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Mere Angne Mein 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti waking up Kaushalya and scolding for sleeping here. She asks who will do the marriage arrangements. Kaushalya says sorry, Nimmi massaged my head and made me sleep. Shanti says I will also sleep, you forgive me, leave the marriage. Kaushalya apologizes and goes with her. Nimmi worries. Shanti gives the haldi and chandan paste for Preeti to make her face glow. She says I will go and see Preeti. Nimmi stops Shanti and says you can’t go there. She lies and says Preeti applied that lep all over her body and sitting. Shanti asks what, let me see, if there is reaction then face will turn red. She tells Nimmi to give the lep which she got.

Sarla comes shouting amma and says where is band baja, there is no music here, where is bride. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Preeti.

Preeti and Riya reach café to meet Vyom. Vyom gets mesmerized seeing Preeti and smiles. Nandu is also there and tries calling Mohit. He stops a guy to make him call Mohit, and catches another boy. The boy asks what work you have. Nandu asks him to do a small work, I will dial a number, just say Preeti has come to meet a guy at coffee house. The boy gives the message to Mohit. Nandu says I will give you 50rs, and asks him to throw cow dung on Vyom’s face. The boy asks for 100rs. Nandu agrees. The boy takes cow dung in his hand and Nandu signs him to go to Vyom.

Nimmi lies about Preeti and stammers. Sarla asks her what happened that she is so tensed. Nimmi goes to get Preeti and hides in room. Shivam asks the man to keep the items and calls out Riya. Nimmi worries more that Shivam now wants Riya there. Preeti tells Riya that she is scared. Riya says you should be happy that you are getting a chance to meet Vyom. The boy throws cow dung and Vyom bends. Another man gets hit and runs to beat the boy. Riya greets Vyom and he asks her to sit. Riya says it will get strange, I will sit on other table, you and Preeti have a talk. She sits away.

Shanti tells Shivam that Riya has gone out. He asks about tanker man. Shanti says I don’t know. Water is very important, else work can’t happen. Shivam says I will see. Shanti says I m worried. Sarla says I m tension free and laughs. Shanti sees the women coming and smiles. She gets back to her seat. Sarla worries seeing the women, and asks Shanti why are they coming here.

Sarla tells Shanti that this lady will inform Sharmili. The women congratulate Shanti and ask about Preeti’s marriage. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she send invitations to them. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come and talk to her. The boy says its not my mistake, this uncle told me. Nandu hides and gets saved. Pari also comes to the café. Nandu says everyone is coming here, I think there will be Mahabharat.Kaushalya says I did not call them. Shanti calls the woman and gets to know that Riya called. She acts and tells Kaushalya that Riya called, and then left to market for shopping. Kaushalya gets angry and says I will tell Raghav about this, Riya has poison in her heart against my daughters. Kaushalya goes. Sarla says I know Amma you called them, there will be drama here, what will you do when Riya shows her phone call log. Shanti says I called from her phone and goes. Sarla holds her head and thinks Lord save this marriage doing anything.

Sujeev plays the game at Amit’s gambling centre. Amit does not let him answer calls and asks him to concentrate on game. Sharmili calls Sujeev again.

Preeti asks Vyom how is she. Preeti says fine, I want to say something, give me some time. Vyom says sure, take your time, we are open minded, don’t take tension, my family will take good care of you. Pari sees Vyom with Preeti and says I will bring Preeti’s romance out. She sees Riya there and stops. Nimmi calls Riya. Riya goes out to talk. Nimmi says come home soon, some women have come for rituals. Riya says tells mummy ji not to worry, I will come there soon. She sees Mohit coming and gets shocked. She says Mohit… Nimmi hears this and asks how did he come there. Riya says don’t know, we will leave from here. Pari thanks Lord for sending Mohit at right time. She calls Sarla and says Preeti’s marriage will break now, Preeti has come to meet Vyom here and her lover Mohit has come here, drama is going to start. Sarla is shocked.

Sarla tells everything to Shanti. Mohit meets Preeti. Riya and Preeti get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wish someone kickout this Nandu. He is so disgusting. He is staying in their house for free n eating n trying to harm them. I hate Nandu

  2. I was expecting something good from MAM today but everything was rubbish! It’s time to get a new programme to replace MAM. Otherwise it will continue boring us to death! Pari is so desperate for Vyom . She is setting immoral values to the younger girls!

  3. thanks singh – so agree with u. daddi drama too much; when spinless son in house she plays innocent; i dont understand that writer is not showing what audience expect….riya potray educated girl…why cant she challenge n answer back…why she keeps quite; such programmes are not teaching good…they why starplus say ” ladki to live free” – such stories are not doing any good to girls…its only giving strength to inlaws…no help to girls…

  4. these are things i feel we should see….
    i feel pretty to elope with mohit; i feel mohit mother should tell spinless raghwa that sarla talked subbish abt preety; i feel choti rani will marry vyom….i feel pari will become pregnant with vyom child….i feel riya become pregnant…i feel kushiya to learn truth abt ammaji….shanti should be exposed that she called all those 11 women,,,god i would kill my saas if she is like her heheheh

  5. tooo much daddi……tired now. time to get new show…so true. am switching to naagin now..

  6. I love this serial. Make me laugh a lot. I m not indian but I enjoy it ???

  7. worst serial i have ever seen.Only negative character are win win situation..

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