Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti angrily slapping Nimmi and scolding her. She takes her to lock in room. Raghav comes and asks what happened. Shanti says you know what’s happening because of your bahu, a guy crossed the terrace and gave a gift for Nimmi, now people are whistling for her, see the result of accepting a divorcee bahu, I m trying to explain this to you. He gets shocked. He says if anyone teases Nimmi, what is Aarti’s mistake. Shnti says we have accepted a stain, so people think our thinking is bad, anyone can tease our girls and give gifts. He says don’t put the blame on Aarti, its not her mistake. She says you got blind. He says you all got blind, you have such cheap thinking.

She says you have to be according to society rules. He says I don’t care for the world, I just

want you to change your thinking towards Aarti. She says fine, you will not care if Nandu dropped Preeti here, why, don’t change his thinking. She takes Nimmi. Kaushalya goes. Raghav says I will just come. Aarti cries.

Shanti asks Nimmi not to go out. Raghav goes and gets cow dung. He puts dung everywhere in the house. He asks what happened now, I m also getting bad smell, I m suffocated by the cheap thinking, this dung is your thinking. Aarti asks why are you doing this. Raghav says I m doing this for my family member. Shanti says you are moving the foundation of this house. Aarti cries. Raghav says I m trying to change you all. Shanti says his girl will put dung on you. Raghav says I will wait for that day. He washes hands and goes. Kausalya scolds Aarti.

Rani meets Ashok at the canteen. He asks her to come anytime she wants. He apologizes to her on Amit’s behalf. He says I m always with you. She says I know, I just want to become independent. He asks her to manage canteen. Nimmi tells Aarti that she is affected by her stay, as their happiness got snatched, her parents are fighting. She scolds Aarti. Aarti says even I can’t see the fights happening because of me, I don’t believe this marriage, this sindoor is like hot coal for me, its burning my heart, you will not understand, I m stuck in this problem, I don’t want any abshagun to happen with Shivam, I don’t want to wipe this sindoor, I will stay here till he comes and wipes my maang. She goes.

Amit and constable try to find Ajay. They reach some locality and ask a man about Ajay. A man says I m Ajay, I m married and have four children. Amit shows Aarti’s pic and asks the man. He does not find Ajay. Constable says we have checked everywhere, we did not get any Ajay. Amit says we have to go Banaras. Constable says my duty is till evening. Amit says we will go tomorrow. Constable shows Rani. Amit smiles and says I will just come.

Aarti talks to baby and asks her to wait, till she cooks food. A man comes and says he is Aarti’s husband Ajay. Shanti welcomes him. Aarti gets shocked. Shanti asks Aarti to see her husband. Aarti sees the man and says he is not my husband, trust me. Shanti says he has come to take you. Aarti says I don’t know him, he is not my husband. They all don’t believe her. The man shows the marriage pic. Aarti gets shocked. She says I have lied to you, but now I m saying truth, he is not my husband, this photo is fake. Shanti says he has shown proof, you give proof about your husband if you have. Shanti asks what happened now.

Aarti says I gave him promise, I will not tell anything about him, if you don’t trust me, I will give my life. Shanti says better. Aarti gets phenyl. Shanti throws it and stops her. She scolds Aarti and sends the man. Shanti says I saved your life, so that I find your husband, I will find out why he left you, I will bring your true face in front of Raghav.

Nimmi says Raghav wants to talk to Charni. Charni talks to Raghav on phone. Shanti and Kaushalya look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have not seen double standard people like in Shanti Shadan.Nimmi`s husband died. Technically she is left out woman too. And Shanti before she was going to be `hanged`for Riya`s murder she told Nimmi to get married and Pari`s husband is in mental asylum. So she is also `left out woman. And the way Pari married was not something decent women do. Priti and Nandu`s `story is disgusting to put it mildy. Nandu has become a star. But he married Priti against her will.Priti broadcasted her “love through radio. Mohit ruined her marriage. She left Mandap. There are their`qualities`still Shanti talks like she is pure. And only Arti is dirty. Agreed if Arti had physical relationship with her husband she is according to Shanti impure. But Shanti forced Arti to marry Amit against her will. in spite of her repeated refusal. Now she keeps abusing Arti repeatedly blaming her for everything. On one hand `second marriage `for women is nothing for them. Then suddenly one fine day Shanti says nobody in my house marries second time. And Kusiya there are no words to describe her. How is she sure that the second wife of Shivam will be a mother to Shanti. If the girl is anything like them she would ill treat the child.

  2. What a pathetic episode and pathetic thought.shame on the plus is talking about nayi soch

  3. The abuse on charni is not right. This show has so much potential but storyline abt 2nd marriage is bullshit .how can Shanthi love her so much and then have so much hatred towards her …and whr the hell is Shivam . Pari and priiti are terrible ..oh gosh and Kaushila is weak .the father in law is the best in all this ..they shud get this track over and done …bring shivam and let the love grow …can be more exciting.

    1. yes you are right

  4. The old lady is a witch! burn her at the stake!!

  5. NYC show

  6. All the ladies of shanti Sadan are witches and the male are angels in disguise!Except Amit!

  7. This episode will be in RIP this month. There is no moral in this story. Thank god everyone hate this episode.

  8. Wasn’t Shanti ready for Pari to get married again with the imposter bloke a while back. Also using their logic just blame Arti for everything. However she’s got to stop with this I don’t want Shivam to have bad luck when he’s put you in this mess and gone into hiding. I think I will just wait
    for the Nimmi Golu storyline before
    watching this series again. Said this before but Raghav is a Legend!

  9. Why ill-treat Aarti she’s not a bad person all the time Shanti like her and now she turn her back on Aarti. Where the hell is Shivam he should come an accepted Aarti as his wife and love her.. Everyone in Shanti Sanam is playing like they so pure and all have bad character Aarti is not a bad person. Now they bring Ajay to tell more lies about Aarti enough with all this unnecessary drama..I just hate this soap rite now plus I will have to stop watch it.

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