Mere Angne Mein 15th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya recalling Shivam and crying. Raghav pacifies her. She says we did good deeds in our life, but I have cursed my son. She cries. She says I have cursed him badly. He asks her to calm down. She says I did not think Shivam is risking his life for his family, for our house. He consoles her. He asks her not to think this, mum’s curse does not affect children, even if mum curses a son, it also has love, Shivam will get fine soon and come to you, trust Lord, you have great devotion.

Shanti asks Sarla what happened. Sarla says Shivam’s life is in danger, will you not scold Riya. Shanti says we will see that later. Sarla says Riya will shed some tears and get Shivam on her side, what will you do. Shanti asks what shall I do, shall I kill her. Sarla says you

forgot when you were dying, what Kaushalya did with me, you have to do the same, tell Riya if she wants to save Shivam’s life, then she will have to go away from Shivam’s life forever, I will ask Pari to send Riya, Riya will leave, you did not think before sacrificing me and thinking so much for Riya now.

Riya sees Shivam and cries. Shanti says I don’t love Riya so much that I risk Shivam’s life. Sarla says Riya is coming. Riya says Shivam’s operation charges… Sarla says I will not pay for it. Shanti says till you are in Shivam’s life. His life will be in problem, you have to leave from his life. Riya says Shivam is in this state, you are saying this. Shanti says what shall I do, he was dying and you were taking money for his death. She scolds Riya.

Nandu calls Nimmi and asks how is everything there. Nimmi cries and says nothing is fine. She tells him everything. He gets shocked and says I will come there. Nimmi says no, don’t come, we all are here, we will manage. He worries and prays to Lord. Nimmi calls Sarla and asks did you pay the money, Shivam’s state is getting bad. Sarla makes Riya hear her and asks Nimmi to wait. She says if Shivam’s life falls in risk, you will be responsible.

Riya says I love Shivam, how shall I get away from him. Shanti says his life will have danger if you stay in his house, you have to go, say fast, we have to pay money. Shanti says no, don’t separate me from Shivam. Shanti and Sarla pressurize her to think of Shivam. Riya says fine, I will do as you say. Shanti gets shocked. Sarla asks Riya to say, you will never come back in Shivam’s life, that you have no relation with him. Shanti asks Riya to swear and say. Riya swears and says fine, I will never come back in Shivam’s life, I will never meet him, please pay money. Sarla asks how will we trust you. Riya asks what shall I do.

Sarla stares at her mangalsutra and says you give this to me. Shanti gets angry. Sarla says if marriage and relation is not there, whats meaning of mangalsutra, we have no time. Riya cries and removes her mangalsutra. She gives it to Sarla. She sees Shanti silent. Riya goes. Sarla says you have to take decision right away. Shanti stops Riya and says you promise me you will never come back, even if anyone finds you. Riya says I gave my mangalsutra, what else do you want. Shanti says promise you will never come back.

Shanti takes money from Sarla to pay medical charges and goes. Sarla tells Riya to accept all her crimes, in front of Raghav and family. Riya says I did not do any mistake. Sarla says you gave wrong advice to Preeti, you gave wrong advice to Shivam for coming here for this fight. Riya says I did not know about the fight. Sarla says why did you not say about knowing it, you did mistakes always.

Shanti begs to Riya and asks for her family happiness. She blames Riya to bring bad luck for them. She begs Riya to leave from their lives. Riya cries and walks away. Sarla smiles.

Riya scolds Raghav and family, as Sarla told her. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why can’t shanti see what sarla’s doing? God help sarla and shanti when shivam wakes up. Think the goons will kidnap Riya and police arrest the family.

  2. Good nayi soch writers, an educated person like nimmi not even thinking straight, same for raghav. As for kaushaliya, she always blames Riya even when it’s not her fault and shanti believes sarla more than her own family.

    1. Esther

      I think cvs somehow related to Sarla,,,,that’s why none of her deeds are exposed till now,,,,even if it gets exposed ,Riya will be blamed and cursed by everyone for exposing Sarla,,,,The girl has no self respect,,,,don’t know why they are calling her modern bahu…the way she is treated by her inlaws ,it’s too much,,,,If cvs loves Sarla too much they could have made her positive and could have included more Sarla scenes,,,,but here sirf aur sirf negativity

  3. OMG…cant believe todays show. How stupid and dumb can Shanti, Raghav and Nimmi be. Can no one stop Sarla As for Kaushayl her character is soooo patethic and two faced. Come on writers…be like other shows let truth be told and the evil ones get maximum punishment

  4. Sarla done her job again playing games with her mother when shant will know about sarla cunning intentions because shant is nice person but sometimes she has to strong person that ok but now she has to see her daughter true intention now all the crap of sarla will continue as it is riya poor girl she is main lead of the serial but she doesn’t have any power she always get blamed anyhow even it her not fault ,right now I losing interest of watching this serial same negative things as it were at the beginning I think it off air soon because no positive things

  5. Don’t know why writers went with this, when kaushaliya did don’t let sarla in house at time of shanti fake death the situation was different, sarla had got nirmala married to Ashok. Now is totally different but even then shanti’ shown going with her daughter, the same person who who tried to get her sis-in-law married again. Just hope writers show shivam pulling through and informing his family of the truth. He said leave his family and find Riya and stay with her, that’ll be punishment for shanti and family. Don’t know how many times we ‘ve said for sarla to be exposed but everytime it falls on deaf ears. If spoiler is true and they are arrested for Riya’s disappearance, who!ll save them now? How can someone ask a wife to give her Mangalsutra and go? Would shanti have done this or kaushaliya if they’d been in Riya’s place?

  6. I’ve stopped watching this show only read the updates but honestly what are the writers trying to put across that daughter in laws are treated like this in India disgraceful so much injustice if riya is outsider then kaushalya is also an outsider and so is shanti as they have also come from another family when a girl gets married to a man she becomes part of his family and an insider and should be given her due respect

  7. This is garbage at its worst. Why couldn’t Riya tell Sarla and Shanti to do whatever they wanted, kill her husband and their son Shivam but that she would not agree to their asinine condition of leaving her husband. She has enough brains to let her take that gamble. But the stupid story just keeps on making Riya a whiny crying woman with no courage and no intelligence. Must the evil Sarla always win? Always? Must the good guys always lose? Always?

  8. pathetic show,, only negativeity…i stopped watching it completely

  9. Let the real truth come and character Darla and park punished. Let the writer be kind to Riya. In this 21st century the daughter-in-laws will not take anything like this lying. They will use husband influence and stop the relatives like Aunt sarla and family interfering in their family. Hope to see some change soon. Come on Mr. Writer do something nice and new.

  10. What a ridiculous episode….. Bullshit this is tooo much….. Every time why good people should suffers…. May b Writer’s have lost their minds……. It’s better if they stop dis show

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