Mere Angne Mein 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya managing everything. Raghav asks Shanti to see the saree he bought for her. Riya gets mirror to show Shanti. Kaushalya says I will send khichdi and saree to Sarla. Shanti says don’t ask me anything, I call Sarla every year here, but do as you want. Raghav asks Kaushalya to call Sarla and invite her with family. Kaushalya says I already called. Shivam comes with kites. Raghav jokes on Shanti, that she got old now. He says I will be glad to see family together. Nimmi says we will keep competition with Shivam and Amit. Shanti asks her not to make brothers fight. Riya says we will keep program tomorrow after lunch. Raghav says fine.

Ashok reads newspapers. Rani wakes up Amit and applies uptan to his face, saying its good and prosperous to apply today. Ashok

is glad. Sarla comes and scolds Rani. They both argue and taunt each other with a smile. Amit and Ashok look on. Rani says I will take bath in Ganga Maiyya and pray to get a son soon. Sarla jokes on her. Prabha asks Rani to come fast to bath in Ganga. Rani leaves. Ashok tells Sarla that he is also going to have bath in Ganga and goes. Kaushalya calls Sarla and asks when is she coming. Sarla coughs and acts saying I have fever, I can’t come. Kaushalya asks her to take care.

Pari asks Sujeev to come to fly kites with her. Vyom says I will come and fly kites, Sujeev does not have interest. Sharmili asks Pari did her mum not send khichdi and taunts her. Pari thinks why did Sarla not send it and starts crying. Sujeev asks Pari not to cry. Pari cries and says my Dadi expired, that’s why I m crying. Sujeev says we will go to your home. Pari says no, they went to some ghat. Sujeev says I will take you to ghat. Pari says I don’t know which ghat, why did Dadi leave me. Sharmili says you should have told me about this big thing.

Raghav asks Shanti to sit on swing, and she refuses. Bunty comes and greets them. She says Anupam has sent this shagun. Riya asks who told him, even I did not know about this ritual. Bunty says Kaushalya called and told him. Riya thanks her. Shanti says see saas bahu are one party. Bunty says I have work at home and goes. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come and do puja. Shanti refuses to do puja and asks Riya to do puja. Raghav says we will not agree to Amma in everything, we won’t do puja. She asks him not to talk in between house matters and makes the rest of the family do puja. Shanti looks at Riya.

Kaushalya does puja and Raghav cuts rituals. Shanti blesses Raghav and Kaushalya. She hugs everyone. Riya goes to take blessings and Shanti turns. She asks them to go and fly kites. Raghav and Kaushalya feel bad for Riya.

Sharmili says we should talk to Sarla once. She calls Sarla and Ashok answers the call. Ashok asks how are you. She asks where are you. He says I m going Ganga ghat. She says I was sorry to know your mum died. Ashok says yes, she is not between us now, did you got to know now. Sharmili says yes, I got to know and ends call. Ashok says strange, why did she recall my mum at this time. Pari says I was saying truth Sujeev ji. Sujeev says don’t worry, I will fly kite with you.

Kaushalya asks Riya to iron Sarla’s saree. Riya says fine, I will iron it after these clothes. Shanti looks on. Mohit buys a kite and writes message on the kite. He says I wish Preeti reads this. Amit and Shivam fly kites and family cheers for them. Rani says Amit you fly kite well, take me and fly from here. She thinks he will always keep him with her. Shivam asks Nandu to fly kite, and asks Nimmi to help Nandu. Preeti stops Nimmi. Preeti gets shocked seeing I love you Preeti written on some kite. She shows the kite to Nimmi and says if we don’t do anything, it will be issue again. Nimmi says Nandu will help. Preeti asks what will he do.

Nimmi praises Nandu and asks him to cut that pink kite. He cuts that kite. Preeti gets relieved and hugs Nimmi. Riya flies kite and Shivam helps her. Mohit comes there and sees Preeti. Preeti goes away to talk to her friend and Mohit holds her hand. He says I love you a lot. She asks him to go, my family is supporting me after all this. Nimmi sees them and comes to them. She asks Preeti not to meet Mohit. Mohit says even I supported you Preeti. Nimmi hides them as Riya turns. Mohit shouts. Preeti requests Mohit to leave. Nandu looks on. Mohit says I love you and will just marry you. Riya goes to see Nimmi and Preeti. Nimmi and Preeti send Mohit. Riya sees them and asks what are you two doing here. They make excuse. Riya says I think Shivam has cut Amit’s kite, come. Amit gets angry on Rani. He gets annoyed and leaves.

Kaushalya talks to Shanti and says it will be good if family dines together. Shanti argues and blames Kaushalya for creating disturbance. Nimmi asks Preeti to control Mohit. Preeti says what shall I do. Mohit says I have to apologize to Preeti for today. Preeti says why are these complications in my life, even Shivam and Amit loved someone, why is this happening with me. Nandu comes and tells them that he has seen Mohit, and also that they were folding hands. Preeti scolds him and asks who is he to talk in her matter. Nandu asks him to manage his work else she will make him leave house.

Pari acts as if she is getting vomit. Sharmili says I will give just khichdi to Pari from today. Sujeev says yes, she should take light food. Pari starts acting and tells Sujeev to understand, she feels shy. Sujeev asks what happened. Pari says you are becoming fathers. Vyom gets shocked. Sujeev asks what, but how, I mean…. She says like every man becomes father. He says but… and gets thinking. Sharmili looks at Vyom.

Vyom goes. Mama says I really doubt if Pari is pregnant. Sharmili says I will see her, and shouts that she is very happy that her heir is coming. She calls Kaka and says Pari will not do any work from today, call doctor. Pari says no need to call doctor, I m fine, I m scared of doctors. Sharmili says you are so innocent, she does not know I will bring line of doctors. She asks Sujeev to call best lady doctor. Sujeev says yes, I will get best doctor. Sharmili asks Pari to rest, doctor is coming. Pari worries.

Sarla waits for Shanti’s call. Shanti calls her and asks her to come, drama is going to start. Sarla says fine and thinks whats the new drama. Shanti thinks to do something. She sees Riya ironing the clothes and gets some idea. She argues with Kaushalya over tea and asks her to continue talking to Renu. Kaushalya asks Riya to make ginger tea for Shanti. Ruya says fine, I will make. She keeps iron and switches off its power. She goes to kitchen. Shanti goes and switches on the power. She puts iron on Sarla’s saree and says now I will blame Riya that she burnt Sarla’s saree by jealousy. She rushes back to her room and smiles.

Kaushalya sees the burnt saree and asks Riya. She scolds Riya and shows the saree. Shanti says now save your bahu, but who will save you from me and calls Kaushalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shanti tumare andar kitni burayi hai.tumari satta chali gayi is liye ye sab kar rahi ho tumare marne k bd to satta chali he jatiti..riya thoda soch kar kaam karo golu k bail ki tarha mat mehnat karo….writters plz shanti aur sarla ko dhubi ka dog karo ghar ka na ghaat ka….aur mohit n preeti ko unite karo..

  2. Just asking, why viewers writing hindi language with english alphabet? When they can read english, sure they can write in english so people like me who follow stories with english subtitles can enjoy ur comments. Just a request.

  3. What rubbish is this?Dadi’s dramas never seems to end.
    Seriously…what message are you guys trying yo pass across.This show is just a waste of an hour.Nothing new in it.Same old thing over and over again.
    It is about time Dadi Sarla Amit and Pari are exposed. ..otherwise just end the show.
    Why doesn’t Riya find out herself who took those photographs of her and Amit and who gave it to the dhobi lady. Get the cops involved and get Sarla snd Amit to shit their pants….
    Expose Sarla about visiting Mohit’s parents and sending them the video from Shanti Sadan.
    This show is full shit and only getting worse with nothing being resolved.

    1. Asha,

      I totally agree with you. Hit Pari and Sarla so much that she never misuse someone en that she learns never to lie. And Ashok jij be a man, otherwise you can wear my bangles.

  4. I agree Asha, Why don’t they show atleast once that Riya is cautious about Dadi, Sarala, Amit. Can’t Mohit being a super duper Radio Jakie think atleast once when mom and dad talk who captured the video. After seeing the video a common man’s first thinking should be, who captured and send it . Direcotor’s which world you guys are in

  5. I am enjoying this show – its funny and entertaining.

  6. Pratikshya Subedi

    Agree with u Asha & sudha.mohit ki character ko strong vanakar sarla ko expose kariye.

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