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Mere Angne Mein 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Kaushalya to leave everything to Riya and come. Nimmi thinks whats happening and sees them leaving. Varun tells Bua that he is sure the call will come. Bua gets Sarla’s call. Bua asks how did you call, how can we help. Sarla says we will serve you, I mean Varun wanted to meet poor people, I called some poor people at temple, Varun can meet them. She says my son is poor, I mean he is big businessman and knows poor people, he will help Varun. Bua agrees to meet them at temple and says I will get Varun and come. Bua tells Varun that Sarla and Pari are greedy, you were right. He smiles and says I know people, I have to be fully prepared to ruin Shanti Sammelan.

Preeti sees Nandu cooking and getting his hand burnt. He asks Preeti to have food. She refuses

and cries. Nandu says great, I got hurt and you are crying.

The lady asks Sarla how did she arrange bhajan mandli now. Sarla tells them about Varun Kumar, who organized Shanti Sammelan, if he likes all this, he will give much money, even Pari will sing bhajan. Pari says no, I can do dance. The lady asks Sarla are you trying to fit Pari with Varun, he is handsome and educated, he is very rich. Pari sees Varun coming. She sings Maiyya yashoda and dances to impress him. Pramod/Varun smiles. She dance sand falls in Varun’s arms. They have an eyelock. Sarla asks Pari to have patience. Varun invites everyone in Shanti Sammelan. He compliments Pari for dance and asks her to dance in Shanti Sammelan’s cultural programme. Pari smiles. Varun leaves. The lady asks Sarla to fix Varun with her daughter. Sarla scolds the lady and goes.

Riya does aarti. She asks Nimmi what to make in food. Nimmi says Kaushalya asked to cook cabbage, she went to some godown near the market. Riya gets shocked. She says Shivam will be boxing there and runs out. Nimmi says something is happening. Varun tells Sarla about the party meetings. Bua asks Sarla to come with them for dinner, Varun can talk to Pari. Sarla says not today, we are busy. Bua insists. Sarla agrees. Shanti takes Kaushalya to the godown and asks her not to ask anything.

Shivam is going to fight. The people cheer for him. Riya is on the way and calls Amit and Shivam. Shanti and Kaushalya reach the godown. Shanti asks a man about the godown. The man tells her. Kaushalya thinks whats happening. Shanti asks her to come. Shivam fights with the man. Shivam gets beaten up. Kaushalya sees the boxing stadium.

Shanti and Kaushalya get shocked seeing Shivam. Shivam falls down. Riya comes there and gets shocked. Amit hides. Riya cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Athira Ramesh

    I hate this kaushalya. She doesn’t have any identity. Whatever others are doing she always use to blame riya.
    Shanti is far better than kaushalya. ??

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