Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti troubling Kaushalya and Nimmi. She asks Nimmi to take the stove’s pic and put it on website to sell it. Kaushalya cries. Shanti asks her not to do abshagun by crying on raksha bandhan day. Rani tells Ashok that she has seen Raghav’s daughters tying rakhi to him, and asks can she tie rakhi to him. Ashok gets glad and says yes, I m also like your father. Riya tells Bunty that Shivam’s Dadi is lovely, don’t know why he used to scare me.

Bunty asks her to call Shivam if she is missing him, else we will go on shopping. Riya says idea is good, but I want to spend time with Papa. Rani ties rakhi to Ashok and he blesses her. She asks him not to give shagun. He insists and asks her not to tell Sarla. Shanti comes out and meets Sarla, Pari and Sonal. Shanti

tells Sarla that she is taken revenge from Kaushalya and Renu. Sarla gets glad. Shanti asks Raghav to come after raksha bandhan.

Sarla says Amit has given envelops and he has sent some money as he is not earning. Preeti says this festival is not for money, but for relations. Sarla says its good Shanti’s values came in someone here. Shanti shows great costly rakhis for Amit. Sarla gets glad.

Shanti shows cheap thread rakhis for Shivam. The sisters look on annoyed. Shivam and Raghav come downstairs. All the sisters tie rakhi to Shivam. Pari asks Shivam for more money as Amit spoiled her day by giving less money. Nimmi asks what, just now Sarla said Amit went out of city. Sarla says I woke up Amit in morning and they tied rakhi, sorry I will tell Amit to get rakhi tied by Nimmi and not do any work, fine. Pari asks Nimmi to shut up.

Pari asks for more money. Shivam looks in his pocket and sees Kaushalya. Raghav asks Shanti to give some money. Kaushalya gets sad. Rani dances in the house in everyone’s absence and hugs Amit’s tshirt. She thinks its good time to take her jewelry and finds Sarla’s room locked. She tries opening the lock. Kaushalya asks Shanti for some money. Shanti insults her and asks her to ask money by holding her saree. Kaushalya cries and begs for money. Shanti does drama and asks her to come after her holding her saree to get money, and reminds Kaushalya how people beg money from Lord. She throws money in her saree and taunts her. Raghav asks Shanti to give some money to him. Shanti shows 10000rs to Kaushalya and says this is for Sarla, give this to Raghav.

Kaushalya gives money to Shivam and Raghav for the neks. Sarla does the rakhi rituals to Raghav and ties rakhi. Raghav gives her 10000rs as nek. Sarla says this won’t be enough. He asks her to ask money from Shanti. Sarla says I don’t want money, promise me that you will give me Chandrahaar. They all get shocked. Sarla says she wants like Kaushalya has. Shanti asks how will Raghav get such costly necklace, he is old now.

Raghav says I will get it, I promise. He asks her to keep smiling and also gives 10000rs to her. Sarla gets glad. Raghav gets a call from Pandey and goes. Pari says I m sad that Shivam just gave 100rs. Shivam says I did not get salary till now. Shanti argues and insults Shivam. Kaushalya cries. Shanti praises Amit. Nimmi answers Shanti well and defends Shivam. Shanti scolds Nimmi and threatens her of telling Raghav.

Shanti asks Shivam how will he manage his wife if he does not earn, I keep money for you all, give me all earnings and I will give money to you also. Shanti praises Raghav. Sarla asks Shivam not to feel bad. Shivam leaves. Kaushalya goes. Rani says she will decorate the balcony as a room before Rani comes. She cooks pulao and is glad making many dishes today. Shanti tells Sarla that Raghav will give you Chandrahaar, Kaushalya can’t stop him. Sarla says don’t let Kaushalya talk to Raghav. Prabha asks Rani whats happening, and Rani thinks not to tell anything to her.

Preeti and Pari have a talk. Shanti says I will give nek to Pari. Nimmi says I also want nek, its our right. Shanti asks her to listen, son’s children are to give and daughter’s children are to take. Nimmi says I don’t know anything, I want money. Shanti goes to get money. Nimmi asks how did she agree so soon, there is something fishy. Preeti says I feel the same. Prabha comes to meet Rani and scares her. She laughs and says doors were open. Prabha says she will teach her making kheer and Rani gets tensd. Sarla gives much money to Pari and Sonal. Sonal asks what shall I do, I don’t want. Shanti asks her to keep it. Shanti gives one rupee coin to Nimmi. Nimmi asks just 1 rs. Shanti insults her and laughs. Kaushalya looks on and cries. Shivam is angry thinking of Shanti’s humiliating words.

Shanti raises hand on Preeti and does drama again. She acts like hitting head to the pillar and Kaushalya panics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shame on you writer what you are showing in serial how can a women get insult again again by mother in law and sister in law … hopeless and husband also not support . Why daughter children are more than son child why different between them ..

  2. I think the CV’s reserved better for later.. once ria comes on board.. she will take a stand for herself and her mom in law

  3. Don’t drag the story people may switch over to another channel

  4. actually they r showing reality of few families where mother prefer her daughter and her own family rather than her own son family

    1. it is a reality even till today . naked truth of many families still . if seeing the drama on screen can make you cry think of people who have to go through it every day .. sometimes the reverse is also true where MIL have to suffer at the hands of DIL.

  5. Please stop this same drama n bring a change in storyline..

  6. I am so waiting for Riya to complete her Pagphere and come back to Shanti Sadan!! Once she comes, Sarla aur Shanti ki waat lag jayegi!!!

  7. Pls try to change story it is very annoying…pls bring Riya in action as soon as possible

  8. i am sure a donkey can have better idea how to make a soap,think what i mean: the production team are no better than donkeys ,shame. cannot bear to watch ,just read the story line daily.

  9. This is a crazy program. Shanthi and Sarala are very abusive.

    1. no they are not abusive. it is reality .. believe me .

  10. Too much melodrama, how can u show ragav so blind toward his family , pl change melodrama of ammaji showbos becoming typed & boring

  11. I cant even begin to describe how GROSSLY ANNOYING this serial is!!!

  12. In some home dis happens in real dadi is b*t*h i see it in reality in my childhood but non of the riya hadbeen arived can see dadi melodramas till now………

  13. maninder bains

    Stupid show nothing real absolutely garbage story I never saw in real life dadi gives more importantance her daughter kids then son kids the serial show mother in law really evil and bad I know some differences between daughter in law and mother in law but mother in law never insults and pay less important to his own son kids after all kids are her own blood

  14. Extreamly slow serial.every character in this show is like puppet which is not true . It’s very offensive to watch good people are getting insulted in his show. This show only encourages spineless people n proves evil wins. I think. Creative dept should change the track otherwise this show will also typecast as ekta kapoor ‘s series .

    1. exactly pratibha..and for one hour long track, this show is on snail’s speed or even slower than that..

    2. Exactly prathibhaji even cat in a room will revolt

  15. Its irritating !!!!!!. Plz change the story line. I think its going.out of track ..

  16. Aakhir kb tk shanti, kausalya aur uski family ki insult karegi ?? Raghav ka character improve karo yr, voh hamesha shanti ka hi favour krta h, sach jaanane ki v koshish nhi karta.
    I don’t like Raghav’s character. Aur sarla peso ki into bhuki kyo h yr, uski need kvi puri hi nhi hoti, uske dimag me hamesha pese hi chalte h, khud ki family pr v focus nhi krti kvi.
    How many times they’ll show this yr??
    Plz change the storylines.
    Writers plz do justice for perfect casting on this show.
    I know kausalya will never change, b’coz she is fine in this character, but riya only can change the conditions on this home. Plz Riya ko jldi ghar bulao yr.

    Riya plz come in action man.

  17. What the he’ll is going on here. Husband can’t even trust the mother of three kids is not like newlyweds, he is a grown-up man also father he should the man of the house not the puppet of the house. I can’t stand the Old lady two she is cunning and irritating.

  18. Sach me bagut bura lagre, hamesha beta k bachi ko hi insult kare, aur kithna samay thak chelunge ae sab

  19. Mere Agne mein is dragging on forever. Very silly storyline. Can’t believe a grandmother is portrayed so nasty. Stop this show, total waste of time!!!!

  20. this show is boring and very slow .how can the grandma and her daughter get away with so many tricks and rest suffer in silence .very unreal in this day and age can you bring some changes as I will not be watching it Britain the shows are based on reality and believable contents and storyline

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