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Mere Angne Mein 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling Sarla that Kaushalya and I are coming there. Sarla worries and says fine, come. Shanti asks Kaushalya to pack bags. Sarla asks Nirmala to go from here. Rani and Pari ask Sarla to think about money. Sarla says Shanti is coming here to stay, pack bags and go. Nirmala says I won’t go, this is my house too. Pari asks Sarla why is she smiling.

Sarla says I will tell you later. Riya calls Shivam and asks how are you. He is worried and says I m fine. She asks why is he upset. Shivam tells her everything whats happening there. She asks how did this happen, I m tensed. He says we will know about Papa tomorrow, but I can’t see Shanti forcing Nimmi. She says don’t worry. The call ends. She tries calling him again.

Shanti and Kaushalya go to Sarla’s

house. Sarla gets shocked seeing them.Bansi and Rajendra come there and say they are railway department officers, they have to come to check. He asks everyone to move. Shanti says I m Shanti Devi. Sarla says I stay in this house, is there any problem. Bansi asks is this house on her name, does she work in railway. Shanti says ask me questions, I m Shanti. He asks are you Sarla to answer us. Sarla says this house is on my brother’s house, his name is Raghav Srivastav. He asks did you take money from anyone.

Shanti asks what are they asking. He asks did you give money to anyone. Sarla says yes. Shanti signs her no. Bansi says so Sarla gives money to Raghav. Sarla says yes. Shanti asks what are you saying Sarla. Bansi says don’t worry, we understood the matter, Raghav has given house to Sarla on rent, we will give our report to committee. He says culprits can’t get saved by our hands. They leave.

Sarla says I got scared seeing the officers, forgive me. Shanti says we came here to show we are staying here. We are Rraghav’s family, but you did all this, we will go home, but we will have tea first. Sarla says there is no sugar. Shanti says take sugar from neighbor. Sarla says I don’t have tea powder and milk, shall I just boil milk. Shanti says we will leave. They leave.

Nandu comes home drunk. Preeti scolds him and asks him to get out of the room. He argues with her and falls on the bed. She says I will tell Kaushalya that you are drunk. She stops and thinks I should just think of Lucky, why should I care if Nandu stays alive or dies. She calls Lucky. Nandu’s phone rings. She does not see that and goes. Riya says network is gone, don’t know how is everyone managing there, I need to go home.

Preeti goes to meet Lucky and calls him again. Nandu gets up and attends the call. She asks where are you. He says I just got my phone. She says I m coming to meet you. He says I m not at garage. She asks him to come, she will wait there. He says I will meet you. Shivam sees Nimmi setting the rakhi plate. He goes to Nimmi and apologizes to her. She asks why are you saying this. He says I could not fulfill my promise. She says no, you always supported me in every situation. She says I won’t get sleep, and Shanti will take my class. He says I miss our old days, I hope Preeti was with us. He hugs her.

Nandu as Lucky meets Preeti. She says I wrote my feelings to you, you left and did not call me, don’t you love me, tell me, else how would I do. He says I do, but I don’t know anything about you. She says you already know. He thinks he can’t play with Preeti’s emotions. Preeti sees Pari and sends him. Pari asks who was that guy. Preeti says I was telling the guy to come house to repair water leakage. Pari says I think its something else, whom did you meet. Pari says I came to meet my friend, go home, else people will make news. Pari thinks Preeti is fooling me, I m champions in all this. Preeti thinks I know everything what Pari does.

Its morning, everyone celebrate Raksha bandhan. Raghav asks Sarla not to worry, he will do what all he can. Sarla says I always pray for you. Sarla thinks I understood those who don’t have money, their state is bad.

Shivam tells Nimmi that he will adopt her child, her child will come in this world. Shanti says I took decision. He says I won’t let wrong happen with Nimmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow shivam such a good decision, selfish shanti, stupid kaushalya, weird preeti, poor nandu, feeling sad for nimmi, witch pari.

    by the way what is pari’s full name? i know it’s not paridhi.

    1. Parineeta
      I’m sure I’ve heard it before☺

    2. Pari full name is Parinita

  2. It is parineeta

  3. Its parineeta…

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