Mere Angne Mein 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti saying I will find your husband and know why he left you. Aarti cries and goes. Amit goes to Ashok’s canteen and sees Rani. He orders food. Rani looks on. Amit eats pakodas even when he does not like it. He goes. He pays money. He says I m so hurt, you are just saying, I got allergy, I will have to take injection now. He goes. Rani gets sad.

Aarti cooks food. She offers help to Kaushalya. She says I have to talk about baby. Kaushalya refuses to talk. Kaushalya scolds her. Shanti says don’t know Amit found anything or not. She gets angry on Nimmi. Chandra comes and says I m going for Ganga aarti. He sees Nimmi and says I understand your pain, trust Lord, he would have thought something good for you, do dhyaan, it keeps heart calm. He goes to kitchen and asks

Charni to cut fruits, he can just have prasad made by her. Charni gives him fruits. He asks her to pack it, he will have it on the way. Preeti comes. Chandra says her voice is so sweet. Preeti says Kaushalya’s voice is more sweet. Chandra says I heard Kaushalya singing in childhood. He goes. Kaushalya gets angry. Shanti asks Preeti to stop adding ghee in fire.

Raghav recalls what all happened and gets worried. Mannu asks what’s the matter, is there any problem. He says my family is not accepting Charni. She says give them some time, their reaction is natural, show some trust and have them along. He says you are woman and will support women, I will manage Charni and Nimmi. She laughs.

He says I was good as a kid, there was no tension. She says yes, this is called life, don’t worry, everything will get fine. She cheers him up and goes. Aarti packs tiffin for Raghav. Shanti asks Kaushalya to see the time, get food. Raghav calls home. Aarti gets food for Shanti. Shanti refuses to have it. Nimmi answers call and asks Charni to talk. Aarti talks to Raghav. She says I packed tiffin, I feel baby is unwell, she is getting teeth. Shanti says you did not tell this to me. She asks Raghav not to take tension. She asks Aarti why did she not tell her. Aarti says I did not know about it. Shanti says you don’t know about it, feed her pomegranate juice. Aarti thinks of everyone refusing to listen to her. She thinks I wanted to tell Kaushalya, but….

Amit comes. Shanti asks what happened to him. He says I had brinjal. She asks did he find Charni’s husband. He asks for money. She gives him money and says you have time till tomorrow, if you don’t get info, I will ask someone else to do this. He says I will get all info. He goes. Preeti asks did he get info. He asks for money. She gives him money. He says I will get info. He gets Ajay’s call. Ajay asks did you forget me after marriage. Amit says you did not answer my call, meet me tomorrow. Ajay agrees.

Amit says I m very hungry since morning, I think Shivam has run away. Kaushalya says he will come back, sit and have food. Golu goes from his balcony to Shanti Sadan’s terrace. He tries to keep flowers. Preeti gets a blank call. Golu sees her and hides. He runs and flowers drop. Its morning, Kaushalya and Pari get flowers. Pari says I got this from Chandra’s room, I think he is doing this. Kaushalya says no, he is Sanyasi. Pari says yes. Kaushalya says that lover left this, we have to talk to Shanti and make Charni out.

Shanti says a girl came our home, she is shameless. She shows Aarti’s pic to Ajay. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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