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Mere Angne Mein 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya coming home from market. Shanti is angered seeing Kaushalya following Riya and thinking on her own, without taking Shanti’s permission. She gets angry and asks them to do arrangements soon. Rani serves food to the family and goes to get milk. Sarla asks the milk man not to add water in milk. He says he gives milk everywhere, even at Shanti Sadan, Shanti praises the milk, there is a function going to happen there, are you not going. Rani says Shanti and Sarla are not talking. The man says I heard Shanti did your Visarjan. Sarla scolds him and asks him to go. Sarla thinks whats happening there, no one told me. Rani asks Ashok to get wheat grinded. Ashok says fine. Sarla taunts Rani and asks how is flour used so much, its because you got married here. Rani says

no, earlier food used to come from Raghav’s house.

Sarla and Ashok argues. Sujeev and Vyom have a talk. Pari hears about Vyom’s marriage and screams. She asks Sharmili why is she getting Vyom married so soon. Sharmili asks her to manage her own work. Pari starts acting. Mama says see how Pari reacted on Vyom’s marriage talk. Sharmili says its good your wife has run away, you are donkey. Mama says I can bet 1000rs, I know something is going on between Pari and Vyom. Sharmili looks at Pari and Sujeev, and Vyom staring at Pari. Sharmili says Vyom can’t like such a cheap girl. Sujeev asks Mama to find a maid, Pari won’t work in house. Vyom goes. Mama says fine, I will get a maid. He tells Sharmili that she will lose the bet, accept Pari or you will lose. Sharmili scolds him.

Kaushalya and Riya arrange flowers. Pandit brings the guy’s family. Shanti welcomes them. Shanti talks to them and asks Riya to let elders talk. Riya asks Kaushalya to go, she will manage work. Kaushalya sends her to see the guy. Riya gives water to everyone. Amit asks Rani to heat water for his bath. Sarla argues with Ashok. He gets Nirmala’s call and says fine, I will bring it, I m leaving now. Rani smiles seeing Sarla jealous. Sarla stops Ashok and says you won’t go there, you will take me out today. Ashok asks what, you did not tell such in 25 years. Rani says no, such call did not come till now. Sarla says nothing like that, you go. Ashok asks her to come to Ganga ghat. Sarla says I don’t care, you leave. Ashok says fine and leaves.

Sarla taunts Rani and says she will get new bride for Amit. Rani says your dream won’t be fulfilled soon, as I won’t die soon. Sarla asks her iron her saree. She gets a call and says fine, I will come, if you spend a rupee of it, I will pull your hair. Preeti cries and prays that guy’s family rejects her, as she loves Mohit, she wants to marry Mohit. She gets Mohit’s call and phone falls. She could not talk.

Sarla meets Bansi and asks for money. He gives her the money. She asks for interest. He asks what interest, I have nothing. She gives him 500rs. He asks for more. Sarla sends him. Shanti asks the guy where he works. He says he works in MNC and has to go abroad for projects. His mum says he earns well, we want him to get married soon. Riya asks Kaushalya to sit. The lady says pandit sais your bahu is educated and works also, and manages home. Kaushalya says yes and praises Riya. The lady says Shanti is very lucky to have Riya, we also want such bahu. Nimmi says yes, and tells about Preeti.

Ashok is at the stall. Sarla looks on and gets angry seeing Nirmala with Ashok. She goes to them and asks for a meal plate. Ashok gives her and gets shocked seeing Sarla. Sarla scolds Ashok and Nirmala. Riya gives the juice to the guy and says she found this recipe on internet. The lady asks Riya her education. Riya says I did graduation and MBA marketing, I work with my husband in same company. The lady asks how much she earns. Shanti says she earns well, you have snacks. The lady saks again. Kaushalya asks Riya to say. Riya says 35000rs. The lady says Shanti is lucky to have such earning bahu and who manages home, she is beautiful too, she is Sarvagunn samparn. Shanti asks her to have snacks. Shanti gets annoyed as Riya is applauded for her skills. Sarla sees her name on the food stall. Ashok says whose name will I keep then. Sarla calms down. Ashok says see the crowd, whats wrong in running the stall. Sarla asks about the money box. Ashok says here it is. Sarla sees the money and is glad. She says earning is well. She eats the meal. Nirmala asks Sarla to get her work, as her home runs by this stall. Sarla says fine and asks her to cook many things for her, and asks her to stitch falls too. Ashok looks on. Sarla asks Nirmala not to think she is owner of the stall and asks her to fry pakodas. She asks her to keep relation till work only, and warns her. Ashok says I got old, and white hair, and you are saying this. Sarla thinks to keep an eye.

Rani takes hot water to bathroom. Amit says I will take it. He goes. Rani kisses his watch and wallet. She looks at him and slips. He holds her. They have an eyelock. Sonal says curry is burning and Rani runs out to see. Amit gets ready and looks at Rani. She smiles seeing him. Rani asks him to come and have food. He feels cold. She serves food and says she made his fav parathas. He asks is she not eating. She says she did not eat, she will eat after he finishes food. He eats and she smiles seeing him.

The guy tells Riya that he wants the girl to work after marriage and also continue her studies. Riya is glad. Shanti praises the guy and says we like his mindset, everyone has different mindset, we liked him, not you like the girl, Preeti is beautiful. She asks Riya to call Preeti. Riya praises Preeti. Preeti calls Mohit and says her marriage is getting fixed, Dadi likes the guy. He says get Dadi married if she likes the guy, whats this, I m sorry, I can’t do anything. She says if I tell Dadi then.. he says don’t tell them, relax, everything will be fine. Riya comes there and Preeti ends call. Riya sees her crying and pacifies her offering support. Riya says the guy is good, and Shanti likes him. Preeti says it means my decision won’t matter. Riya says don’t worry, Raghav is coming, he is on the way, I m with you, stop crying. Preeti asks if I don’t like the guy, will you support me. Riya smiles and says sure, you will also the guy, I have seen him, he is such a nice guy. Preeti cries and says its not about that guy.

Riya asks guy and Preeti to talk. The guy asks Preeti does she want to study or work after marriage. Preeti stammers and guy gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ur such a gud bahu riya…..Loved Riya and Preeti’s bonding!!!

  2. Nice one. Riya is the stabiliser and good bahu.

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