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The Episode starts with Sharmili asking Preeti to stop. Preeti hides behind Nimmi. Nimmi asks Sharmili why is she following Preeti, and pushes her. Preeti says she is dangerous, why did you push her. Sharmili fumes and goes to raise hand. Nimmi holds her hand… Sarla sees the beauty products and says its Amit’s shop items. She asks why is this all here, its costly, keep it inside. Rani says Amit got this for me, he asked me to apply it to glow my face, I m making this for you too.

Sarla argues and says I m not monkey like you, my face will glow and just I will apply these creams. Rani says fine, if you want. Sarla takes creams and goes. Rani smiles and looks on, as creams are expired. Sarla applies the creams, while Rani applies homely multani mitti lep. Sarla says its itching, what

is this cream. She screams and comes out running. Rani smiles.

Sarla and Rani wash off their faces. Rani laughs and shows Sarla’s face in mirror, with big rashes. Sarla gets shocked and screams. She cries and says I will not leave you Rani. Rani asks her to use ice. Sarla gets dizzy. Rani holds her.

Nimmi says even I know to raise hands, I will send you to jail. Preeti and Nimmi leave in rickshaw. Sharmili scolds Nimmi. Preeti says I think she is Madam X, who kidnaps people, we should fool her, else she will come our home. Sharmili and Mama sit in car to follow them. Sharmili says I m sure that yellow dress girl was the same I was looking for. Mama says car is not starting. Sharmili beats him and scolds him, saying that girl left.

Rani gives tiffin to Ashok. Prabha calls Rani and talks to her. She tells about Amit and Riya, and what happened in Shanti Sadan. Rani gets angry and says Amit is not like that, I know him. Amit comes home and Rani asks him the matter. He asks Rani not to believe anyone and goes. Sarla asks Rani not to listen to Prabha. Prabha tells Rani that Shanti has given Shanti Sadan’s rule to Riya. Sarla shows slipper to Prabha and asks Rani not to talk to Prabha. Rani smiles and asks Sarla to beware of Riya now.

Amit beats some man and tells Riya that he clicked our pics and was blackmailing me, tell me why did you do this. The man runs. Amit tells Riya that he wants to return this agency back, he knows what happened with her at home, its all because of him, he forgot everything and moved on, but Sarla and Shanti did not, sorry from their side. Riya says don’t worry, all this does not bother me, I trust myself, run agency well. Amit thinks he will take Riya’s sympathy.

Bunty asks Riya to be careful. Riya says I know, I can’t take agency back, else Sarla will blame me again, I have to balance things. Sarla thinks what to do, shall I go to Amma’s house or not. She calls Shanti. Shanti asks Sarla not to come without taking Riya and Kaushalya’s permission, don’t come for few days, if anything happens, blame will be on you.

Sarla rings bell and prays. Sonal asks her to ring bell slowly, you can pray, I m studying. Sarla says days have changed, Amma does not want me to come home. Sarla asks Sonal to go and study. Sarla thinks and says I think I should go there. She laughs and thanks Lord for guidance.

Shanti goes to her room and shuts it. She feels hungry and takes dry fruits from cupboard. She sits eating. Kaushalya asks her to come out and eat badam kaju ghee halwa. Shanti says I don’t want, serve it when Riya comes.

Shivam comes office. Riya tells him that Amit has come, he was saying he will return agency, he got some man and said he was blackmailing him with pics, he said I m doubting Sarla and I was wrong, I was thinking to apologize. He says no need, this can have new drama again. She agrees. He asks her not to be sad, I trust you, no need to tell anyone, shut this topic here. She says you are saying right. He says I will go to give reports to boss, then we will have coffee.

Rani gets tea for Ashok and asks what happened, are you unwell. Ashok says I m fine. He says he is worried for Pari, they don’t ask her welfare. Pari looks for some keys in Sharmili’s room. She gets a necklace and thinks if she should sells it, she can have it instead keys. She turns and sees Vyom. Ashok tells about getting kites in Sankranti, Pari used to be with me. Sarla comes and laughs on his useless talk. He says I was saying we should send shagun to Pari on Sankranti. Sarla takes his words light.

Nirmala comes home and says gas at her home finished, so she came here to cook. Rani asks her to cook her food. Sarla asks her to take her permission. Nirmala takes her permission. Asjok says I will go to market and get shirt for Sujeev and saree for Pari.

Pari says hellos, what are you doing here. Vyom asks her what is she doing in mummy’s room. Pari says its mum’s necklace, so its mine, actually all this belongs to my husband, I know you also need money, we both need each other, if you don’t let me go, then I will turn sweet to Sujeev. He says I feel you are using my love. she asks what are you saying, I really love you, fine take this necklace, I don’t want. He asks her to take it and go. She says really, I knew you love me, thanks. She goes.

Rani and Nirmala cook some sweets. Sonal says I also want to learn making this laddoos, and joins them. Sarla asks Sonal what is she doing with these maids. Sonal says I m done with studies, I m helping them, I like it. Sarla tastes it and says its not that great laddoo, don’t be much happy.

Bindu calls Nirmala and asks where are you. Nirmala says I have come at Ashok’s house to made laddoos to send Pari. Bindu scolds her and says I will talk to Ashok first. She says Ashok did not send laddoos for me, I will do something. Bindu argues with Sarla and says I want my rights, my shagun. She sits on the road and cries. Sarla scolds her. Ashok comes and asks whats Bindu doing. Bindu says I want khichdi and til laddoos. Ashok says fine, I will come to your house tomorrow and bring khichdi and laddoo. Bindu goes.

Kaushalya asks Shanti about grinding the jaggery for making laddoos. Nandu helps Kaushalya. Shanti asks Nandu to call his mother here to get his help. Kaushalya asks Shanti how much til to use. Shanti says I don’t know anything. Raghav comes home and tells Shanti that Nandu is hardworking he is working as part of our family. He says I got a saree for Sankranti, its for you Amma. Shanti refuses. Raghav says keep it. Shanti says I can’t wear new saree if Sarla don’t wear new saree. Raghav says I got three sarees. Shanti says I know, its for Kaushalya, me and Riya. Riya comes home. Raghav says sorry, I forgot. Shanti says I know you forgot Sarla. Raghav says no, I forgot to get sarees for Riya and Rani.

Riya says its fine, I don’t wear sarees. Shanti asks when will we wash it and iron it. Riya says don’t worry, till you have bath, I will wash it and iron it, you can wear it.

Bunty tells Riya that Anupam has sent shagun for you. Riya says how does he know. Bunty says Kaushalya called and told him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice nimmi chalo tum ne kuch to kiya.!vyom sambhal jao abi b waqt hai…riya phr amit k natak me phas gayi…kaushlya k pas thoda sa b dimag nai hai morkh mahila….ab shanti apni choti ko sacrifise karegi aur ghar bar chhod ka santni banegi

  2. Why don’t she(Riya) take the agency back from ungreatful idit Amit and make Preeti and Nimmi run it and show a successful management and living. The DIR and story writter can’t think any of these positive approach in serials.

  3. This serial shows all women should be evil to be successful like shanti sarla and pari

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