Mere Angne Mein 14th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being shocked knowing about Mohit. She tells Pari that you are not doing right. Pari says I m not doing anything, action will start here. Sarla requests her to stop Mohit. Pari says I will give you party for marriage breaking. Sarla says don’t do this. Shanti asks what happened. Sarla tells everything to Shanti. Shanti runs out being shocked and asks Kaushalya to come fast.

Vyom sees Pari there and says I have some urgent work. Riya says I have some urgency too, we will leave. Riya takes Preeti. Vyom says even I have to go. He leaves. Mohit looks for Preeti.

Shanti and Kaushalya check Preeti’s room and find Nimmi there. Shanti slaps Nimmi. Vyom sees Pari far and goes to her. He falls down just when Mohit passes by and does not see him. Nandu, Pari,

Riya and Preeti look on. Nandu says Mohit did not see Preeti with Vyom, how will marriage break now. Vyom hurriedly leaves from there. Shanti asks Nimmi where did she send Preeti, did she send her alone, with whom did you send her. Nimmi says Riya. Kaushalya starts crying and says my daughter and bahu want to ruin my respect, I will die. Sarla says I will die with you. Shanti says stop it, women are there. Kaushalya raises hand on Nimmi, and Shanti stops her, saying she did not permit anyone to slap daughter. She scolds Nimmi and locks her in room. The lady asks whats happening upstairs, shall I come to help. Shanti asks Kaushalya to manage the women.

Sujeev is still playing and gets Sharmili’s call again. He loses the game and says enough Amit, I can’t play more. Amit says no, don’t go. Sujeev says I don’t like to lose, I m unable to concentrate, mummy is calling. He leaves. The man asks Amit to play. Amit sits to play. Amit loses all the money and the man challenges him to bet anything again.

Preeti and Riya are relieved that Mohit did not see Preeti with Vyom. Nandu hides and hears them. Riya says Nimmi called and said suhaagan women have come at home for rasam, we have to leave. They stop seeing Mohit infront of them. Sarla runs to stop Mohit.

Shanti tells women that Sarla has run to get gifts for them. The woman asks why is Kaushalya upset. Shanti says she is tired of all the work. Kaushalya gives them snacks. The woman tells bad about Preeti, who lost her name. she asks them to be happy that they are getting rid of such girl. Rani and Sonal come. Rani says I will help Kaushalya in work. Shanti scolds the woman and says Preeti is like cow, the boy was after her, how many times you make my ears bleed. The woman says leave it, call Preeti. Shanti says yes and worries.

Mohit asks Preeti how long will she run from him. She cries and asks him to forget her. He says its our life, come with me, I need to talk. Riya asks Mohit to be away. Mohit says its out matter, don’t come in between. Nandu says I wish to beat Mohit. Mohit asks Preeti did she forget him, he is her Mohit, listen to me once. He asks Riya not to interfere, its there love matter. Sarla comes there and says its matter of beating. She beats Mohit and scolds him. she says I will not let you be around Preeti. Riya says we will leave. Sarla scolds Riya for getting Preeti here to meet Mohit. She says Mohit is mad, don’t you know. She scolds Preeti for doing this. Mohit leaves angrily.

Sarla asks Preeti to come with her. Shanti says we will call the bride, but lets sing for a while. She asks Rani to dance. Rani and Sonal dance. The women play dhol and sing banno……

Vyom comes home and tells about Pari. Sharmili says manage Pari till you get married, once you get a child and give baby to Sujeev, you will get property, then I will kick out Pari. Mama says its not easy to make Pari leave. Sharmili says you are challenging me, I will scare that Pari that she will be shaking to think anything. Sarla gets Preeti home and asks women to have breakfast. Kaushalya scolds Riya. Riya says sorry. Kaushalya gets angry and says you wish bad for my children. Women start gossiping.

Kaushalya stops Riya from doing rituals. Riya cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena u are a very good author indeed u update very fast and never miss out any details Way to go dear!

  2. Behkoof Ria needs this. She won’t think about the situation and act accordingly. Can’t she remember the things she was trying to do which turned out wrong all these days.

  3. Best actresses in this show is sarla and shant i love them very much and i watch this show because of them

  4. What a stupid show no improvement do far boaring and time waisting.

  5. Y dont they expose sarla n amit??

  6. Episode watcher

    Ria is so stupid,why didn’t she tell Kaushalya that Sharmili wanted the meeting between Vyom and Preeti-she is mordern bahuriya without brain- complete idiot!

  7. Khusia wanted to die! OMG. She has children who has always been obedient to her, YES MOM, NO MOM. She is so orthodox, why does she not use her brains, if she has it. hahaha. Pari get married and nobody knew about it, so why is it a drama when Priti has met Vyom and that also because Sharmili wanted that.
    Please writers, LISTEN to the COMMENTS of your audience and change the storylines in a good direction. The ladies are not so BEWAKOOF as you want to show them in your MAM.
    Riya is educated, we want to see her as a strong, Indepent lady who gives Dadi a Moh tor jawab, andnot always saying sorry. Don’t make the good ones so weak. kuch to show ka mazaa ho it’s getting really boring.

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