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Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling Shivam about Pari giving money to Preeti. She says I will keep an eye on them. Shivam asks her not to get caught in anything wrong again. She asks him not to worry. Kaushalya hears Riya and smiles. Riya ends call. Sarla burns some papers and creates smoke. Rani worries that Sarla is sitting inside fire round, as Sarla fools them. Shanti asks everyone to sit and have food. Kaushalya says I will not have food, don’t serve my plate. Pari takes the normal food plate and looks at Nimmi. Nimmi is served just khichdi.

Shanti tells Nimmi that she has to eat this normal food and gives her food plate to Nimmi. Riya, Kaushalya and Nimmi cry happily. Shanti says who said hurting oneself will give soul to the dead loved one, and serves food to Nimmi with love. Shanti

cries too and says we are not from traditions, traditions are by us, we will give this khichdi to someone else. Preeti and Pari look on. Shanti says I will also eat food. Kaushalya cries. Shanti says Kaushalya and Riya have bad stomach, so they can eat half khichdi. Kaushalya and Riya happily cry and hug Shanti. Shanti says I don’t like this acting, Nimmi have food. Nimmi eats the food.

Sarla blows for the smoke. Rani calls Ashok and tells him that Sarla is burning herself, come fast. Ashok gets shocked.

Ashok comes home and asks Sarla to open the door, whats this madness. She asks him to promise that he will marry Nirmala. He asks how can I marry someone else when you are there. She smiles and says I know, but I have given promise to Nirmala. Ashok cries and gets in dilemma. Pari fills Preeti’s ears against Nimmi. Pari goes out and calls her BF. She asks him to do her work. He says I heard your saas has kicked you out, bad happened with you, my shoulder is there for you. She asks him to meet her in 10mins. She thinks Shanti will believe me again. Sarla pressurizes Ashok to marry.

Pari calls Preeti and tells some plan. Preeti goes to Nimmi and asks her to get medicines. Nimmi says I will go after washing utensils. Preeti insists and brings their status in between. She sends Nimmi and smiles. Nimmi tells Kaushalya and says I m going to get medicine for Preeti, I feel like she got Sarla’s soul in her, she is doing drama, she gave me money. She leaves. Kaushalya thinks what happened to Preeti.

Sarla asks Ashok to agree. Amit says break the door. Sarla asks him not to dare to do this. Ashok scolds Amit. Amit asks Ashok to save Sarla. Ashok says you both won’t change. Sarla says I won’t open the door till Ashok agrees. Amit asks Ashok to agree, else he will be responsible for Sarla’s death. Ashok agrees for marriage. Amit hugs Ashok. Sarla dances and opens the door. She hugs Ashok and thanks him. She asks Amit to blow off fire. Amit sees the burning papers and puts water on it. Ashok tells Sarla that she will regret. Sarla says I will get benefit from this. He shouts and says I don’t know how is my family. He leaves.

Nimmi goes to buy medicine, and Pari’s BF follows her. Nimmi thinks why is this guy following me. She buys medicines. The ladies taunt Nimmi, and Nimmi argues. Sarla and Amit discuss to divide the money equally. Rani asks Amit to give her money. Nirmala gets money and gives to Amit. Sarla asks her not to give money to Amit. Nirmala says its fine, I will give you more money. Amit says mummy number two is so good and compares her with Sarla.

Shanti asks Preeti how did she come to her room today. Preeti says I thought to massage your legs. Shanti asks how did she turn sweet. Preeti says everyone think I m neem, but situation change things. Shanti asks her why did she come. Preeti asks can’t I come without any work.

The guy holds Nimmi’s hand and flirts with her. The neighbors ask Nimmi to have some shame. Shanti and Kaushalya look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. average episode now ashok will marry nirmala what will happen to sarla?

  2. Let Sarala become a slave in her own house, who cares. Why the DIR wants to put Nimmi down. Is Ria following Pari and Preeti’s plan and she is going to expose them? Or just like her other Vachan’s she just make dialogues like I won’t let Nimmi down. Let’s see.

  3. Preethi=future Sarla
    and what kinda neighbours does these shrivastavas have,,,all neighbours are meant to taunt them,,,

    1. I feels the same sowjany… They are not mourning for vyoms death even sharmii .how can be a mother so stupid ..apni bete ki death ke baad sab kuch chodkar chali gayi ..after a death there should be some rituals .sharmii gave her own son’s body to police and vanished..and stupid pari didnt try to meet sujeev at mental hospital..what family is srivastav family ;after son in laws death they went for competition ..very bad bad bad ending of sinha family..and what about sarla .there should be no wife like sarla who sold her husband for money ..i think mam writers are out of sense..irrelavent story

      1. Hi molu how are you where are u I didn’t found in yhm show update comments par but y

  4. Nirmala marry ashok and make it fast ab raandi sarla ko sabak milna u os pari kutte ki mout marna jaisi maa weisi beti blo*dy b*t*h

  5. Abey sadak chap writers mam serial ke tu patha nahi kis mitti ka bana hain mazak banake rak dya hain show ka tum log khabi sudroghe nahi idiot aur tum muje psycho writers lak they ho you can go consult some good doctor

  6. Ye neighbours ko kuch aur kaam nhi hai. Hamesha shanti sadan ke logo ki pareshaani mein haste hain aur taunt maarte hain.

  7. Hi roz salley gd evening Guys

    1. Hai Jaz,,,,

  8. I also hope Riya spoils pari & preeti’s plan and exposes them in front of that guy and dadi.

  9. I want to ask amena ,does she watch every serial and write it’s update? Also is she doing this professional ly?

  10. Wat idiotic story they writing. Vyom dead n Sujeev in Jain but none of shanti family bothered to go n find out what happened where is nimmi mother in law. What stupid story. Writer director of u want this serial to be hit write it in sense full way. Don’t just fool audience

  11. Hi jaz how are u..i dont watch yhm these days so …

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