Mere Angne Mein 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanda seeing Sarla, and feeding Riya Sarla goes to Shanti and asks her to see Chanda and Riya’s friendship. Shanti says don’t say anything, things will get spoil. Sarla thinks once marriage happens, I don’t care how Chanda is in reality. Shanti says I think I did not check Chanda well, we will not ask her and wait to see what story she tells us. Riya asks Chanda not to go, else it will be problem. Chanda says fine, but finish the food. Kaushalya comes and sees them. She asks Chanda not to talk to Riya and scolds Riya.

Preeti argues with Nandu in anger. Nandu says I m your husband, give me divorce if you don’t like to stay with me. She says I would have, but I m quiet because of my parents. He says I can’t explain you. He gets a call and says what, lottery

is tomorrow, I will come on time. She taunts him about the lottery. He says its office lottery for the house. She says I won’t stay in clerk’s colony. He asks her to stay as queen in own house, or stay here in Maayka. She says fine, we will go, start arranging money for good house, or take money from your father. He says I can’t take money from my dad, I will arrange money, I promise. She says don’t promise, do something to get this lottery.

Shanti and Sarla wait for Chanda to come. Chanda acts sweet to them. Sarla confronts her for getting friendly with Riya. Chanda starts her drama and says I m taking care of Riya so that Shivam and Kaushalya stay happy. Chanda says I did not wish to hurt you, its sin to let anyone sleep empty stomach. Sarla says Riya is bearing her deeds’ suffering. Chanda says I did friendship with Riya, I thought Riya can lighten her heart and Shivam will not get upset. Sarla scolds her. Chanda says I m not doing anything, if you feel I m wrong, I will leave this house.

Shanti says you always threaten about leaving house, I will kick you out of the house, come. Sarla asks Shanti to stop. Chanda says I will go, but wherever I stay I will stay for this house. Shanti says you were feeding our enemy. Chanda says I don’t know who is enemy and who is friend. Sarla says fine, I will tell you. Chanda acts good. Shanti asks Chanda to keep an eye on Riya. Chanda says this is wrong. Shanti says you kept you here and getting you married to Shivam, is this not wrong to not obey me. Chanda says fine, I will do recording if you say. Sarla says I will leave now, and asks Shanti not to worry. She leaves.

Chanda says I can really turn good while acting good with everyone. She calls her boyfriend and talks to him. Pari’s lips get stuck by the glue and she can’t even scream. Nimmi looks on and says now it will be fun. Riya goes to Shivam’s room and chooses a shirt for him. She keeps the shirt on the bed. She hears someone coming and hides. Chanda comes to room and sees the shirt. She sees Riya hiding behind the bed and smiles. She says I think Shivam his shirt, I will also keep my choice of shirt, he can wear anything he likes. She keeps another shirt and thinks Riya you see, which shirt Shivam wears now. She goes. Riya looks around and leaves from the room.

Nirmala tells Sarla to get the house on her name. Sarla says I will go and make papers from lawyer and gets everything on my name. Nirmala asks did you talk to Ashok. Sarla says I will tell him when I find an opportunity. Nirmala says I m worried as days are passing. Ashok comes and asks Sarla to massage his head. Sarla refuses and sends him. Nirmala asks Sarla to talk to Ashok soon.

Pari is unable to talk and her lips are sealed. Sharmili asks is she not talk to talk, and thanks Lord. Nimmi shows the glue to Pari and says you added this in food, now hold your ears and apologize to me, else be a puppet like this. Pari gets angry. Shanti sees Riya and thinks Chanda gave me tension by getting friendly with Riya, I want some excuse of big disease. She thinks. Riya looks on and thinks Shanti is upto something.

Preeti blames Riya for ruining her life, and curses her that Riya should not get Shivam ever. Riya cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 1st whole episode is bakwas ,irritating & headache.Hate Nandu.hataoo isse show see.

  2. Nimmi is doing gud job.Her scene was awsom

  3. Riya cries in the morning..Riya cries in the afternoon…Riya cries in the evening…Riya cries in the middle of the night…Fed up with this Riya who cries all the Time instead of doing something. Such a shame for all the women

  4. What is preeti saying she was the one who went to go and meet mohit, but riya is also at fault she could have informed everybody that preeti went to meet mohit.

  5. The entire episode was boring,atleast show a good precap ,sirf aur sirf negativity,,,,Y this stupid Riya is crying ,,,,why can’t she answer Preethi well

  6. preti is stupid

  7. The writer lost his plot and now giving all rubish.

  8. Atleast now Ria can tell everyone what exactly Preeti did by eloping from Mandap. Even now Ria didn’t open her mouth its a waste watching this serial.

  9. Why should preeti blame riya and she is the master mind of the plan, pls writter cancelled up this dialog of preeti or make riya answer her back

  10. I agree that shivams family doesn’t know anything and they dont want to hear but for preeti such b**t

  11. Riya cry and cry and cry .uffff

  12. Whenever Riya is crying it is not convincing at all since it doesn’t match her actual personality that they defined originally.

  13. Riya cries afain and again, OMG WHAT THE FISH

  14. What is is this rubbish Riya cries, every pe rcap Riya cries, please let us walk away from commenting here and drop the TRP

  15. Ria cryis, Ria cry… that phrase is the most popular one in this serial. We are all crying out loud here to STOP showing Ria cry, give her a stand to stand up in her own legs and slap these Shanthi, Sarala, kousalya, Preeti etc. Or slap us for watching this serial.

  16. Bakwas Band karo. Pls

  17. A smart and intelligent Riya is turned into a cry baby by the writers and producers of the show. Keep watching until she turns the table on Shanti Devi and her coherts. Hopefully we will see that happening one day!!!

  18. bakwas serial,is main hamesha burayi ki jeet hoti hai,aur ye priti maha kamini khud mandap se bhagi aur dose riya ko rahi hai,aur ye riya rone mai rani no 1 hai,is serial ko end kar do plz

  19. riya should move on in her life leaving shivam and his so called family. No use in staying there. make chanda marry shivam and make shanti and sarla life hell!!! Chanda should act good infront of family members and behind ruin each n every 1 in that family. Riya should become successful in her career and marry who deserves her. and seeing this shivam should shed tears day and ni8. riya should live happily ever after.. the end.:) 🙂

  20. I feel like puking when I see preety such an idiot…

  21. Nandu is real hero. At least he has a stand.

  22. Riya cry cry and cry.ufff

  23. Preeti is dumb selfish and jealous of nimmi what kind of sister she is always blaming whoever comes front of her stupid girl I think mohit come back make her life hell or nadu look for someone else then selfish girl groups of everyone

  24. The serial is getting prolonged with negitivity only. Don’t know when truth comes out, that sarla is the reason for preethi not able to get married to RJ mohit, Chanda’s true color…

  25. This serial started with the theme of Riya changing he narrow minded and cunning athouritative rule of Shanti . Also Riya inculcating liberal minded thoughts in Srivastavs.

    But I see exactly opposite storyline. Riya has now changed like a oldfashioned lady..who never speaks , shuts her mouth, , always keeps crying though she is blamed for everything.

    She still doesnt like to leave Shivam and Srivastav creatures though they always hurt her seld respect.

    And above all the writes use the term Modern bahu for Riya in their dialogues.

    A modern bahu never ensudures torture and loses her self respect. She would rather prove her guilt and stay strong proving others that nobody cam harm her

    Directors please if you do. Not know the meaning of midern regrets..but please dont portray the picture of modern bahu this way

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