Mere Angne Mein 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani and Prabha arguing. Rani scolds Prabha and says you changed the party for Sarla. Prabha says yes, enemy’s enemy is friend, I don’t like Shanti, I hate Sarla. Sarla comes and says I also don’t love you. Sarla and Pari act sweet to Rani. Sarla says your right place is our house. She does Rani’s aarti and tilak. She says I would have not let you go if I was at home that time, forgive me and come home. She apologizes. Prabha laughs and taunts Sarla to change colors.

The man scolds Nandu for coming late. Nandu apologizes to his senior. The man says Nandu is busy in election campaign and fulfilling his modern wife’s wishes. Nandu asks what did you say about my wife and beats him. The senior guy scolds Nandu. Nandu apologizes. Senior fires Nandu and asks

Nandu to leave. Nandu says forgive me. Senior says go adn find new job, get out. The man taunts Nandu that his wife will do something and manage, you got married and did not celebrate suhaagraat. Nandu gets angry on the man and shouts. He leaves. The man gives bribe to senior and takes a job for his brother.

Prabha asks Rani not to listen to Sarla. Sarla and Prabha argue. They start fighting. Rani and Pari stop them. Prabha says you want to take Rani home to make your bad image good. Sarla gets angry on her. She asks Rani to come home. Rani asks why, what about Amit’s deed. Sarla says I will explain him, come home. Rani asks what about Pari, she defamed me. Sarla says I will see Pari. She winks to Pari and runs after her to beat her. Shanti and Nimmi come there and see the drama. Sarla says see they came without invitation. Shanti says I will not talk much Rani, I m thankful that you are supporting me, you know everyone, beware of the clever people. Nimmi says give sare and tell her to support you. Sarla asks Pari to apologize to Rani, we have to take her home. Pari refuses. Sarla says I will slap you, go and say sorry. Pari apologizes.

Sarla says Rani come home, forgive her. Nimmi says our politics failed. Rani refuses to go with Sarla. She says I m with Shanti, I know Sarla’s plan. Sarla and Pari leave. Shanti blesses Rani. Nimmi says Shanti will win.

A lady runs and calls for help. Nandu stops the man and asks him to have shame. The man stops Nandu. Nandu says will you tease girl and beats him. The men stop Nandu and asks are you mad, its shooting going on. Director scolds Nandu. He asks Nandu to get lost.

Shanti tells Raghav about Riya not getting any documents. Raghav says you know what can happen. Shanti says yes, but we are trying. He says we have to do something. She says I will not let my family get punished. Kaushalya says I will keep fast, I prayed that everything gets fine. Shanti asks her to keep fast of sweets. Kaushalya says its tough, fine I will not eat sweets. Shanti says you leave food also. Raghav says yes, try. Kaushalya says fine, I will leave food and water. He says fine.

Raghav and Shanti eat in front of Kaushalya. Kaushalya goes. Shanti says its easy to pull her leg and laughs. Raghav says I will do office work. Shanti says tell that you want to go to Kaushalya, go. He goes. Shanti says I m walking on right path, help me.

The man shows recording of Nandu beating director. The other man likes Nandu and asks him to put this video on internet. The man says I will edit and put this video. He puts the video on net.

Raghav gets a saree for Kaushalya. She asks why this, I have many sarees. He says I wanted to get it, all sarees are old. He talks sweet. He says I m seeing you are worried for family, what will happen of me then. She says what shall I do, there are many problems. He says problems will be there, you can’t leave will to live, you are my strength, take care. She says yes, that’s real relation, we have understanding. He says I don’t like upset face, keep your smiling face in front of me, we have to fight with problems. She smiles and says I understood. He says yes, its simple thing. She says so much is happening, why do you always focus on me. He says I m helpless as I love you, its my duty to take care of you, I see you everywhere. She laughs. He asks what do you add in my food. She says Dhatura. He asks why, I eat that and get mad. She laughs and goes.

Its morning, inspector lady greets Sarla and says you are new politician. Sarla says yes, I have to work hard for society welfare, I want your help. Inspector asks what help. Sarla says you have to do little thing, get beaten up by Shanti. Inspector says no one can beat me. Sarla says no, just provoke her to raise hand. She smiles.

Pari and Nimmi do the campaign. Sarla tries to defame Shanti’s family. Shanti looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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