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Mere Angne Mein 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani coming to meet Anupam. He says he is Riya’s dad. She gets juice for him. She talks about Sarla. Sarla comes and says you here Rani. Rani says yes, I came to meet Riya’s dad. Sarla says she is Rani, she loves us a lot. She asks Rani to go home. She acts infront of Anupam and fools him, saying she is going to buy her neighbor’s house for Amit and Riya. She tries to fool him to dupe money. Preeti talks on radio as Sarla, and tells about her miser mother.

Kaushalya asks who is this woman. Shanti says I don’t know and shuts the radio being annoyed. Anupam says he will take care of all the expenses and asks her not to worry. He says he is lucky to have her family for Riya. Sarla says he has run away before asking money. She calls Shanti and says Anupam left

hearing about marriage in 4 days. Shanti asks her to do some puja and do haldi, then they will fix the marriage more firm. Sarla thinks to do something. Shanti prays for her. She calls Pari to go for shopping with her.

Sarla goes to meet Anupam and gives Prasad and silver coin for haldi. He says he is glad that Riya got a good mum in law like her, I will get tea, please sit. Amit calls Sarla and she says she does not have money right now, so she will give later. She makes Anupam hear. Sarla cries and asks him if he knows any money lender, she will keep her jewelry mortgaged. Anupam says he will give her money. Sarla says no, I won’t take dowry, I m against it and acts more. She says she will ask for his help if needed and goes happily.

Nimmi tells Shanti that she will make designer clothers. Shanti shows sarees she got in sale and shows Kaushalya. She shows some jewelry sets. She shows imitation jewelry to them. Pari looks on and smiles. Kaushalya asks is this for me. Shanti says yes, I regard you my loved one. Kaushalya sits in Shanti’s feet. Pari says Shanti was just thinking about Kaushalya. Shanti gives clothes to Nimmi and Preeti. Shanti asks Pari to tell that she has done account of expenses and sends Pari.

Riya and Bunty come home and see Anupam and Sahil managing things. He tells her that her marriage is sill 4 days, as said by pandit ji, about Shanti’s health. He says Sarla wanted to tell her. Riya hugs him and says she does not want to go so soon. Anupan laughs and says they refused for grand arrangements, I called Bua here. He asks Bunty to stay here till marriage. Riya gets emotional.

Amit asks Sarla to give his share as he has chosen Riya. She serves him food and he dislikes it. They have a talk. Shivam comes home and sisters tease him about Riya. They see some dresses and he likes good designs. Kaushalya asks them. They does not tell anything. Shivam goes and recalls Riya. Kabhi jo badal barse………..plays………. he recalls her love confession. He leaves from home. Anupam talks to Riya and is happy for her marriage. He asks her to sleep well and he is done with arrangements. Sarla is annoyed as her plan failed. She sits worried. Pari likes Nimmi’s designs and calls her a fool. Sonal feels bad and asks her not to insult others. Amit comes home. Sonal asks him to choose lahenga for Riya. He sees one and says buy it if you like. He says he is ready to become groom and goes.

Sonal shows mehendi’s designs. Pari is excited and talks to Sarla. Shivam is on the way thinking about Riya, and getting jealous by Jai. He comes to her home. He walks towards the door. Riya is sleeping and wakes up sensing his presence. Shivam recalls her words and goes to ring the bell, after getting drenched in water. He recalls their moments. Riya comes towards the door, and Shivam leaves from there. She sees him leaving and smiles. Saathiya…… koi nai tere siva mera yahan….. plays………… She holds some rain drops in her hands and gets happy. She runs to Bunty and hugs her. She says Shivam has come here to meet me. Bunty can’t believe it and says she has done a big role in her love story. Riya thanks them and they jump on the bed happily. Nimmi tells Kaushalya that Shanti played the game, and Sarla will come in a good saree. She shows the saree for Kaushalya. Shivam comes and asks her what the saree she gave her. She gets tensed.

Sarla tells Shanti about getting mehendi. Shanti asks Shivam to go. Shivam says I will lose job. Sarla cries and says her dream to get special mehendi will not be fulfilled. Shanti says come with me, and takes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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