asks him to keep container down. He says no, its leaking. Aarti takes container. Nimmi says why did you give money, ask him to change container. Aarti sees the man gone. She takes the box. Chandra comes. Aarti drops the box and falls. Chandra holds her. Shanti and Kaushalya come home, and see this. Shanti slaps Aarti. Aarti falls down. Chandra holds her. Shanti scolds Aarti. She calls her bad character lady.

Chandra pours a bucket of water on Shanti’s head. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for the last day of this serial

  2. Please stop this stupid serial what kind of things they are showing all women all trying to prove a woman characterless so shameful either stop this serial or change the topic n top of it language they using it is disgusting

  3. I hope Chandra comes out of Sanyaas and marries Arti. and put an end to the serial bakwaas. Is Chandra a christian monk. Like they say he is waiting for the final vow.I am confused.

  4. Ganesh Prasad Gautam

    Direction acting are class among all other ongoing serials Congratulations to actors and Director. Keep on.

  5. Plz don’t stop this serial. This serial one of my favorite serial. But plz don’t tracher a lady and don’t use bad language for a woman. By that a bad msg goes to societysociety. Serial is better but plz change this topic or some lady Goes to +be character.

  6. I can’t understand what the director and the writers are trying to prove in the name of NAYEE SOCH”. The serial so far has turned into utter nonsense. Now is the time Aarti should leave the house and let this bring APSHAGUN to the family She should show some courage and leave this house rather than crying all the time. The most useless characters in this serial are Kaushalya and Pari. And where is Shivam? How come no one see him at work? Did he quit his job too? I hope this torturous serial ends sooner than later.

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