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The Episode starts with Kaushalya coming to Preeti. She asks Preeti to come fast, the guy is like a prince, the family is also good, come. Riya says I will bring her. Preeti cries. Sharmili goes to Sujeev’s room and talks to Mama about Pari. Sharmili tries to find the shopping bags and go out to see where she has seen Pari last. Riya talks to Shivam and says Preeti is crying as if she likes someone. He says no, this can’t happen. She says its not wrong. He says Preeti gets nervous, this does not happen in our house. She asks you mean I m wrong to choose a guy. He says I mean Preeti and Nimmi are simple girls, don’t think this. She says fine, I will go and talk to you later.

Riya asks Preeti not to be tensed and takes her. Sharmili checks for the bags and thinks where did Pari hide

it. She scolds Mama. Sharmili gets the bags and says now see what Sujeev does. Mama says yes and they laugh. She says come, we will show this to Sujeev and prove Pari’s lies. Shanti tells everyone that Preeti likes to manage home, she has good values. The guy asks can I talk to Preeti, to know each other. Shanti laughs. Riya says yes, they should talk and know each other to take matter ahead. The guy’s mum praises Riya.

Shanti stares at Riya. The guy asks Preeti does she want to study or work after marriage. Riya signs Preeti to answer. Preeti gets nervous and stammers. The guy and his parents get shocked by her stammering. The lady says your voice is very sweet, even I used to stammer before marriage, don’t be tensed, tell us your likes or dislikes. Nimmi says Preeti talks a lot. Shanti says no, she is a cow. The lady says let Preeti talk. Nimmi says Preeti is moden and loves watching movies. The lady says my son is also like that, they are similar. Nimmi tries to show Preeti in bad light. Shanti asks Nimmi what is she saying, did she get mad, if this proposal goes, I will fix marriage with any stranger. Nimmi says this family is modern, that’s why I m saying. Shanti says this guy will fly away.

Riya manages the situation. Shanti says somethings don’t look good in real life, modern girls don’t understand traditions. The lady says this is not bad to be modern, children stay alone, nuclear families. Children want freedom. Shanti thinks whatever their mindset, but the guy is really nice, we have to fix Preeti’s marriage with him. She says Preeti will adjust as you say.

Pari calls the parlor lady and wants to show attitude of a rich woman. The lady does not entertain her nonsense and ends call. Pari says I will buy that parlor at any cost. Sujeev comes and asks what are you thinking to buy. She says she wants to talk to him. Sharmili says I will show Pari what I can do, I will make her maid. Mama says Pari is romancing with both of your sons. She asks him to stop nonsense. Mohit comes to Shanti Sadan as a Sadhu baba. He says don’t do this proposal, this will ruin the girl’s future. Kaushalya says the family is good, just bless her. He says no, this will darken her life, don’t do this proposal, leave the girl. Shanti asks him to take Bhiksha and leave. The guy says I don’t believe all this and warns Mohit of calling police. Shanti asks Sadhu baba to leave.

Pari asks Sujeev to buy a parlor for her, as she gets bored at home. Sujeev says if you getting bored, do household work. She thinks her plan is flopping. He smiles and says I m thinking you are from middle class family and don’t know any work. She says you are insulting me, my mummy pampered me and made me stay as Pari, will you buy parlor for me. He says yes, fine. She gets glad. Sujeev says we will go on picnic. Sharmili and Mama hear them. Pari says we will take Vyom along. He says why just Vyom, we will take everyone, come we will plan.

Rani asks Amit for some money. He asks how much. Sujeev calls Amit and invites Amit and Rani to come along. Amit tells Sarla about this. Sarla says agree to him and meet him often to get money. Amit says fine, we will come, you come to pick us. Sujeev says fine, I will come to pick you and ends call. Amit tells Sarla that Sujeev asked him to come with Rani. Sarla insults Rani and says I will go with Amit. Rani argues. The lady gives nek to Preeti and says we like her. Kaushalya happily cries. She congratulates everyone.

Pari says we will go alone, why my family. Sujeev says it will be fun to go together. Sharmili brings the bags there and throws infront of them. Pari looks on shocked. Sharmili and Sujeev ask Pari about the clothes. Sujeev asks Pari did she lie. Pari says she did not donate any clothes, she did the acting to get money and did shopping.

Riya asks Preeti did she like the guy. Preeti says I… The guy asks Preeti about her job. Shanti says Preeti has studied till 12th and then started working. The lady asks why did she not study ahead, we want a earning girl, who is independent. Nimmi says Preeti used to work, but Shanti did not like it and stopped her. Shanti says no, Preeti’s hand broke so I stopped her, then proposals started coming, you can make her work after marriage. The lady says its not easy, we regret a lot, now this relation can’t happen. They get shocked. Preeti and Nimmi get glad. Shanti fumes on that lady.

Sujeev scolds Pari and asks how dare she lie to him. She says I do not know how this came here. Vyom comes and says Pari is not lying, I have hidden these clothes, Pari told me to donate clothes by hiding, she donates on Sujeev’s name and now wanted to donate for Sharmili’s name. Pari lies more. Sujeev asks Pari not to worry and signs cheque again for her shopping. Sharmili says no Sujeev. Sujeev says let her donate on your name mummy. He asks Pari to go with Vyom. Vyom and Pari agree and leave. Sharmili gets angry.

The lady says my son has done MBA, we can’t agree to get a girl who is just 12th pass, we want someone like Riya. Shanti argues. The lady says earning bahu will bring money and will invest right, do you know it, will your granddaughter do this, Riya can tell me if I m wrong. Riya says yes, you are right, I agree Preeti is less qualified, but she is smart and capable, she did not get chance, she is hardworking. The guy says its okay, but Preeti’s job and qualification is not like you. Riya says give one chance to Preeti, she can study after marriage. Shanti says stop it Riya. The guy says girl should alteast have job, I can’t marry her. Shanti says Preeti will do job, modern girls argue with elders. The lady says we are sorry, we did not wish to hurt you, we can’t do this relation.

The lady asks Preeti to return the nek ring. Shanti gives it and says you insulted us. The guy says sorry, but we can’t do this relation. They leave. Shanti and Kaushalya cry.

Pari and Vyom are outside and have a talk on the way. She says finally, we are on a long drive and asks Vyom to understand her. He says I do. She asks will he take her on shopping. He says sure, tell me what you want. Sharmili and Mama are following them. Mama says I will win the bet, Pari is fooling Vyom and Sujeev. Shanti blames Riya for all this. Kaushalya asks what did Riya do. Shanti says Riya broke this proposal, what was the need to show her qualification and job. Shanti scolds Riya. Riya calls Anupam’s words and gets sad.

Riya tells Kaushalya that Preeti should work so that the guy gives her equal value, you have to explain this to Shanti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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