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Mere Angne Mein 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying I m paid for my honesty, that’s why I got suspended. He says Shivam has got angry there, so they are taking revenge, I told them I m taking quarter for my sister, what wrong did I do, I m sure I will get my job back. Shanti asks him will he get his salary. He says no, I won’t get job. Preeti thinks to do something. Sarla is worried. She calls Shanti and asks about Raghav’s job. Shanti says Raghav lost his job, he got suspended, pack your bags. Raghav asks Shanti not to do all this. He tells Sarla to stay there, they won’t take the house. Sarla asks about his salary. He says he won’t get salary. She ends call and thinks she will get Nirmala’s house keys soon. Kaushalya asks Raghav will he get his job back. He says if I m proved innocent, it will

be good, else job and quarters will go. He assures Shanti and Kaushalya that he will manage things.

Sarla cries and goes to Nirmala. She says they lost this house, and they can shift to her own house now. She says you have few days of life now, we will go there and clean the house. Nirmala gets shocked. She gets the keys and gives to Sarla. Sarla smiles and jumps happily. Sarla thinks I will get this house now. Nirmala thinks to meet lawyer, and get court stamp, I don’t care where Sarla goes.

Shivam goes to Nimmi and finds her upset. He asks her not to get afraid of anyone. She cries and says its not about getting afraid, no one can manage this baby. He asks her not to think so. She says Shanti just wants to simplify my life, even I don’t know what to do. He asks her not to think much, I will always keep you happy, I will prepare for this, your elder brother is with you. He consoles her and asks her not to take tension.

Kaushalya cries and adds ghee in food. Shanti stops Kaushalya and asks her to add ghee on Raghav’s roti, not anyone else. She asks her to get pen and paper to note the few model to run house.

Rani sweeps floor and gets legal papers. Sarla asks Rani whats that. Rani says I think its legal papers. Nirmala thinks its my papers, how did Rani get it. Nirmala says its my papers, I have to give this to lawyer for naming everything to you. Sarla smiles and asks her to go. Sarla asks Rani to check who has come. Rani says there is no one here. Rani gets a ball and says someone gave this ball. Sarla laughs on her. Rani says we should not touch anything unclaimed, someone got love you Papa card, I thought of something, I feel Nirmala and Ashok had affair, they have a child and he has sent this card, maybe they married to give name to that child.

Ramesh asks Nandu why is he upset. Preeti calls Lucky, and he rejects the call. Nandu says when Preeti said I love you to me, I feel I cheated her, and she cheated me. She calls again. He answers call. She asks why did he not talk to her, anyone else in his place would have spoken about marriage till now, marriage is next step after love. Nandu says yes, I can’t hear you and ends call. Nandu tells Ramesh that Preeti is talking about marriage. Preeti says I can’t stay with Nandu here, even Sarla is going to stay here, what shall I do.

Nirmala gives divorce papers to lawyer. He says it will take two months time. She says I will die in few days, give me some solution soon. Lawyer says I will inform you if anything can happen. Raghav could not sleep and thinks of committee enquiry. He sees Nimmi sleeping and makes her sleep well. He calls someone and says I m looking for job, it will be problem if ration does not come at home. Shanti comes out to drink water and hears him. He asks Raghav to whom is he talking. He says I don’t know how will we run home without money. She says don’t worry, I m here, don’t think much. He says I can’t put burden on you. She says I have more patience, we reached here when we had nothing, you are suspended for two months, everything will get fine, you will wear guard’s clothes again. She makes him rest in her lap and thinks to get back to her old avatar. Kaushalya looks on and thinks even I m worried, there should be some way.

Shanti sells Kaushalya and Preeti’s saree in sale. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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