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Mere Angne Mein 13th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya asking Shanti for the groom’s pic. Shanti asks do you have to marry and scolds her. She says Raghav’s burden will get less if Preeti gets married, he is scared, groom’s family is coming tomorrow, you should be liked by the guy. Preeti nods and cries. Sharmili and Mama see Pari on shopping and follow her. Mama asks why are we bearing her. Sharmili says since Sujeev is married, we will get cheques, so she is valuable to us. Mama and Sharmili take her pics. Sujeev should also know what is her puja. Pari sees them and leaves being tensed.

Ashok pacifies Sarla and asks her to have food. Sarla cries and hugs him. He feeds her food. Pari calls Sarla and thinks if Sharmili does something, then,… she is upto something. Sarla answers the call. Pari says I have

to keep some puja, do you know any pandit. Sarla says it will cost 10000rs. Pari asks what, can’t pandit come in 500rs. Sarla says no and ends call. Sarla tells Ashok that Pari is such a miser. Pari calls Sarla again. Pari gives last offer of 6000rs. Sarla says last offer from my side is 8000rs. Pari agrees and says 7000rs now and 1000rs on loan. Sarla says fine, I will send pandit. Ashok asks Sarla to sit with him. Sarla argues. He says nothing can happen of you. He gets a call and goes.

Sarla scolds Rani for putting much ghee in parathas. Rani says she is cooking for Amit, and taunts Sarla. Sharmili shows the pics to Sujeev. He says I know, she sent me video that she has gone on shopping for puja items, see this, and shows Pari’s video of doing puja. He asks why were you following her. She says no, I was not following her, I went to protect her, and reminds Pari’s kidnap last time, she is her bahu and her responsibility. He hugs her. She thinks how did she forget Pari is smart.

Pari does the puja and takes recording. She takes her selfies. Bansi does the puja. Pari sends one more video. Pandit tells about this puja being kept for husband’s long life. Sujeev smiles. Sharmili thinks Pari is short in height but have brains. Sujeev calls Pari and asks about puja. Pari says puja is going on, it will end soon, are you happy. He says yes. She says I will come home in some time and ends call. Bansi asks for 7000rs. She lies that she is poor and asks him to take 2000rs. He says no, I will take 7000rs. She scolds him and gives him 7000rs. She thinks where to hide the shopping bags and leaves. Ashok calls Kaushalya and asks about Raghav. Kaushalya says he is fine and tells about Shanti’s love for Sarla. Shanti thinks she will not leave Riya, and kick her out.

Pari comes home and sees Sharmili. She goes to her room. Sharmili says she can’t donate those things, she has done shopping, where did that things go, did she hide it, yes.

Its morning, Kaushalya does aarti. Pandit tells Shanti to impress the guy’s family, guy has a good job. Shanti goes and gets her kundli. She asks him to see whats going in her life. he sees kundli and asks her to get rid of big danger, and do puja. He asks her to distribute Prasad in the locality. Shanti see Riya and says yes, a spirit has caught our house. Pandit asks Raghav to keep puja. Shanti says problem will go in one month. Raghav gets a call and says I will leave. Kaushalya asks who will fix the marriage. Raghav says Shanti is here, she will fix. Preeti worries. Raghav asks Shanti to agree and do shagun if family is good, try to keep marriage soon, decide everything and don’t wait for me. Pandit says I will come with guy’s family and leaves. Shanti asks Preeti not to be sad, guy will be good.

Sharmili looks for the things in Pari’s room. Pari sees her and hides. Pari thinks she has hidden the shopping bags in electricity meter box. She thinks she will take revenge from Sharmili now. Riya tells Kaushalya that Shanti has gone out to give Prasad, you can go out. Kaushalya says no, I can’t go without asking Shanti. Riya says but it will be late, guy’s family can come, how will we manage, shall I go and get items. Kaushalya says no, you have many works. Riya says call Shanti and ask. Kaushalya calls Shanti and sees her phone at home. The pandit calls Kaushalya and says guy’s family will reach on time, arrange everything. Kaushalya ends call and tells Riya about pandit’s call. Riya says you leave, I will tell Dadi you went out. Pari goes to the meter box and takes the bags. Pari hides the bag in flower pot hearing Sharmili’s call.

Kaushalya leaves to get the items. Shanti sees her and says Kaushalya did not ask me and went, its all because of Riya. Riya gets Bunty’s call and tells her that she will talk later, guy’s family is coming to see Preeti. Bunty says finally, you got adjusted, I will talk later. Sharmili goes to see Pari. Pari hides. Riya tells Shanti that she wil get lemon water. Shanti asks about Kaushalya. Riya says she went to market, I thought she should leave as guy’s family will come anytime. The laundry woman comes and brings clothes. Riya says I gave her Preeti’s clothes. Shanti gets angry and thinks its my house and only I will think and decide everything. Pari gets tensed and screams. She hugs Sharmili and takes the shopping bag. She throws it away and hides it. Sujeev and Vyom come there. Pari gains sympathy. Sharmili asks her to go and clean floor. She says I know how to deal with Pari.

The laundry woman tells Shanti about the sharp bahus these days, and how bahus are kicking out mum in laws out. Shanti worries. Shanti says I just decide everything. The woman backbites about Riya also. Riya brings money and gives her. The woman asks Shanti to think and leaves. Riya says I will give clothes to Preeti and come. Shanti throws the lemon water in anger. Riya thinks this red color will suit Preeti.

She sees Preeti crying and asks whats the matter. Preeti tells about Raghav doing her marriage so soon. Riya pacifies her and leaves asking her to wear this saree. Shanti sees them and comes to Preeti. She asks her not to wear saree, she will look of aged. She asks her to wear suits and look more young. She says don’t cry, get ready fast, apply some face pack or go to beauty parlor, your face should glow. She leaves.

Pari wipes the floor. Sharmili looks on and eats apples. Pari gets angry. Pari sees Sujeev coming and slips. He holds her and asks her not to do any work. She says I was cleaning floor. He tells Sharmili that Pari will not do any work. Pari says Sharmili told me to work. Sharmili says now I m saying don’t work. Sujeev takes Pari. Vyom comes and looks on. Vyom tells Sharmili that he warned her not to trouble Pari, else Pari can go away with Sujeev and they won’t get anything. Vyom suggests Sujeev that they will keep a maid. Sujeev likes the idea and hugs Vyom. He says now Vyom has become mature and we will get him married soon. Pari gets worried.

Kaushalya is in market. Riya tells Shanti that Kaushalya will come in sometime. A man brings sweets. Shanti says we did not order it. Riya says I ordered sweets for home delivery to save time. Shanti asks how you can buy without checking. Riya says we can check once it comes home, who has time to go out and buy. Shanti says Riya is clever, she wants to take house control from my hands, do anything, you have to leave soon.

The groom’s mum tells Kaushalya about Riya and praises her. Riya says she earns 35000rs. The lady says Shanti is lucky, Riya is Sarvagunn samparn.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…..loved Riya’s actions today….she gavr shanti a mou thod jawab….Hopes she continues to manage home like this…She is really a sarvagunn samparn..Feeling sad for preet…..missed Nimmi today…

  2. sangeeta monga

    Beheaviou towords Rani, Pari and Riya is horrible. The mother in laws treats them very badly. The beheavior of shanti is in tolerable.

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