Mere Angne Mein 14th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla asking Sharmili to taste sweets and feeding her. Raghav wishes the proposal gets fixed. Raghav asks what does the guy do. Sarla says he will be doing some job. Mama says Vyom does business with his elder brother, he does not do job, we have big business. Kaushalya asks Sarla to tell about Preeti. Sarla says Sharmili knows a lot. Mama says no, you tell us, we will hear. Sarla introduces everyone. Sarla praises Preeti, and says she is very obedient. Mama flirts with Sarla.

Sarla says Preeti is all rounded, she does all work, she has painted this house as well, she cooks food and is very good by nature. Nimmi gets Preeti and says Sarla is flattering a lot, I think she is planning something big. Preeti says yes. Nimmi says Sharmili will make you work a lot after

marriage, Bua is eyeing Vyom, Pari will become your Jethani. Preeti says I don’t want to marry in that house. Sharmili is so dangerous. Nimmi says yes, but maybe guy is nice. Riya comes and says I m so happy for Preeti, all your problems will end and a new life of happiness will start, smile. Shivam asks what happened to you all. Riya says think of this proposal, Sharmili is good. He says yes, and goes out to Sharmili. He apologizes to Sharmili and says don’t make opinion about Preeti by the past. Sharmili says now we will leave, we came for some work. We saw this house and liked design, we came to see, and did not know we will see you, we did not know this is Pari’s Nani and Mama ji’s house, Amma ji did not invite us. Shanti says I have taken sanyaas, Riya has taken the control, you can come anytime again. Sarla says we will do your aarti, and sends Kaushalya. Pari and Vyom see each other in the market. Pari catches Vyom and asks what is he doing here. He asks her the same. She says my relatives stay here, why did you come here, for whom are you waiting. He says you do your work, why are you standing here. She asks him again.

Vyom gets thinking and says we will go out somewhere, come, I will make you do shopping, I want to take you with me, please. She agrees and says now I can’t say you no, I have to go on shoppings. They leave. Kaushalya gets aarti plate. Sarla asks Kaushalya to get nek fast. Sarla does aarti of Sharmili and Mama. She gives them nek. Sharmili says thanks, we will leave, we got glad meeting you all. They leave. Sarla jumps happily and hugs Kaushalya. She says I think they came to like Preeti.

Kaushalya says I wish this proposal happens. Preeti runs to her room. Raghav asks Sarla to tell them the truth about Preeti, did you tell them. Sarla says is this thing to be told, we will see later. Raghav says I still want to tell everything, hiding is not good, talk to them. He goes to room to rest. Sarla worries and thinks everyone is happy, I did not tell them that Sharmili wants to get Vyom married to Pari’s sister. She says I will go now, I think good about Raghav and his family. She takes sweets and leaves. Shivam gets a call and goes after Riya. Shanti says Shivam finds reasons to go after Riya. Shivam gives phone to Riya. He says I m very happy today, everyone knows what happened in Pari’s marriage, I have beaten up Sujeev, but still they got proposal for Preeti. Nandu hears them. Shivam says I m scared something wrong can happen, I will apologize to them so that there is no issue for Preeti. Riya says that’s why I tell you to listen to me, you get angry soon, when its about sister, you have to say sorry. Nandu gets sad. Shivam says they are rich people, marriage will be grand and we have to do arrangements of their level, I swear I will do Preeti’s marriage grand. She says I want the same, but there is small problem. She says we have to use the money kept for marriage.

Nandu cries and says I did not think about this, Preeti’s marriage will happen soon. Kaushalya asks Preeti to give sweets to Nandu. Nandu asks Lord what game is he playing, you know I love Preeti. Preeti comes to him and he gets shocked. She gives him sweets. Kaushalya asks Nandu to have sweets.

Sharmili and Mama talk about Preeti. She thinks where is Vyom. Mama says maybe Vyom has gone from here, we will go home and think what to do. Sharmili tries calling Vyom. Vyom and Pari come home. Vyom also tries calling Sharmili and thinks did Sharmili get that girl or not. Mama thinks Pari will cancel girl for me, if we reject her sister. Mama calls rickshaw to go home.

Preeti cries and tells Nimmi that she needs time, she is not a machine. Nimmi says you go and talk to mummy once if you have doubt, if we tell Kaushalya and Raghav that you are not ready to marry, they will get tension. Preeti says I can’t see them upset, Mohit did wrong. Nimmi pacifies her. Sharmili and Mama come home. Vyom asks where were they. Sharmili and Mama tell Vyom that Preeti is Pari’s sister, how to get Pari’s sister, I wanted you to marry her, she is like cow, I wanted such girl to become my bahu. Vyom says don’t be confused, find other girl. Mama thinks he can lose his match.

Pari calls Sarla and says now this marriage will be cancelled, Sharmili will not accept Preeti. Sarla says no, I treated her well, she will be confused, tell Sharmili that you know she wants to get Vyom and Preeti married, tell her that you don’t like Preeti, then she will like Preeti.

Vyom says I can’t marry this girl, if she is like Pari. Mama says no, she is very beautiful and I got her pic too. Pari comes and sees Preeti’s pic. She says Preeti is not suitable for Vyom, she is not beautiful like me. Pari says I will ask Sarla not to get such proposal for Vyom. Sharmili stops Pari and asks her not to act smart. She says my son, my to be bahu, its my matter, don’t interfere, stay away from this matter.

Rani serves food to Amit, and tells him that Sarla took her earrings which Dadda ji gave. Amit says maybe Sarla kept it safe, she is your mum in law, don’t take tension. She says Dadda ji told that I m better than Riya, she asked Riya to become like Rani. She asks when will you call me your good wife. Sarla says never. She taunts Rani.

Nandu goes to Preeti and talks to her. He says everyone is happy, are you also happy with this decision. Preeti gets angry and says I don’t want to talk to you, go out, who are you to ask me, I m very worried, don’t trouble me more. Nimmi asks Shanti how is this ring. Shanti asks her to show Nimmi. Nimmi says you are boring me, you are not scolding me now, I want old Dadi, I don’t like this boring Dadi. Nimmi teases Shanti and says I will shout Dadi Dadi everywhere.

Raghav talks to Kaushalya and says I felt strange that they came home like this sudden, Pari’s mum looked shocked as well. Kaushalya says Sarla said they came to see Preeti, Sarla has shown Preeti to Sharmili before. Kaushalya is tensed and says I m scared that Preeti’s past can be hurdle. Raghav says I told Sarla to tell Sharmili everything, then they can decide to do this marriage or not, if Pari and Preeti are together there, it will be good. You talk to Sarla, she is kiddish, if she does not say truth, you tell Sharmili. She agrees.

Shanti tells Nimmi about gold rate, and just ring is not enough, jewelry should be gifted to groom as well and tells Riya about expenses. Kaushalya comes and says we have to gift Sharmili as well. Nimmi sits on swing and gets up as Shanti stares at her. Riya is worried for finance. Sarla gets Kaushalya’s call and says I will talk to Sharmili later. Kaushalya promises that she will give jewelry to Sarla as well. Sarla asks her not to go against her promise later. Kaushalya says I m promising infront of Riya, I will give you Chandrahaar, you don’t need anyone’s promise. Riya looks on worriedly.

Sharmili and Mama bring shagun and come along Vyom. Sharmili says I got sweets as I found a bahu for my Vyom. Shanti and everyone look shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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