Mere Angne Mein 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling Bunty. She tells Bunty that Chanda wants to marry Shivam, she loves him, but she is a nice girl, she saved my life today, else I would have died by current shock, if I died, Chanda would marry Shivam easily, even then she saved me. Bunty says fine, talk to Chanda and ask her to leave the house if she cares for you. Riya says I will try to talk to you.

Nirmala asks Rani to choose a saree for her. Rani is annoyed with her. Sarla and Amit come home. Rani hugs Sarla. Sarla goes and acts sweet with Nirmala. She says everything was good there. Rani says Nirmala is getting mad, she is talking about marriage. Sarla says so what, what problem do you have. Amit says talk to her with respect. Rani asks why, what great thing is she doing. Amit says she is getting

related to you now, as she is getting related to me. Rani gets angry and says if anything happens, I will kill both of you, and myself. Amit asks are you mad. Rani gets knife, and says I won’t make Nirmala my sautan. Sarla asks are you mad, we will make her your Saas no. 2, not Sautan. Rani gets shocked.

Amit says Nirmala is my mummy number 2, give her respect. Rani says it means Ashok and Nirmala. Sarla says yes. Rani gets glad and thanks Lord for saving her. Amit asks do you think I m mad to marry Nirmala. Rani asks Sarla did you ask Ashok. Sarla says whats the need, I have to go to Shanti’s house, this is nice saree, I will wear this. Amit says you are going right. Sarla goes. Rani thinks Sarla is dreaming to get Sautan.

Nimmi goes to Pari’s room. Nimmi says Pari applies much makeup and is upto something to teach Pari a lesson. Shivam sits to dine. Riya sees him with Chanda and cries. He looks at her.

Sarla comes and meets Shanti. Chanda acts sweet to Kaushalya. Riya looks on. Nimmi sees Pari sleeping and goes to apply lipstick to her. She applies lipstick to Pari and leaves. Kaushalya sees Chanda working in kitchen. She praises Chanda and says you are bonding so well. Chanda says you all gave me much love. Kaushalya asks her to call her Maa. Chanda says yes Maa. Kaushalya blesses her and goes. Chanda makes faces.

Sarla cries and asks Shanti for some money. Shanti gives her some money and asks her to do something, that Chanda and Shivam marry. Sarla asks why are you in hurry, Riya’s dad also can’t stop the marriage. Shanti says Riya got Kaushalya back, Shivam and Kaushalya are still being influenced by her. Sarla says I have to think something big. Shivam worries for Riya, as she is unwell. Kaushalya asks him not to worry. Chanda takes food for Riya. Riya refuses to have food. Chanda says you will get more unwell.

Shivam asks Kaushalya what happened to you, you were not like this, you used to think for everyone, Riya was your son’s love. She asks what shall I do, Riya ruined my daughters’ lives, I m bearing Riya here, I will make her life from here when six months end, you swear on me and tell me, are you smoking cigarettes. He says no, never. She asks do you drink. He says no, what happened to you. She checks his cupboard and says don’t lie, Shanti got cigarette outside your room, don’t know when will she go from here. She cries and goes.

Shanti gives more money to Sarla. Sarla laughs and says this month will pass well, Amit has no job right now, give me ghee box. Shanti says then your mind will work fast, think and tell me some idea. Chanda makes Riya have the food and asks her to have it fast, before anyone sees. Sarla comes there and gets shocked seeing Chanda and Riya’s friendly bonding.

Chanda says if Riya did not eat food, Shivam and Kaushalya would get upset, I can’t see this, so I got friendly with Riya, if you find this wrong, I will leave this house. Sarla and Shanti get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. God this chanda i just hate her.finally shivam took a stand for riya.cvs plz unite rivya soon

  2. kaushalya is the worst mother she doesn’t understand her son she always blame riya for her daughter’s mistake I hate her and her stupid dialogue

  3. sonam kapoor diehard fan (parvthi)

    Idiot khushiya aur uske beti be prethi wrst show ash main kabhi naye dekhe

  4. You are right, Kaushalya is the blind mother. She cant understand what is wrong or what is right. I really hate that type of lady because she dont have her prospective and stand.

  5. Kaushalya is the biggest ass ,and the fat sarla is the porky of this show, and the production team are dumbwit morons.

  6. Kaushalya is the biggest stereotype and blames all of her daughters deeds on Riya. I’m glad Shivam took a stand for Riya and Nimmi did really good with Pari and I hope Pari learns her lesson. This show is dragging way too much and there is way too much drama. Chanda’s entry will hopefully make the serial more interesting and fun.

  7. OMG,,writers…plz,,,,plz make some big twist that Kaushalya and all will beg to riya to come back as Shivam’s wife….WTH is wrong wid this stupid Kaushalya

  8. Can someone told me what happens to riya ?

    1. Riya was abt to get electric shock in yesterday’s epi

    2. When riya was going to put washed clothes on the roof wire, chanda already joined electric live wire to that cloth wire, so that riya get hurts but later on when riya reaches to put clothes , chanda goes there and saves riya by stopping riya and calls evry1 that chanda saved riya. And that time shivam gets worried for riya and says to rest. I think chanda did this to create a good image of chanda in heart of riya and shivam so that riya starts trusting chanda and thinking her a good girl.

  9. How I wish riya was expecting then everything would’ve been sorted ??????

  10. everyday riya cries, riya cries what the Fish is this? please writers enough. either end this show or go home stop wasting your time and our time. I have not watched this show for a month and this is is still going on, seriously?????. People let us stop commenting on this rubbish. enough is enough.

  11. Where is raghav?

  12. I am not getting one is diya expecting that things will get fine by just sitting at a corner of shanti sadan..why she is not searching for proofs against shanti nd sarla..y she is not interrogating Mohit and his family..she should tell everything to shivam no matter he accept it or not..and how dumb is this lady kaushalya!!!
    Kaushalya and shivam have seen shanti nd sarla’s tantrums since years still unable to figure what they are upto..starplus walo “sarka do is serial ko”

  13. This just shitt

  14. MAM is a super flop

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