Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav and everyone being shocked seeing Preeti and Riya. Raghav asks Preeti what happened, that you are like this in such state. Preeti says forgive me. Raghav asks what happened, you both are here. Preeti says baraat went because of me. Shanti says we just did your vidaai, why are you wearing Nimmi’s clothes, where is Nimmi. Riya asks is vidaai over. Kaushalya says yes, we did Preeti’s vidaai, what happened, tell me, whose vidaai did we do. Riya holds her head and gets dizzy. Preeti says Nimmi became bride in my place. They all get shocked.

Sharmili says I can’t believe what happened. Sujeev asks what is this girl doing here, where is Preeti, we got cheated, I will not leave anyone, this girl can’t stay here, she can’t be our house bahu. Kaushalya slaps

Preeti and asks what did you do, you have ruined Nimmi’s life as well. Raghav and everyone sit in shock. Shanti stops Kaushalya. Riya defends Preeti. Kaushalya says we decided marriage with someone and did vidaai with other, they will beat Nimmi there, what did you do, they will say we cheated them.

Pari asks Sharmili what did she say about Preeti, now Nimmi will make you cry, I told you not to get Vyom married in that bad family. Sharmili says I will ask them, how did they cheat us. Sujeev asks Sharmili to kick Nimmi out. She agrees. Kaushalya asks Riya to kill all of them, where did you take Preeti. Riya says I did not take Preeti. Shivam gets angry. Shanti blames Riya and says I alerted Raghav, you trusted Riya, see she ruined both of your daughters’ lives, who will marry Preeti now. They all cry,

Sharmili kicks out Nimmi and says I will not accept you as my bahu, your place is outside this house. Nimmi says whatever, its true that I got married to Vyom, I can’t go out. Sharmili says this marriage is lie, you feel Vyom will accept this marriage. Riya says I did not do anything. Shanti asks why did you ruin our family, why did you take Preeti. Shanti asks Preeti whom did she go to meet. Riya says Mohit…. They all get shocked and angry.

Sahnti pushes Preeti and says Riya has taken Preeti to make her meet her old lover, when mandap was set here, Riya is naagin who has bitten Shanti Sadan, Shivam you felt we are wrong, see what your wife did, this is not first time, Riya has got Mohit home as parlor lady, Mohit tried to marry Preeti, Riya took Preeti to meet Vyom and called Mohit there, she wanted Vyom to know about Mohit and marriage ends, see it ended now. Nimmi tells Vyom not to kick her out, they got married. He says get out, I can’t see your face, I don’t believe this marriage. Nimmi asks Mama and Sujeev to understand. Sujeev says shut up, I hate you the most in the world, I will never accept you as my house bahu. Shanti blames Riya for ruining Preeti and Nimmi’s life. She scolds Riya angrily.

Riya says listen to me. Shanti and Kaushalya get angry. Shanti asks Riya did you know Nimmi is dressed as bride. Riya says yes. They get shocked again. Pari asks Nimmi to please leave, don’t act as Sati Savitri. Nimmi asks her to understand her sister. Pari scolds her. Nimmi says I can’t go, try to understand. Pari says you all are like this, Riya was marrying Amit and married Shivam, you all are wrong. Nimmi asks her not to tell anything against her parents. Pari says you did this to take revenge from Sujeev. Nimmi denies the blames.

Shanti says Riya did not wish good for the girls and has hidden this, she is big player. Riya says I did not do anything, I felt I will bring Preeti back on time. She cries. Raghav asks Riya to just shut up now, what happened, you are not owner of our lives, my daughter has run away, you did not tell us, you felt you will manage everything alone, who are you to decide to make Nimmi sit instead Preeti. Kaushalya scolds Riya.

Sharmili says we will not keep you as bahu. Pari pushes Nimmi outside. Nimmi cries. Shanti hugs Preeti and cries. Shivam asks Riya to leave from the house, and he can’t forgive her all his life. Riya gets shocked. Nimmi goes outside and cries thinking what will happen now. Kaushalya throws Riya’s bag on road and kicks Riya out. Shanti says we should have done this much time before. Riya asks Kaushalya to listen. Kaushalya says we got punished for your mistakes, what will happen of my Nimmi. They all cry. Riya asks them to just listen. Shivam asks her to just leave, can’t she hear at once. Preeti says no. Shivam asks Preeti to be quiet. Riya sees him angry and picks her bag crying.

Sharmili gets Nimmi home, and sees Preeti and Nandu getting married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hurray! Shanti you won! See if you can do something good. If not, then stop tarnishing the positions of all women playing the roles of dadis!

  2. OMG prity getting married to Nandu……horrible…..canr c all tis

  3. Why does shivam have to kick riya out of the house ??

  4. superb episode now riya is out I like this twist it is very interesting
    love mere angne mein?

    1. Good…

      As it riya was fun n senseless.
      N preeti also deserves Nandu…
      She is other fool

  5. hate this show.just disgusting. chiiii

  6. The girl playing the role of riya is so ugly

    1. You are so rude

    2. Agreed. I don’t like this Riya. She is good for nothing. Spoiling everything. She ruined preety as well as nimmy life.

  7. zahid ali shahxad

    Ria and preeti deserve what has happened to them but poor nimmi is bearing the brunt of it. Ria should have taken the help of her in laws

  8. This all r ravish.. what. Why don’t they at least listen what really happened?? And why pretty is quite.. stupid girl acting is bakwaaz how come a girl keep on crying like a foolish . Lame girl.. nd Dadi is too much.. a person can’t be back of a woman continuously.. this doesn’t mean riya have to face problem regularly… change the script … make it something worthy ..

  9. Shreya chettri

    Wow hats off to shanti she ruined her grand daughters life just to get her satta back and to throw riya..u won…evil wins

    1. What shanti did??. It was preety who spoiled her own life. And together with her, she ruined Ria as well as Nimmy. Both supported her nd got punishment

      1. Preeti is the dumbest character I have ever seen in an Indian Drama. All she does is stand there and cry.

  10. Shah Abhay Shantilal

    Director first decided the climax scene and then write the script , so there is no logic for the happenings in serial.

  11. hope riya vl act powerfully. and show dadi,sarla,Amit their actual place in santi sadan noww
    hope riya acts smart n educated now

  12. Riya is an idiot….good she is thrown out…war nimmi thought they vll accept her….she is also idiot …Gud they kicked out her….worst script.. wat writer is thinking

  13. Preethi Sandeep

    Good that foolish riya is out of the house. Shanti wins again evil always wins. Shivam is one fool and kushiya is a donkey. Riya should learn a lesson now n start plotting against shanthi n bring her evil behaviour to light.

  14. Pls dont make namita weak let her fight back, finally preity. Is getting married to the person she hates the most and shanti won what a twist

  15. Preeti is such an idiot. She deserves to get married to Nandu for sure. Because of Preeti, Nimmi is paying the price. That’s good Shanti Sadan kicked Riya out, otherwise Riya never learn any lesson.

    1. I think Preeti should have been better off marring a stray dog. At least her and the dog can cry and stutter together on the street. Nandu deserves someone much better.

  16. I agree…Riya thinks she is some great women who doesn’t think elders must know what is happening with their children…i don’t support dadi..but shivam, khusiya and Raghav have every right to throw her out. She has no right to hide truth from preeti’s parents. Aakhir parents hi to baccho ke bhale keliye hi much bolte he naa…Out goes Riya and her foolishness…..

    1. Nice answer

  17. This tym riya is wrong…she shud have told her husband or his sasur….n guys chill…tats a serial…nimmi wil see pari now and sujeev ki maa ka sach bahr laegi….long term planning h guys

  18. Really in this modern age , nimmi did marriage with full ghumgat ….n nobody recognize…. Worst script writing

  19. lol… sooo gud!!! love u all.. keep it up… .

  20. It was Preety who wanted to see mohit. Why us riya and nimmi punished in this. Preety is bakwas

  21. Bakwaas story

  22. Writter of the story is cyco

  23. Riya is stupid & preeti is 1 big fool … Preeti also should get punished… Both of the r big idiots….

  24. Young modern Indian women are weak, itimid, fearful, foolish, nearly dumb (cannot speak without crying buckets of tear and whining like a sick donkey), do not know what is right and what is their right. Elderly women (like Shanti) are evil, vicious, conniving, and downright dangerous to anyone who is young and pretty and shows a questioning attitude. That just about sums up this serial. Do Nimmi, Preeti, and Riya deserve what is happening to them? Is that what the writers want?

  25. First time in this play something good happen i feel sorry to say that but i felt it is right what happened all three girls thought thay r smart enough to handel everything this is a lesson to all three girls and act smartly from onward in their life with the thinking off all the conciqueces

  26. I think Riya deserved it. She was too silly. can a marriage be valid if the bride or the groom don’t know who they are consenting marriage to? And all.of.a sudden nimmi wants to.stay with vyom? Ridiculous…but addictive hehe

  27. Its a meaning less story, riya don’t have guts and talent like other bahus in other serials, plz writer change the script and make something interest, riya got married to shivam, if she has any sorrows or worries she has to share with shivam why she is sharing with her friend. Making some interest in serial or otherwise stop the serial.

  28. Damn this sucks !! Nimmi was my favorite I liked her relation with shanti, won’t get to see their nok jhok now ;( didn’t want nimmi to have gotten married this way, riya should have got her friend to sit in the Mandap instead.

  29. The root cause of all evil is Shanti. Firstly she supported her cunning daughter Sarla. Consequently Sarla destroyed Preety and Mohit’s life. Then both mother daughter attacked Riya. The dumb cow Kaushaliya was easily manipulated once again by sly Shanti and Sarla. Naturally, when there are pathetic poor role models in the house, they will impact on children or younger lots. Only sensible character Raghav was given minimum role and at the end was easily influenced and forgot to think logically and find the root cause of all evil in his children and daughter in law’s life. Sorry writer- my request to you is please start writing some thing which highlights more positive and moral values in human beings. Minimise negative actions and maximise on positive actions, humour and entertainment. Quickly allow destruction of evil .

  30. shivam is a horrible husband.before throwing riya out of the house he should listen to riya and then take the decision

  31. Good punishment for the superwoman. Feeling bad for Nimmi. She was the only character along with her father who were logical in this serial.

  32. Riya is jusy trying to help because that is the kind of person she is,only that she is just dumb…..,

    1. She has good intentions, but the fact she always believes that she can solve the problem on her own without telling everyone shows how dumb she is…I mean did she not learn from the previous few times that she should share all her troubles with someone at least (like Shivam) so that she doesn’t get full blame when problems get really bad?! My god what an awful show

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