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Mere Angne Mein 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok asking Sarla not to do mistake of keeping the boy at home. She argues. He warns her and says he will go Shanti Sadan to tell everything to Shanti. She says fine, no need to go, I will not keep the boy, but its night now. He says boy will go from where he came. She says I will leave the boy, let anything happen to him then. She goes to the boy and asks him to leave. Amit says its good you are making him leave.

Pari comes and says he is golden bird, don’t make him leave. Sarla says no, he is problem. Ashok asks Sarla to explain Pari to control the greed, else he will tell Shanti. Sarla takes the boy and asks him to just go. A man enters the house. He asks how can anyone touch my nephew like this. He scolds Sarla. Sarla asks him who is he to come in her house

and commanding her. She says keep your nephew, he came to us, we did not get him here.

The man shows the knife. They all get shocked. He says I m Lallan Singh, this boy will stay here. Amit argues with the man and says I will kill you. Sarla claps. Lallan catches Amit and keeps knife on his neck. Everyone get shocked and ask him to leave Amit. Men see Lallan in balcony and ask when did you come out from jail. Lallan says I got bail and came out from murder case, its 11 murders over and now its time for 12. Sarla and everyone get scared. Amit says move this knife, we will talk. Rani comes and asks Lallan what is he doing, Amit is her husband. Lallan says I will not leave Amit without punishing him. Lallan says Amit has done wrong with Maru. Amit says I don’t remember any Maru.

Lallan says you forgot her so soon, Maru is my sister, this boy is her son, accept him soon else I will not leave you. Amit says we will accept him. Sarla says yes, we will accept him when you are saying by love. Lallan says its good you all understood, if anything happens to my nephew, I will kill everyone. Pari says I m Pari, I heard you are rich. Lallan says so what, many people are rich, I have 5 stables and I m only owner. She asks did you get married. He says shut up. He asks the boy to call him if anyone says anything. Amit says no, we will take care of him. Pari asks Amit who is Maru. Amit says I don’t know. Rani looks on.

Sarla tells Rani to manage herself and Amit, and this boy is our heir, he is our blood and will take family ahead. She asks Ashok to run his canteen. Ashok warns Sarla that this problem will come on her head. Sarla tells Pari that Rani is useless, you don’t get in this matter, focus on Preeti, I have to stain blackness to Shanti’s face. Pari says drama would have begun there. Shanti asks Preeti to help Riya in work. Preeti goes and help Riya. Preeti says its cold water, but i will manage. Riya goes to answer call. Shanti asks Riya to take order first and work later. Riya takes the order. Kaushalya comes and sees Riya on phone and Preeti working. Riya goes to talk outside as there is network problem. Shanti sees Kaushalya’s worrying.

Sarla and Pari are on the way. Sarla says I will do something, I can’t see them happy. A lady meets them. Sarla asks why are you finding me, did I take money from you. The lady says she is going to start club. Sarla says great, what will I do there. The lady says I will call just rich men’s wives. Sarla says I m not any officer’s wife. The lady says Ashok owns railway canteen, so you are also rich. Sarla smiles.

She gets an idea and asks her to go Shanti Sadan. The lady says I will meet Kaushalya and Riya. Sarla says yes, you will get many people there, Pari is bahu of rich house. The lady agrees to include Pari. Sarla thinks Lord is helping me, and asks lady to come along to Shanti Sadan.

Kaushalya asks Preeti not to do work, she will catch cold, why to work when Riya is not working. Shanti asks Kaushalya why is she becoming Chandi. Kaushalya says Riya can talk on phone later. Shanti says we need money to get Shanti Sadan, its mortgaged, Preeti is sitting free at home, don’t forget Preeti’s husband, she should get habitual to work. Nandu looks on.

Sarla and Pari come home with the lady. Sarla says she is opening a club, where women make a group and play games. Shanti asks is it my age to play, will we get money. Lady says yes, there is kitty party and good food also. Shanti says fine, write Kaushalya, Riya, Nimmi and Preeti’s name. Lady says sorry, we can’t include Preeti, only big and rich people’s wives can come. Preeti and Nandu get shocked. Lady says Nimmi is my Maayka, but big house bahu, Preeti is clerk’s wife, her level is down.

Shanti gets angry. Lady says we don’t have problem, but other women will have problem, girl is known by husband’s name and work. Shanti asks lady to get out. Sarla signs Pari. Kaushalya cries. Pari goes to Preeti. She asks Preeti not to cry, as her fate has Lucky.

Pari asks Preeti to get divorce papers signed by Nandu. Riya tells Nandu that she will send Preeti to inlaws.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Who is Riya to tell this that Preeti needs to go to inlaws when her family is not saying anything to Preeti and is ready to support.?????
    Why is Riya getting insecured of Preeti.Riya stop interfering in other people’s life or else it will bring big trouble to you!!!
    You don’t have any right to tell this to Nandu. until preeti mother and Dadi are alive.

    1. if a good bahu as always care her family . so riya did right for preethi. Because after marriage a woman can’t stay in mother house. well if you are Indian you should know about our tredition.

  2. I know about tradition yarr but this is not the right time.We all know that nandu is not doing good job. He is just a clerk and also Preeti k sasural walon ne use nahi apnaya hein ab tak.Agar apnaya hota toh why should have Preeti be staying in Shaanti Sadan So far.Preeti ki maa or Dadi ne abhi tak koi step kyun nahi liya to send Preeti to her sasural..Think by this point of view as well.Preeti has been given permission by her dadi and maa to stay in family.That’s not wrong by any law.If Nandu has good job and he stands by Preeti then ofcourse there is no problem of letting Preeti go to her sasural.But at this point of time I really don’t agree with Riya…Who yeh prove karne mein lagi hui hein ki ladkiya bhoj hoti hein.If she care for her so much why don’t she convinces maa and dadi to let her to the job outside…Can you answer this

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