Mere Angne Mein 13th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 13th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti getting caught by the goons. Manager calls Shivam and threatens him to come in the fight, else he will lose his granny. Shivam says don’t do anything to her. He tells Riya and Pari that the goons have kidnapped Shanti and asking him to come for fight. He says sorry Riya, I have to do the fight. Shanti is hanged to the ropes and two edgy walls proceed to her. Shanti prays for Shivam. Manager asks Shivam to get ready for fight. Shivam asks him to leave Shanti. Manager says you can’t give me order, get ready for fight, else that old woman is dead, do you want to see what I can do. Shivam gets shocked seeing Shanti. Shanti asks Shivam not to do the fight, I have seen my life, I m ready to die and go to my husband, you don’t do the fight, the family needs you, you

manage the family, I trust you. Shivam says no, I will go and fight, nothing will happen to you and me, I will take you back to India. Manager says exactly, that’s what I want. He laughs.

Shivam goes for the fight with the tiger. Shanti sees fight on screen and worries. Riya and Pari see the fight. Shivam goes in the ring. The tiger Charlie comes there. Shivam gets tensed. Riya and Shanti get worried. Shivam fights with the tiger. The tiger jumps on him. Shivam tries to defend. Riya and Shanti get shocked. Shanti shouts to Shivam. Shivam falls down. Tiger goes to him. Shanti closes eyes in tension. Shivam gets up and gets away. Riya runs to the cage. Shanti cheers for Shivam and cries.

Shanti gets shocked seeing the edgy walls proceeding to her. Tiger jumps over Shivam. Riya shouts Shivam. Shanti recalls Rishi’s words. She starts crying and says I did not know I m going to get sacrificed. Shivam gets away. Tiger looks at him and sees R pendant Shivam is wearing. Tiger recalls Shivam saving his cub. Tiger sees Shivam’s face and does not attack on him. Shanti shouts to people to stop the crashing walls. Manager sees the fight. Tiger gets away from Shivam and turns to go. Shivam and Riya get shocked seeing Tiger going. Shivam gets relieved. He sees Shanti on the screen and rushes to her.

Nandu tells Preeti about Kaushalya’s marriage, Shanti Prasad has tied Raghav, don’t you care for your parents. Preeti says what shall I do, they don’t care for me, goon is happening with them. Nandu asks how can you be such stone hearted. Preeti says love and respect can’t be done by expressing, if you truly love me, you don’t go there. Kaushalya is made to sit in the mandap and cries. Sarla does her ghatbandhan. Shanti thinks my time has come now. Shivan rushes to her and shoots at the buttons and ropes. He gets Shanti freed. He asks are you fine. Shanti hugs him.

Shanti Prasad asks Kaushalya to get up for rounds. Kaushalya shouts I won’t get up. Shanti Prasad says if you don’t get up till I count three, be ready to bear consequences. He counts and shoots. Kaushalya screams and sees Raghav. Shanti says Shivam saved me and laughs. Riya hugs her. Pari says thank Gods you got saved. Shanti says Shivam made Tiger lose, he proved whose blood he is, we will leave from here.

Riya says I will not leave that organizers, I will punish them. Shanti says don’t get into this, they are dangerous people, see this machine, we will leave. Riya says but I called police and promised that I will give statement, I don’t want this to happen with anyone else. Shanti says see your wife, we have to leave.

Kaushalya cries and takes wedding rounds. She sees Raghav. Shanti and Pari run. Riya stops Shivam and says I have to tell you something. The manager comes there and shoots. Shivam moves Riya and gets shot in his stomach. Shanti, Riya and Pari get shocked. Shivam falls down. Police comes there and arrests manager and his goons. Shanti says they shot my Shivam. Police helps Shivam. Shanti Prasad threatens Kaushalya not to stop, else Raghav’s breath will stop. Kaushalya cries. Pramod comes there and says Papa….. Shanti Prasad and everyone see him. Shanti Prasad gets glad.

Sarla thinks did he come alone, where are Shanti and Pari. Shanti Prasad hugs Pramod and asks are you fine. Pramod says yes. Kaushalya throws ghatbandhan and slaps Tilu. Many times. She scolds Tilu. Nimmi throws thing at Shanti Prasad and takes his gun. She aims gun at him and asks him to leave with his son now. Kaushalya says you tried to ruin a married woman’s life, you will not get place even in hell, its my curse. Shanti Prasad, Pramod and goons leave. Shivam is rushed to hospital. Shanti prays for Shivam’s life.

Nimmi says Shivam signed on such papers that if Shivam dies, Riya will get the money. Riya checks and says its my sign, but I did not sign any such papers. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank goodness that Tiger remember that Shivam saved his cubs and so in this way Shivam was saved from a deadly fight.
    Shanti Devi aap real heroine ho is serail ki agar aap na ho toh yeh serial dekhne mein koi maza nahi hein.Sarla you are beast..
    Acha hua ki Riya called police and manager was arrested but Shivam got hurt cause of the shot by manager..Thanks for this episode.
    It shows the middle class values and life of UP.I just love this serial since am also from UP.

  2. Esther

    haha,,,,can’t stop laughing coz I never expected this,,,,,,,and is Tilu mad,,,,,he was sooo happy to get married to an old woman….Now Riya is again out instead of Sarla

  3. I think shanti will realise that sarla doesn’t want good for her family. Shanti will ask Riya to leave Shivam in return for money to save his life, she will go missing and the family will get arrested. Read in spoiler.

  4. nic siriyals I m savej rana vell
    mank mazra

    hiii sevm

  5. Today episode was good but what about shant Prasad he should get punishment after all he torched incident family nimmi should fire at his leg so get punishment stupid he care about his son not anyone else thank god this Bangkok track end and tiger was good as he left Shivam .

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