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Mere Angne Mein 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people gossiping about Preeti. They say that Preeti would have run away with Mohit, who will marry her now. Shivam makes the ladies leave. Preeti cries. Sarla throws junk on the floor, and says I will do anything, do your work Rani. Rani sweeps the floor and argues with Sarla. Sarla dreams of her Sarla Sadan. Sarla goes out on shopping and buys some things for Sharmili. She does not see Nimmi sitting there. She rings bell and meets Sharmili.

She asks Sharmili how is she feeling by getting two good bahus. Sharmili scolds her and says I will beat you. Sarla asks why are you joking. Sujeev says you made us fool. Sarla looks on.

Sujeev says I will not leave anyone and goes. Sarla asks whats happening, why is Sujeev saying this, we did marriage well, as you said,

why are you saying this, you promised you will give me plot. Pari hears this and says plot? She asks Sarla to control.

Sharmili asks are you not ashamed to cheat us. Sarla asks what cheat. Sharmili says your Amma, Raghav, and Kaushalya cheated us. Sarla thinks did they know about Mohit and asks about Preeti to talk to her. Sharmili says I will call Preeti if she is here, you made Nimmi sit in mandap instead Preeti…. Sarla says this can’t happen, I can’t believe this. Sharmili asks her not to act, you know whose marriage happened, you have done a lot, now I will do what I have to do, I have kicked out Nimmi, if you don’t go, I will kick out Pari too. Sarla says its my insult too, and leaves angrily. Pari gets glad. Sharmili scolds her angrily and goes.

Nandu comes home and gets shocked seeing the state. Everyone is sad and crying for Preeti. Kaushalya curses Preeti and scolds her. She asks who will marry Preeti now and cries. Nandu looks on and says I will marry Preeti ji. They all get shocked. Sarla is leaving angrily from Sinha house. Nimmi sees her. She says what can I do if my fate has this marriage, now I got married to Vyom, I will not go anywhere else. She goes back to Sinha house. She rings the bell. Pari and Sharmili gets angry seeing her. Sharmili calls Nimmi very shameless, and says I will not let you enter this house. Nimmi says this is my house, I can’t go from here. Sharmili says you are cheater, we don’t have place for you, I will drop you to your house. Nimmi begs to her and says no, I m married in this house, I won’t go. Sharmili throws Nimmi’s bag and drags her out.

Shanti asks Nandu will you marry Preeti. Nandu says yes. Shanti asks Raghav to call Pandit, they will keep Preeti’s marriage. Raghav worries for Nimmi. Shanty says we will see about Nimmi later after Preeti’s marriage. Shivam says how can we make Preeti marry Nandu. Shanti says do we have any other suitable groom for her, we have to solve this problem which is created by Riya. She scolds Shivam.

Riya walks on the road and recalls Anupam’s words. She recalls Shivam. She takes rickshaw and goes home. Shanti makes Nandu sit in the mandap. Pandit asks whose marriage is it. Shanti says my grand daughter. She makes Preeti sit in mandap. She says we did not get time to invite Nandu’s parents. Kaushalya does rituals with Nandu sooner. Preeti cries. Shanti asks Preeti to go and change clothes fast. Pandit starts chanting mantras and does tilak to Nandu.

Riya comes to her home and rings the bell. Anupam gets glad seeing her and hugs her. He says you surprised me, what happened, your house had marriage, is everything over, did you come along, did Shivam not come. Riya cries and says they have made me leave the house. She hugs him and says they kicked me out of their house. He gets shocked.

Preeti and Nandu take the wedding rounds. Everyone is unhappy and look on. Nandu fills sindoor in her maang. Sarla comes home and gets shocked seeing this. Nandu makes Preeti wear mangalsutra. Sarla asks whats happening…. Is this any drama, how did second groom come now, I m shocked, this is Nandu, will you tie Preeti to his neck, Preeti come with me. She asks them to think about Nimmi. Shanti asks them to finish this marriage soon. She says Nandu will stay here till they get new house for him, and asks Raghav to get new house arranged for Nandu and Preeti. Sharmili gets Nimmi there, and throws the bag. They all look on shocked.

Shanti blames Shivam for all this. Raghav gets heart attack and they all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So finally bad ppl got what they wanted except Sarala. Now what next – revenge by Sarala, hard time for Nandu winning Preeti ‘s love, Nimmi trying to win Sharmili’s confidence and so on. The story goes on. Riya shd learn some common sense.

  2. Thanks amena for fast update.
    Finally this writer tie a knot to preethi n nandu…how disgusting… Am happy to miss today’s episode…. I actually don’t like nandu’s character uparse yeh writer mahashay preethi ko ussey shaadi karwadiya…so cheap story

  3. grand mother ruining lives of grand children and son to get the authority – baap re : hats of to writers for such an evil thinking and shameless characters

  4. what a stupid show, and what kind of example they set for society, In every serial they hate bahus and they kick them out when ever they want and keep at home as maid. This type of example they are setting for society. Specially in Riya case who they showed very modern and she fight for all problems and she couldn’t stand for herself. every time her mother in law curse her and even in every show all old people are so arrogant they don’t even know how to talk how they expect from their kids to behave well. What kind of love behind this. they don’t say a single word to their own son. all curse for their bahu’s. I feel ashamed from these types of elders and specially shows. please stop this and don’t give this false image to the world.

    1. Totally agree with your comment. This show was fresh and entertaining at the beginning with the concept of the modern bahu trying to change they way things are run in Shanti Shadaan. Now every episode is Riya or Preeti, or some character crying and stuttering for 30 minutes because they aren’t intelligent enough to do much else. Preeti deserves to get married to Nandu after running away from her own marriage. Poor Nimmi though, I actually liker her character very much!

    2. I agree. Story writer is not giving justice to modern bahu. People she oppose this.

  5. papam nimmi…..

  6. andaru preeti gurunche tension padthunaru kani akada nimmi ela undho ani awaru adgara enti

  7. Again…. A great thing…serials are always serials……great dadi and parents who ought to think about bechaari nimmi stuck in unwanted place, think about preeti’s wedding…where will nandu maharaj go ??? They can solve nimmi’s problem and then go for preeti’s wedding….. Brainless and foolish …

  8. Dear Producer-DIRECTOR And Writer Please Don’t Ruin The SERIAL.
    First Mistake
    You Shouldn’t Have Thrown Riya out of SHANTI SADAN
    Second Mistake
    P RT eeti’s MARRIAGE with Nandu
    Even You PEOPLE Spoiled Mohit’s Character.

  9. THE SERIAL itself Conveys EVERYTHING.
    This is RIYA’S AANGAN,She shouldn’t Be Thrown Out instead You Guys Should/Must Focus on EXPOSING SARLA for Ruining Preeti’s LIFE BY TellingBad Things About Preeti to MOHIT’S MOTHER And Ruined Preeti’s LIFE.
    Instead You Expose Evil Characters of blo*dy SHANTI DEVI Second b*t*h SARALA,

    1. seriously wat sarla does …will never get exposed…..nonsense

  10. Hey bhuvana menukuda Telugu vallam

    1. Vav So We Can Find Telugu PEOPLE in This Comment Group. Feeling VERY Nice Seeing You ALL Guys. Even I am Deciding to Stop Watching This SERIAL Guys.

    2. awnu honey telugu valame…

  11. Plz star plus stop this searial telecasting further.

  12. Riya the dumb lady jindabad

  13. I missed two episodes n so much happened, glad u shared the episodes.

  14. Bullshit show .. I stopped watching it .. nd thanks to the writer at least reading is way much better then watching their kharush face.. Lame show ..

  15. Stupid show, no entertainment…it’s get irritating while reading,thanks to God that I missed the show…flop movie writer’s are best than this story writer…worst episodes now a name is mere angne mei but show has multiple angans…

  16. Pl stop watching this serial at least then they will stop telecasteing this senseless serial too disgusting to see how they are showing too much selfishness in relations. Is this naya so och of star plus serials where mother in law ill treat daughter in laws.husbands ill treat wives and brothers and sisters ill treat each other. Is this what what u want to teach the coming generations that to achieve what we want we can talk and treat others in whatever way we feel have some ethics other than to only increase ur TRP ratings.

  17. Stupid show preeti and nandu jodi is not good cyco writer director and producer

  18. why are girls not alllowed to say anything, Santi devi has ruined 3 lives, all are ragav and khusai kids and they don’t see it. what a bl—–y bi—-th. i am so glad that all dadis are not like her santi devi, sarla, pari and amit, they are the most stupidest and selfish people, how can you bet your wife on gambling table?
    Riya, preeti and nimmi should move in togather and work and live happy life. instead of living with santi devi and shivim

  19. Very good show. I like it how you Indians gamble your wife’s and how your daughters run away from there marriages to see there ex and how dumb you clever women are doing things without telling anybody when she knows it’s best to say something and how it’s the women of your houses that run everything from top to bottom without asking the male of the house anything. That’s why your country has cow shit everywhere because cows are your gods and you drink there cow piss.

    1. I dont know who u are..But what we Indians have is culture to not laugh on others traditions which is not there in ur culture….and for ur kind information those are serials which are written by just a group of people but not by whole Indians…and every one will not be same as shown in serial and educated are not that much dumb as shown…
      here u r saying tht daughters will ran away for their ex but they will not have 10,20 relations at the same time like u people…hve some common sense

  20. Sorry I have to contradict here! It has the best people in the world! Many are very helpful and supportive. The negative things we watch in these soaps usually are imaginations of poor writers. We love our India .

  21. Does not make sense. Girls are not apiece of furniture to be moved around.

    PLEASE MERE Angne Mein Producer Don’t Damage SPOIL Ruin This SERIAL (MERE ANGNE MEIN).

  23. Ria was not expected to show absence of common sense. Jab baat batani chahie thi ghar me ki priti chali gai tab to bataya nahi.kisi ne ye nahi socha ki riya ki baat to sun le,hamesha end me wohi sahi nikalti hai.nandu ki tricks bhi samne nahi aengi lagta hai,priti ki shadi bigadne ki poori koshish ki thi usne.

  24. More over how come a girl run away in front of so many people it is quite impossible

  25. It was Pritis mistake all along. DUMB girl and she didnt have the guts to tell exactly what happened and Poor Riya had to shoulder the blame. Moreover, Riyas mistake was she should have exposed Preeti rather than succumb to the cowardice of Nimi replacing. Grandmother in that context was not wrong in blaming RIYA for not having confided in the family of Preetis escapade. Nimmi the supposes to be brave girl should have told the truth rather than meekly succumb. If she had been strong the situation would have been saved. All are spineless and Preeti the most cunning. What Riya did by not revealing the truth to elders is not acceptable and she deserves the ill treatment. It is not a mistake but a blunder.

  26. In all cases,shivan is so dumb…he never tries to hear a single word of ria…simply and blankly blaming ria..getting much irritated with this serial…worst pa

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