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Mere Angne Mein 13th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amit and Rani coming to meet doctor. The doctor is weird and talks strange things. She checks Rani. Rani tells Amit that this lady is not right. Rani starts crying. The lady says this girl has no strength to bear pain, she can’t become mother. Rani scolds her. Rani says she broke my leg and said I can’t become mum. Amit says maybe she is right. Rani says Sarla will make me out of house. Amit says I will get your treatment done. Rani asks shall we celebrate wedding night. He says yes. She asks him not to tell Sarla. He agrees. She calls Sarla and says we want you to go for movie today, we are getting ticket. They leave from clinic.

Riya takes care of Shanti. Preeti tells Kaushalya that Shanti has got Riya on head, why did you not involve me in heir race. Nimmi

massages Shanti’s legs. She says when we work together, work gets completed, we made Nirmala leave. Shanti says yes, Riya made us do all that. Preeti thinks what can we do if Shanti thinks I m useless, I should have got one chance like Nimmi, why, because I m clerk’s wife. Kaushalya says its nothing like that. Preeti says I know my value in this house, what to expect from someone else.

The man gets coal and says Raghav ordered this, as winter is coming. Shanti asks him to keep in kitchen. Nandu says I will keep it, and sends the man. Preeti acts good and helps Nandu in work. Riya says I will also help. Nandu says no need. Kaushalya sees Shivam and Riya smiling and seeing phone, while Preeti and Nandu take the coal sacks to kitchen. Preeti thinks its imp to become helpless to make Lucky the son in law, I think this idea is working.

Amit and Rani get romantic. She sings Jaane do na….. and dances. Amit hugs her. This turns to be Rani’s dream. Rani thinks this dream will get true today and smiles. Amit comes to the room. He prays Lord saves him. He gets sleep medicines to keep Rani away by making her sleep.

Amit mixes the medicine in the milk. Rani asks him to lift the ghunghat. He says whats the hurry, have this milk. I had it already. Someone knocks the door. She goes to check and sees a teddy bear. She says who kept this teddy. Sarla and Pari come home. Sarla asks Rani why is she playing with toy. Rani checks the teddy and opens it. A little boy comes out of the teddy costume. He hugs Sarla and says Dadi. Sarla says get away, I m no one’s Dadi.

He asks for his dad. Rani says your dad is not here. He scolds Rani. Amit comes. The boy calls him Papa and hugs. Amit gets shocked and says I m not your Papa. Rani scolds Amit and asks about the boy. Amit says he is not my son. He asks the boy who is his mum. The boy says Papa knows my mummy. Amit gets angry. Sarla asks the boy who is his mum. Boy tells her that Amit has left his mum knowing she is poor. Sarla asks Amit why did he not like any rich girl. The boy says I m also rich, my mum won a 50 lakhs lottery, she has sent me here, I will stay here and mum will also come. Sarla gets glad. Amit asks him to leave. The boy bites his hand and says I will not go from here, I will call police. The boy argues and talks like Sarla. Sarla laughs and likes the boy. She says Amit, he is your shadow. The boy says we are very rich and have many houses. Sarla and Pari get glad.

Sarla thinks this boy looks like Amit, he is Amit’s blood for sure. She says I can’t keep you forever, I have to check out first, you can stay here for few days. She asks Amit to accept the boy. Rani meets lady inspector and complains against the boy. Inspector says boy is young, we can’t do anything, Amit did not agree to accept him, you go and solve the matter yourself.

The lady tells Shanti that she can write just big officer and wife’s name for function, Preeti is a clerk’s wife. Preeti and Nandu get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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