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Mere Angne Mein 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Shivam about his wounds. He says I fought with someone on road. She asks you think I m mad, I left Papa with aunty and came here as I was worried hearing your voice, tell me whats the matter, how did you get money, did you fight for money, tell me. He asks her to save her questions for later. She asks how did you get hurt, answer me. She makes him swear on her. He says I m boxing on professional level, so I got hurt. She asks what. He says I mean boxing for money. She gets shocked. He says yes, Amit fixed the match, I won 5000rs and we divided money equally. She asks what are you doing. He says talk slowly, sit here.

He shuts door. He explains the boxing matches in local level, I did deal with Amit. She asks are you mad, you know its street fighting,

people bet on it, its gambling, police will arrest you. How can you arrest Amit? He says Amit changed with time. She says I don’t care if he changes, but I m your wife, I can’t see you hurt, I don’t want money. He says you told me to use anger on punching bag, destiny wanted me to become boxer, don’t take tension about Amit. She says its not about Amit, its about you. She cries. He says I know this is not safe, I wanted to become sportsman and could not become because of Dadi, I want you to support me, I have agreement with Amit, nothing will go wrong, now nothing can happen if you refuse, I have given commitment, I will be glad if you support me.

Sarla gives money to Pari. Pari asks why are you giving me 10000rs, I can’t digest this, will you take money back. Sarla says no, keep it, its for you, you have to change your looks. Pari thanks Sarla for understanding her so well. She asks Sarla whats her plan. I will do as you say. Sarla says Varun likes you, but now we have to marry Varun to ruin Shanti Sadan’s peace, I will tell Kaushalya that Varun is good for Nimmi, then she will dream big things, when you marry him, her dreams will break. Pari hugs Sarla.

Shanti waters the plants. She thinks to find out whats the story Shivam is telling Riya. Shivam asks Riya to say, think well and decide, think I can earn much money. Riya says sorry. He asks her to support him. He agrees to support him. He gets glad and hugs her. Shanti hears them and gets shocked.

Shivam thanks Riya. He asks her to promise she will not tell Maa and Dadi. She says no, sorry. He says please Riya. She agrees. He tells the boxing matches happening in market area. She says I will come to see. He says no, I want everyone to be proud of me, thanks a lot. They hug. Shanti thinks Shivam thinks he will fight and we will be proud of him, now he is defaming the house. Pari wears a chiffon saree and shows her looks to Sarla. Sarla laughs and compliments her. She says I want you to meet his Bua first, we will call his Bua in kitty party and then show you.

Pari says we will go in five star hotels, I have always made the guy pay. Sarla laughs. She says Varun wants to work with poor people, we have to show we also serve poor, we will call them to temple. Pari praises her for planning. Shanti asks Kaushalya to come with her today, she will make her strong. Kaushalya agrees. Riya comes and helps Kaushalya. Kaushalya angrily goes. Riya asks what happened. Kaushalya says I don’t ask you anything, why do you interfere in my matters. Riya says Papa was unwell, sorry.

Kaushalya says you did not wish anything good to happen with Preeti, so you went. Shanti hears them. Shivam leaves. Kaushalya asks where are you going. She says I could not see with whom Shivam went. Shanti gets wrong number call and scolds the man. She asks Riya to do something. She asks where did Shivam go. Kaushalya says I know where Raghav went. Shanti says see Kaushalya knows it, always know about Shivam. She gets a call again and scolds. Sarla says its me, what happened. Shanti says oh, wrong numbers were coming. Sarla tells her to come to temple, she arranged bhajan program, send Kaushalya and her bhajan mandli, I m worried for your house so kept the puja. Shanti says I can’t send Kaushalya, I have to give her training to be strong. Riya hears her. Sarla asks what do you mean. Shanti says I will take Kaushalya to veg market and ends call. Sarla says Shanti will not take Kaushalya to veg market, there is something fishy. Riya thinks where is Dadi taking Kaushalya, did they know about Shivam’s boxing.

Nimmi tells Riya where Kaushalya went. Riya gets shocked. Shanti shows boxing stadium to Kaushalya. Shivam fights with someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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