Mere Angne Mein 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 13th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi is in haridwar.she tells raghava something is wrong,looks like there is some trouble in house.raghava calls Kushiya.kushiya and Sarla are shown in the kitchen,as soon as the phone rings,Sarla asks Kushiya not to tell Dadi.dadi speaks to Kushiya and Sarla and she realises something is wrong.raghava asks if he should call Ria.dadi says no.
Ria and Shivam return home,Kushiya asks them if they came to know something.They say no.sarla listens to their conversation secretly.nimmi asks them what happened.Ria says that the person in the office said that some mad lady took the letter.nimi suspects Dadi,even Ria and Shivam suspect her.nimi says let’s check her bag.Hearing this,Sarla comes there and hides some paper without anyone noticing them and starts some drama.
Rani asks amit

that some small kid is calling since morning and asking them for their father.amit asks her to stop doubting him and leaves.He thinks if that kid is really one of his old girl friends,then Rani will kill him.sarla starts crying loudly ,nimi tries to check Sarlas bag but Sarla comes there and stops her.she asks nimi not to steal from her bag and Ria,Shivam try to defend nimi.
Ria says we can’t search for letter now,we have to pay money now.kushiya starts scolding the person who must have taken those papers.sarla gets scared.ria says we have only two options now,one we have to call Dadi back and ask her money.Second option is I have to sell my jewellery.kushiya says she can’t let Ria sell her jewellery.ria says ,let’s try that event planning work.We could earn money from that,Ria calls some person and asks for the birthday planning job.He says that birthday was cancelled.ria says then we have to take money on loan.sarla thinks I have money and I can give them that on loan and become great in front of them.sarla tells them that she knows someone who can give them loan.nimi opposes it,Sarla fakes drama and starts leaving but Kushiya stops her and asks for the money.

Nirmala scolds Sarla seeing her photo ,Sarla comes there and says I am the owner of the house and nothing in this house can happen without her consent.she pushes nirmala out of room and sarla gets her money out ,leaves from there.nimi keeps telling not to take Sarlas help.sarla calls Shivam and says ,money lender is asking for very high interest.Amit hears her talking on phone with Shivam.He says here I don’t have a single rupee and my mother is talking about lakhs.dadi calls ragahav and asks him to book ticket back home.

Precap:Sarla gives money to Shivam and while they are walking,amit steals the money from shivams hand and runs away.

Update Credit to: Deepali

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  1. Well written update. Kudos!

  2. Cant Kaushalya see beyond that Sarla can’ be trusted.

  3. After watching the serial Now I know c why people love serial like Bhabhi higher per hai/Kapil sharma . Writer can only think of negative and in 21st century people can’t be that stupid as portrayed in the serial.
    In every family there can be some happy moment too, but the way they are showing Sarla Ashok Pari wow Must say write should quit asap..


  4. I thought this serial was about Ria and dadi but this seems to be about Sara n familymaking fools of Ria n family

  5. I thought this serial was about ria n dadi but this seems to be about sarla n family making fools of ria n family daily n no one can see the truth .

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