Mere Angne Mein 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti doing the puja rituals. Shanti asks Riya and Preeti to get their chunris and come for puja. Preeti goes to her room and thinks to hide the chunri. Nandu looks on and hides from her. Preeti hides chunri below the pillow. She leaves from there. Nandu takes the chunri and says I will not let Preeti do anything bad today. He keeps chunri with him. Preeti tells Kaushalya that chunri is not there. Kaushalya asks her to check in cupboard.

Preeti says its nowhere. Kaushalya asks what will we tell Amma ji now, we will look for it. Nandu goes upstairs and keeps chunri on the clothes string. Riya comes with her chunri. Shanti is sad and recalls Sarla. She imagines everyone forgetting Sarla and moving ahead in their lives. She says they will not do any responsibility

after I die, I have kept them united, what will happen after I die, house will break, don’t know how will they manage home, I have to choose a heir for this house without telling anyone, I have to choose someone who can do all my duties, I have to find who is such person. She looks at Riya and Nimmi.

Sarla talks to Bansi and Rajendra. They tell her to stop Nirmala, else her divorce can’t be stopped by anyone. Sarla scolds them and makes them promise that they will never cheat her. They promise and tell her that they will help her in getting divorce papers. Shanti thinks Nimmi is young and immature, Riya is busy in her married life and Kaushalya is a cow, she can’t even manage herself. Kaushalya sees the chunri and asks Preeti why did she lie about chunri, see its drying here. Preeti sees chunri and thinks how did it come here, when I have hidden it. Kaushalya sends Preeti to get chunri and do puja. Shanti thinks just Preeti is left. Preeti says what will I do sitting here.

Shanti says you will sit as I m here. She makes Nandu sit with Preeti. Riya and Shivam start the puja and everyone attend. Shanti asks Preeti to take blessings from Nandu. Nandu says its okay. Shanti asks Nandu to let Preeti touch his feet. He gets a call and goes. Preeti thinks its good he went. Shanti thinks Preeti can’t manage her marriage, what will she manage home, but I have to choose someone.

Kaushalya asks Shanti what to make in evening. Shanti asks her to make anything, see me, I m fit and fine. She suggests the dishes. Nimmmi tells Riya that Shanti decided everything in her indirect talks. Shanti asks did I say any joke, why are you laughing.

Sarla, Bansi and Rajender come to the lawyer office. She says lawyer is not here, call him, else I will call police. The lawyer comes and asks what happened. Lawyer says the divorce papers will come in 2-3 days, Nirmala has come to ask about it. Bansi and Rajendra ask him not to do it, don’t prepare the papers, Sarla is the one whose divorce you are processing. Sarla scolds the lawyer. Bansi and Rajendra ask lawyer to help out Sarla.

Shanti takes Nimmi to room. Nimmi thinks Shanti is going to scold her as she acted of Sarla. Shanti tells her that she wants to make her heir of this house. Nimmi gets shocked.

Shanti says its not easy, I will take your tests, if you pass, only then I will give you my power in your hands. Nimmi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will nirmala get sarla and Ashok divorced? Sarla won’t be happy with shanti’s decision. Why not Raghav?

  2. Well I hope so get them divorced. Sarla doesn’t deserve ashok.

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