Mere Angne Mein 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone freeing Raghav. Kaushalya cries. Raghav consoles her. Sarla says if Pramod has come, where are Shanti and Pari, did he kill them. Raghav asks them to stay at home, try calling Shanti, I will find out. Shanti asks Shivam not to worry. Doctor says he is critical, he will be paralysed even if he recovers. Riya gets shocked. Raghav goes to meet Shanti Prasad. The man says Shanti Prasad left with his son. Raghav leaves.

Shanti asks Riya what happened, what did doctor say. Riya cries. Pari says doctor said Shivam is not out of danger, one more operation is needed, and maybe he will get paralysed. Shanti gets shocked. Shanti scolds Riya and blames her for all this. Shanti sits crying. Kaushalya says they did not call till now. She hears Shivam asking her to save

him. Raghav comes home and hears Kaushalya shouting. Nimmi and Raghav ask what happened. Kaushalya asks will you trust me, I feel something bad is going to happen.

Raghav says I can’t pacify you, even I m worried. Nimmi calls Pari and call connects. She asks how are they. Pari says Shanti and Shivam….. Nimmi asks what. The call ends. Raghav says Shivam is with Shanti, everything will be fine. Kaushalya says no, something bad happened. Pari calls on landline. Kaushalya asks why did you all not come back, Pramod has come. Pari says nothing is fine, its bad news, Shivam got shot, doctor asked you all to come here soon. Kaushalya cries. Sarla takes phone and asks Pari what happened. Pari tells her everything. Sarla says much wrong happened there. Raghav takes phone and talks to Pari.

Raghav says fine, we will come. Kaushalya says I will not cry, I will go to my Shivam. Raghav asks her not to worry, we will go there and get everyone back safely, pack bags, we have to leave. Shanti asks Pari to call Sarla. Pari calls Sarla. Kaushalya says I will go to my Shivam. Shanti asks Sarla to give money to Raghav, I know he has no money, break the Fds, I have given you money all your life. Sarla gets angry and says fine, I will get money and come there. She thinks Shanti is greedy, she has 50 lakhs and asking me for money.

Everyone go to Bangkok to see Shivam. They reach the hospital and meet Riya, Shanti and Pari. Riya hugs Kaushalya. Shanti says its all because of Riya. She hugs Raghav and cries. Riya signs no. Kaushalya gets angry. Sarla asks where did 50 lakhs go. Pari says the tiger fight people took the money, its all because of Riya. Sarla gets angry and says Riya did our loss. Pari says you do anything with them.

The inspector comes and asks Riya to be witness. Riya says I m ready. Inspector says but Shivam broke laws by taking part in the fight, he will be punished. Nimmi tells everyone what inspector said. Riya says Shivam was not aware that he will be fighting with a tiger. Inspector says Shivam signed the consent contract and knew everything. Riya and Raghav check the contract. Inspector says we have a copy signed by Riya as well, the document says if Shivam dies, Riya will get the money, it shows will of both of you. Riya gets shocked. Nimmi tells this to everyone. Riya says I did not sign any document, I have no idea. Inspector asks her to check papers. Riya checks and says yes, its my sign. She recalls Shivam lying to her and taking her signs. She says Shivam lied to me and took my sign. Everyone look at her. Riya says I have no idea about these papers. Inspector says be our witness, you maybe released, but your husband will get punished.

Kaushalya says you love money so much that you risked my son’s life. She cries and beats up Riya. Riya cries. Raghav stops Kaushalya. Shanti says you got Riya here and knew he will die, you wanted money. Riya says no I did not know. Kaushalya asks Riya to leave from Shivam’s life, get out of here. Sarla thinks its right time to hit on hot iron. Kaushalya says leave from our lives. Riya asks Raghav to trust her. Raghav turns away.

Nurse comes and says we need this medicine. Nimmi goes. Doctor comes and asks who is the father of the patient. Raghav checks document and signs. Kaushalya asks what is it. Raghav says its written if anything happens to Shivam during operation, they won’t be responsible. Kaushalya says nothing will happen to my son, Shivam…… Shanti asks Riya about the papers. Nurse comes and asks them to pay money. Sarla says I will pay money. Nurse says its 10 lakhs in Indian currency. Sarla says I will come. Riya cries.

Riya asks Shanti to pay money for Shivam’s operation. Shanti asks Riya to leave from Shivam’s life, if she wants him to be alive. Riya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why everyone blaming Riya? It’s Shivams fault this happened. Now the family will be arrested for Riya disapearring.

  2. please director saab dont let riya o out of shivam life they are my vvvvvvvvvvvvery much favouritecharactersin the show

  3. Evil reigns supreme. Will evil ever be ironed out.? Will Sarla and family ever get caught for all their lies and deceit. Why does Riya get blamed for every mishap? Why can’t Shivam stand up for his wife? And you wonder why this series never ever got any awards. Come on guys let Sarla and family get caught for every misdeed? For once let the truth be revealed and Shanthi hide her face in shame cos she always put her son’s family down.

    1. Bcoz it shows a typical Indian family where the bahu has to take the blame no matter what .. more honest daughter in law means more blame.. thts the rule.. nd if she protests then one particular sentence “such ladies r d reason of increased divorces in d country”.. thts d usual tradition..

      D only thng tht srprised me ws d suddn arrngemnt of visa, passport, nd thn their sddn arrivl in bangkok.. wow, congrats.. these people knvented portal sys…


  4. I read in spoiler that Riya will go missing and family will be arrested, raghav will tell shanti what sarla was trying to do, whether it affects how shanti thinks about sarla and her family remains to be seen. Shivam can clear the blame on Riya when he’s conscious. Hope all family regret their actions then, especially shanti and kaushaliya, always blaming Riya when it’s their sons/grandsons fault for signing such contract.

  5. After what raiya
    Did no credit for her stupid

  6. Now sarla pari crap is keep on going in the serial they never get caught and poor riya was blamed why they don’t expose sarla writer please don’t give this crap of sarla enough of her drama ,shant open yours eyes and see who want being of you and who not which cunning sarla after all this riya always blamed and sarla who brought promad in this house and all the mess was created by pari and sarla they get away from it , poor story line of ever since this serial is started is still negative things going on no positive impact tired of now and I think viewers are also tired of negative mere angne me in please don’t blame riya

  7. Why does Riya stay silent like a dumb moron whenever someone accuses her of anything? She was supposed to be an intelligent modern educated woman. But she is now shown as incapable of the slmplest words to explain the truth. Incredible !

  8. Entire blame of MAM should be on the writer/s of the scripts. Giving more roles to negative characters like Sarla & Pari have always affected the episodes! Sarla’s over acting and both Pari & Sarla’s negative deeds have not been exposed! It’s high time more positive roles be given to Riya & Shanti. Shanti is a very good actress and be given challenges of exposing Sarla & Pari!

  9. Yr agar riya ko hata bhi rahe hain toh vo vapas ek naye look m vapas aaye i mean ek leap lena chahiye director sahab ko serial m aur shivam vi jaldi thik ho jaaye but tab tak Riya jaa chuki ho aur shivam guilt feel kare yrr koi kuch naya add karo

  10. I swear trust me after seeing today’s episode I would have killed sarla if u were Riya trust me I would have slapped her 100 times and strangulated her year hij

  11. Precap reminds me the glimpse bof movie DIL

  12. You guys must be realistic at times. You bring twists that are so artificial and absurd. You make a fool out of viewers and yet expect good ratings. Please make programmes that are real and the unnecessary drag in the programmes must be eliminated. You’d rather make short series but the story line doesn’t divert and captivates the audience. Some of your twist are foolish and absurd kindly take note. Thank you.

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