Mere Angne Mein 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla calling Pari and asking about Sharmili’s decision. Pari says I don’t know. Sarla asks Pari to call her in morning and fight with her rudely. Pari asks what will happen then. Sarla says do as I say. Sharmili thinks Vyom is in Pari’s love, I have to get Vyom married, once his marriage happens, I will put his child in Sujeev’s lap and get Sujeev’s property, I can’t keep Pari and Sujeev away, if their child is born first, I will lose property, if Preeti is also like Pari then…. When Pari dislikes Preeti, maybe that girl is right and I can choose her with Vyom, I don’t know the sisters’ relation, what shall I do, Lord show me the way, tell me whats right and whats wrong.

Its morning, Raghav gets ready to go for work. He asks Kaushalya to inform

him about the proposal. Nandu tells Shanti that he is going to temple. Shanti asks him not to ask anything which he can’t get, what are you asking. Nandu gets depressed. Kaushalya says you are innocent, you pray for Preeti, this relation will get fixed. Nandu turns and cries. Sujeev tells Sharmili that he will have breakfast outside. Pari calls Sarla and fights with her, asking how did she get Preeti’s proposal for Vyom, I hate her, she can’t become my Devrani. Sharmili and Vyom hear her. Pari says they are poor people, Preeti has no class. Sarla says very good, say more. Pari says you are bad womans mummies, you are stupids and idiots. Sarla gets upset and scolds her. Pari scolds Sarla and Sarla says you come here, I will leave Rani on you, Rani will beat you and I will laugh seeing you. Pari says mummies, I won’t come, you want to get Preeti marry here as you want to trap Vyom, you keeps the phones now. Sarla fumes and says I will see Pari when she comes here. Pari asks Sharmili to stop talking to Sarla and not choose Preeti. Sharmili scolds Pari as she has no manners to talk to her mum. Pari says yes, Preeti is like me, she is spoilt girl, she talks low standard type. Sharmili asks do you have any manners. Pari says we are rich people, I don’t want any poor girl to come here. Sharmili asks her to stop it, we have seen everyone’s standard.

Riya gets ready and sees Shivam. She asks are you annoyed. He asks why will I? She says because I spoke weirdly with Dadi. He says I don’t know who is right and wrong, I know you can handle every situation well, that’s enough for me. She thanks him. He says I don’t like when anyone tells you anything. She says I don’t know the problem, always something wrong happens. He says I m your husband and will always stand by you. He asks did you ask loan from anyone, and jokes. She gets thinking. He says I got something from you. He gives her roses and chocolates, wishing her happy valentines day. She thanks him and says I forgot, I did not remember by tension. They have the chocolate.

Riya says I did not get gift for you. He says its fine, you give me a promise as gift. She asks what promise. He says promise you will always be happy, our relation will not have any difference by house’s tension. She says promise. He says our first meet was very filmi. They recall it and get romantic. Kabhi jo badal barse………plays………. She gets away and he holds her hand. They get close and hug.

Kaushalya tells Nimmi to get coconut, I will visit Sinha house and know Sharmili’s decision. She asks Nimmi to take money from the box. Shanti smiles. Riya thinks this is not right time to tell Shivam that I took money from Bunty on loan, he is happy and I don’t want to give him tension. Nimmi checks the box and its empty. She tells Kaushalya that money got over. Kaushalya says there will be money, check well. Nimmi says its not there. Kaushalya says maybe Riya took it. Nimmi says no, I checked in diary. Kaushalya says month did not end, how will we run home, we have to talk about Preeti’s engagement.

Shanti thinks Kaushalya is foolish, now she will go to groom’s house to know decision. Riya goes to keep the money in the box. Shanti looks on and gets shocked. Shanti calls out Kaushalya and says there is tension about Preeti. Kaushalya says yes, if they know what Preeti did, what will they think. Shanti asks her not to tell them. Kaushalya says Raghav told me to tell them. Shanti says I signed you not to tell them, you don’t tell if you want Preeti’s happiness. She scolds Kaushalya. Nimmi laughs and says Dadi is back, I m having fun, love you Dadi. She hugs Shanti. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to check money. Shanti says I will show money, come.

Nimmi says I checked it just now. Shanti takes them and shows money in box, saying Riya does magic here. She says Riya got more salary and you all believed her, when money ended here, she has kept money here from her hidden salary. Nimmi and Kaushalya get shocked seeing money. Shanti says Riya is very clever. Riya calls Bunty and says don’t tell Shivam that I took help from you, he will be annoyed. Bunty says don’t worry, I will not tell him. Shanti asks Nimmi to see Riya talking to Anupam, I think she would give money to her dad every month. She provokes Nimmi against Riya.

Kaushalya calls Sarla. Ashok asks Sarla to answer the call and thanks Rani for the food. Rani says Sarla is avoiding Kaushalya. Sarla answers Kaushalya’s call and says I m busy, I have much work, unlike you. Kaushalya asks about Sharmili’s decision. Sarla says this is not the time to ask them, they are rich people, they get up late, we can’t call there again and again.

Kaushalya says I m worried that’s why I m asking you, and ends call. Shanti consoles Kaushalya. She says Preeti is a diamond, don’t worry, we will get a very nice proposal for Preeti, its all by fate, let them come from their side and ask for Preeti’s hand. Kaushalya thanks Shanti for support. Sharmili is thinking about Preeti and says if Preeti is like Pari, it will be very bad state. Pari hears them. Pari gets a friend’s call and Sharmili hears her. Pari goes to meet her friend. Sharmili tells Mama that its time to decide, go and call Vyom, I have to meet pandit.

Sarla worries and thinks how to tell Kaushalya that Sharmili does not want to make Pari’s sister her bahu. She is hurt that Pari scolded her and calls Pari. Pari asks Sarla not to take it on her heart, maybe this relation won’t happen now. Sarla says I don’t know what to do, Kaushalya is calling many times to ask me. Kaushalya says Sarla’s phone is not connecting, I don’t want to miss this good proposal for Preeti. Shanti calls Sarla. Sarla thinks to run her mind and then talk to Shanti and Kaushalya. She ignores the call.

Sharmili, Mama and Vyom come there. Kaushalya gets glad seeing Vyom. Vyom greets them. Mama tells Shanti that my name is Makdi, you can also call me same. Shanti tells about Riya whi did pest control in her room. Nimmi calls Sarla and asks her to come fast, Sharmili has come here. Sarla gets shocked and says I m calling her since long, Pari did not tell me. Nimmi says come fast, mummy is calling. Sarla says fine, I m coming. She thanks Lord. Sharmili tells Shanti that she got sweets as she found a bahu for Vyom. Shanti and Kaushalya look on shocked.

Sharmili says we thought to give this good news to Shanti first and take blessings. Shanti asks them to take the sweets and leave, and asks Riya to take the juice back to kitchen. Mama takes two glasses of juice. Sarla gets ready and says Sharmili’s standard is very high. Pari is on the way. Sarla calls her and informs about Sharmili. She asks her to come Shanti Sadan soon.

Kaushalya asks Sharmili about the girl. Sharmili says she does not work and is not educated much, but she looks very beautiful. She says I know that family, and liked the girl, have sweets, why are you asking all that. She gives sweets to everyone. She says I have to ask the girls’ family how did they like Vyom. Kaushalya says fine. Sharmili says Samdhan ji, I m asking you. Nandu comes there with flowers and gets sad. Sharmili asks Kaushalya how did she like Vyom for Preeti. Shanti and Kaushalya get happily shocked and smile.

Riya consoles Preeti and explains her about marriage. She asks her not to marry in pressure, forget Mohit please.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. why does everyone believe what shanti says? Serial just shows negativity between people and the evil being believed all the time. If the promo is true which I hope it’s not, shanti will plan against Riya in the wedding and kick her out. Only hope Shivam and someone else finds this out before it happens. Why doesn’t anyone overhear conversations between shanti and sarla? Please bring a positive change.

  2. Shivam mother succeeded in becoming good daughter in law but she has never being a good mother to her children . She always ready to sacrifice my children happiness and joy just to become good daughter in law. I hate her for this reason . She is stupid and dumb.

  3. Lolly,

    I agree with you. She is always saying jee jee and amma jee, Soooo irritating.
    She doesn’ t want to hear anything bad about her mother in law or sister in law. And they aren’t thinking good of her. Now she want a necklace. kick her as off.
    When will her brains working? does she have it?????? mental lady.
    This serial show that Shanti doesn’t want to lose.

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