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The Episode starts with Anupam’ Bua ji’s entry. She puniches someone and makes him do situps being angry. Anupam asks her to let the rickshaw driver go. Bua ji scolds the man and Riya asks Bunty to see she is her Dadi Bua. Anupam asks her to come inside. Bua hugs Riya and cries as she met them after a long time. Anupam says she gets emotional. Riya shows icecreams she got for Bua and makes her happy. Bua comes inside the home and likes the decorations. Bua ji likes the icecreams and Anupam talks to about the marriage arrangements. Riya says she is proud of Bua, and Sahil teases Riya.

Bua ji says call parlor woman, and she will make Riya look the best. A man tells Pari that he loves her, what if he lied that he is engineer, he is poor but he loves her. Pari asks him to go, she does not

love him. He blocks her way and asks her not to say this. She starts beating him and asks him to see his face in mirror. Riya and Bunty are on the way talking. Pari goes and Riya does not see her. Riya goes to same parlor. The lady scolds Pari and asks her to keep her affairs outside. Pari argues and says what can I do if boys come for me. The lady scolds her.

Pari sees Riya and thinks if she sees me, she will know I m not the parlor owner. She gets tensed. Pari hugs the lady and acts saying don’t fire me, where will I go, what will I do. Riya and Bunty look on and does not see her face. Pari does drama and the lady says she has forgiven her. Pari hides her face and does not let Riya spot her. Nimmi calls Shivam and tells her that Shanti and Sarla have gone to his office to get leave for him. He is shocked and rushes to his office, from the market.

Shanti and Sarla reach Shivam’s office and pay the rickshaw fare. Sarla says we will go home, and tries stopping Shanti, as Riya will know Shivam is not her son. Bua ji cleans the stick and Sahil talks to her. Anupam have a talk with her and laughs. He praises Sarla and her family. Bua says you believe people very soon. She asks did they ask money. Anupam says no, they did not let me spend much money. He says he wanted to give 5 lakhs, but they refused. She gets doubtful. He says they are good people, meet them, you will know. She says I have to meet them soon.

Nimmi makes the snacks fall and Kaushalya worries. Shanti and Sarla are in office and Shanti asks for Shivam. The manager talks to them. Shanti starts her usual drama and says they have come to talk to him, and introduces herself. She says we will talk in your cabin. He says fine, come. Ashok slips from the ghee, and Kaushalya and Nimmi help him get up. He asks her to clean it up and asks her not to cry. Kaushalya cries and scolds Nimmi.

Ashok pacifies him. He says he will get the ghee from the shop and goes. Shanti argues with the manager and says its his grandson’s marriage and she wants Shivam at home. She asks him to give leave to Shivam. He says he will give holiday. She asks will he fire him. He says no, why will I. Sarla says thanks, and Shanti says he does not touch his feet, see he is so mannerless, she is respected at Raghav’s office. The peon gives them tea. The manager calls Shivam. Shanti asks is he calling Shivam, and asks him not to call, as she has sent Shivam for some work.

Shanti says she will leave now. Ashok brings ghee box and till Kaushalya and Nimmi clean the ghee. He says Nimmi clean this floor portion, its time Shanti will come. He asks her not to worry, and he will lave. The manager tells Shanti that he will give leave to Shivam, and is scared of her. She asks him to keep Shivam and Riya’s jobs safe. He says don’t worry. Sarla asks Shanti to come, they have to leave. Shanti says Shivam was coming here, where is he. Sarla says you have sent him to work, he will be in market.

Shanti says its so much work for marriage. Shivam comes there and sees them. Shanti sees him tired and asks manager what is he doing, he is taking so much work. The manager says he will do that Shanti says. Shanti tells Shivam that she has taken leave for him. Shanti and Sarla leave. Shivam apologizes to the manager. Shanti and Sarla stand to take a rickshaw. Sarla worries seeing Riya coming. She starts acting and leaves soon.

Kaushalya is tensed, and Nimmi goes to see Raghav at the door. Raghav comes home. He gets flowers and asks about Shanti. Kaushalya says they went out. Nimmi says Shanti and Sarla went to Shivam’s office. Kaushalya says its his new job, and if they go like this, it can be problem. He says Shanti’s blessings will make Shivam succeed, maybe she went to see the office. He asks her not to worry. Kaushalya is tensed and drinks water. He smiles seeing her looking gorgeous. She asks what. He says no one is around, and she is looking so bright, they can get the light decorations lesser. She smiles.

He compliments her. Nimmi comes and brings tea for him. Kaushalya asks Raghav to taste sweets she made. He says he will sort the problem first, he does not get any corner at such big home where he can talk to his wife peacefully. Shivam apologizes to his angry boss. The manager says next time, don’t let your Dadi come here. Shivam says fine, I did not know even today, I m sorry. Riya comes there and sees Shivam leaving. She turns seeing him, as she does not have to meet him till marriage.

Riya talks to manager and asks for leave. He asks why she wants leave now. She says its her marriage. He says he will give leave, congrats. She says she will join after 15 days. He asks who is the lucky guy. She says Shivam. He says what, our Shivam? She says yes. Bunty says she wants leave as she is Riya’s bets friend. He says fine, everyone taking leave. He signs on their leave application and thinks what Shanti said. He asks is Riya marrying Shivam, it means…. He gets a call and she leaves. He says but Shanti said its Shivam’s brother’s marriage.

Riya smiles seeing Shivam and leaves. Shanti and Sarla come to locality. Shanti drops her to her home and leaves. Riya says we will wait for sometime, I want to see Shivam. Bunty says fine. Bunty gets her mum’s call and says she has to go, mum called for some urgent work, you wait for your hero here. She goes. Riya waits for him, Shivam sees her and smiles. He buys roses for her and asks the man to give it to Riya, and tell her Jai has given this. The man gives her saying its from Jai. She asks who Jai, and turns to see. She sees Shivam and smiles. He smiles and leaves. She gets happy and looks at the roses.

Raghav asks Kaushalya does she have anything. Kaushalya cries and says its her mum’s necklace. Raghav asks her to give it. Shanti and Sarla do drama again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This shantiiiii n sarala are too much!! Never seen such persons!! Idiot!! Poor kaushalya!! Kaushalya like woman exist in this generation too!!!!

    Hope this misunderstanding drama ends soon.. Hope riya n shivam marry soon

  2. what’s the problem of raghav, why he is lyk dis??

  3. It’s a great drama running in this serial

  4. My family is just like this …….my MIL is just like shanti

  5. Riyas buaji will sort shanti n sarla

  6. m
    jhe is pure serial m kaushlaya ki acting zabardast lagti h … kaushlaya rock shanti shocks

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