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Mere Angne Mein 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari and Preeti trying rakhi to Amit. Nimmi also ties the rakhi. Shivam looks at Nimmi. Amit says this time I can just give my blessings, I m always with Mama. Shanti says give this money to your sisters and go. Amit asks them to take money and leaves. Pari ties rakhi to Shivam and asks him to have sweets. Shivam gives her money. Shanti asks Pari to keep it, it will help you. Pari says my fate is not like Nimmi and Preeti, I go for interviews by walk. Preeti ties rakhi to Shivam and does rituals. Sarla gets a call and goes. She asks Amit why did he call her. Amit says I got papers checked by lawyers, its right, you sign on it and get everything on your name, I will leave papers at home. She gets glad.

Nimmi ties rakhi to Shivam. Sarla says Rani called and said there

is some problem, I have to go. Shanti says fine, tell me what happened. Sarla and Pari leave. Shanti says I don’t want to celebrate, get to your work now. Shivam gives money to Nimmi. Shanti says save money, no need to give money, and gives some money for Preeti and Nimmi. Nimmi says just 10rs, its wrong, you gave 500rs to Pari. Shanti says I would have given more money if you were not pregnant. Shivam says I don’t have much to give Nimmi, but I give you a promise, your child will come in this world and I will adopt your child. Shanti asks are you challenging me, I will decide here. Shivam says I did not challenge you, I promised you one thing and I m promising one to Nimmi.

Nirmala changes the papers and thinks to take Sarla’s sign on divorce papers. Sarla comes home and asks for papers. Nirmala says papers are here. Pari asks Sarla shall I go for shopping. Nirmala hides papers and Pari insists to see the paper. Pari’s phone rings and she goes. Sarla does not check papers and signs on divorce papers also. Nirmala smiles and says congrats.

Shanti tells Shivam that he did not do right. He says you may feel bad, but I won’t let wrong happen with Nimmi. He goes. Riya comes home. Shanti asks Riya to have bath and then touch her feet. She asks Riya to explain Shivam. She sends Riya.

Sarla asks Nirmala for the house keys, and says we don’t have anything with us. Nirmala asks will we have to leave this house. Sarla says yes, Raghav may lose his job, where will we live then. Rani looks on. Sarla tells Nirmala that she will die if Shanti knows the truth. Nirmala asks where will Ashok live, I m his wife. Sarla says Ashok has two wives now, he will visit you and me, go and get keys. Nirmala thinks that house is already sold, if Sarla goes there, my truth will be out. She says that house is very far, we will stay in rented house, I will pay rent, we will stay at Shanti Sadan to avoid rent.

Sarla asks Rani to go and do work. Sarla thinks to take rent amount from Nirmala and stay at Shanti Sadan. Nirmala thinks I should take Ashok’s sign and talk to lawyer. Shanti scolds Kaushalya and says how did Shivam talk like Riya, maybe Riya is filling his ears, when he manages the house expenses, he will scream, he can’t bear Nimmi’s expenses. She asks Kaushalya to go. Shanti goes and punctures Shivam’s bike tyre. She says I will see how Shivam goes out on bike now.

Shivam tells Riya that Shanti wants to get Nimmi’s abortion done, I can’t calm down, I can’t let this happen, if I m ready to adopt Nimmi’s child, why do they have problem, if Raghav took care of Sarla’s children, did Shanti stop him. Riya asks did you think well. Shivam says I can do anything for Nimmi, you tell me can you take this responsibility along with me. She says ofcourse yes. He says then its done, I will tell everyone. She stops him and says its better to talk to Nimmi, what does she want. Shivam asks why will Nimmi refuse. She says she is young, she can study and make her life better, we should talk to her once. He says so you agree with Shanti. She says no, don’t misunderstand me, we can’t force our decision on Nimmi. He says I feel you can’t take this responsibility. He leaves.

Shanti says its Raghav’s bike, let Shivam go by walk now, I will see what he does now, if Shivam argues, I will kick him and Riya out of my house. She asks Kaushalya to keep crying now, its all because of her pampering. Kaushalya says I will go to temple by rolling on the floor. Shanti taunts Kaushalya and asks her to begin now itself. Kaushalya rolls on the floor and chants mantras. Shanti asks her to fasten up and reach temple. She stops Kaushalya and asks her to go and get fruits for her. Riya asks Shivam do you really think so. He says I can see that.

Riya says then you are seeing wrong, I m not afraid of any responsibility, I m not running away, I m saying its big thing to become mum, we should ask Nimmi, it should be Nimmi’s decision. He says I decided, I will raise Nimmi’s child. He goes.

Raghav talks to committee. They say we have to investigate more, till then you are suspended. Raghav gets shocked. Shanti asks Kaushalya what will she do, have some mannat and pray. She asks Preeti not to stare at her fruits, and gives her an apple piece. Raghav comes home and tells them that he lost his job, he is suspended. They get shocked.

Shanti stops Kaushalya from adding ghee in food. She asks her to get pen and copy, they will manage home by new ways.

Update Credit to: Amena

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