Mere Angne Mein 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti punishing Nimmi and scolding her. Kaushalya cries and apologizes. Sarla scolds Nimmi and Kaushalya. Shanti cries and asks Sarla to come. Kaushalya asks Nimmi why did she do this. Preeti hugs her. Kaushalya asks her not to cry. Shivam is on the way riding the horse. Riya asks Bua to call Nimmi, everyone scolded her. Bunty makes her dress dry and her makeup proper. Bua asks Bunty to hurt up. The pandit asks Sarla to call bride soon. Sarla says jaimala got late, do puja soon. Amit sees Riya coming and smiles.

Riya asks Bunty how did Shivam’s height got increased. Bunty says he wore high heels. Sarla asks Amit to hold her hand and brings her. Riya holds his hand and feels like he is not Shivam. Nimmi tells Preeti that she will stop Riya from Jaimala if Shivam

does not come on time, she is not afraid of anyone. She goes inside the marriage hall. Riya smiles and Shanti asks them to exchange jaimala. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to go outside. Raghav asks them what happened now. Nimmi says she has to tell something. They hear people saying who has come on the horse. Nimmi and Preeti rush outside to see. Shivam reaches there on the horse.

Shivam brings the horse inside the marriage hall. Riya turns and gets shocked seeing Shivam. She says Shivam….. Shanti asks how did he come on horse. Sarla panics and asks Riya and Amit to do jaimala soon. She asks Riya what is she seeing there, her groom is here. Riya is stunned and removes Amit’s sehra. She gets stunned seeing Amit. Riya and Shivam look at each other. Riya gets down the stage and walks to Shivam. Sarla and Amit panic. Riya and Shivam walk to each other. Everyone look on puzzled.

Riya cries and asks Shivam whats this happening, she does not understand anything, her marriage is happening with him right? They all get shocked. Shivam cries and says no Riya, your marriage is happening with my brother Amit. Riya and Bunty are shocked. Riya says how can I marry someone else, this proposal was sent by you. He says no, I did not send any proposal. She says you are mistaken, your mummy came to me and spoke to dad for our relation.

Anupam and everyone look on shocked. Shivam says she is not my mum, she is my Bua. Riya says but I came to your home many times. Shivam asks when? Riya says many times, that house near railway colony. He says that’s not my house, its Bua’s house. Riya says how can this happen, I saw that address in office. He says I gave wrong address in office, so that no one knows about my job. Riya says when our relation for fixed, I have sent you the pic, recall…. He recalls how his phone fell in water that time.

He says his phone fell in water, maybe he could not see the pic. She asks did she not know of his brother’s marriage? He says I knew it, but I did not know whom is he marrying. Riya says when he came to meet him before Jaimala. She has shown his name in her mehendi, did he not understand? He says I understood you have confusion, before I could say anything, I was kidnapped. Everyone get shocked. He says its all because of him, he should have given the answer of her love, I m sorry.

Sahil asks did those people kidnap him who kidnapped him and Anupam. Sarla asks whats happening, whats this drama. She asks Riya to come for jaimala, everyone is seeing, they are getting insulted. Shanti asks Riya to go. Riya says she knows what she is saying. Amit removes his sehra. Riya says I did big mistake. Amit says I asked Sarla if girl sees my face in mandap, you said she won’t do anything, see this drama now. Sarla says I will see.

Shanti asks Anupam whats happening. Riya asks what mistake. Sarla asks is this marriage or a joke, tell me what happened. Raghav asks Shivam what happened. Sarla says she will talk to Shivam later and first she will ask Riya what she wants. Anupam asks Riya to say whats happening. Riya says she loves Shivam. Preeti and Nimmi smile happily. Everyone is shocked. Riya says I felt I m marrying Shivam. Anupam says your marriage was fixed with Sarla’s son Amit. Riya says I did not know Shivam is not Sarla’s son.

Shanti says she was thinking why is bride not coming out, so this was the matter. She says Riya has insulted the baraat. Sarla starts crying. Amit fumes and throws the garlands. He holds Shivam’s collar and says he will not leave him. Ashok and Raghav stop Amit. Raghav says they are not looking brothers, will they fight for a girl? Amit says its his mistake, and scolds Shivam. Ashok asks Amit to stop it. Shivam says there is nothing such. Raghav says if its Shivam’s mistake, I will break relations with Shivam. Sarla says whats Riya saying, I did mistake. Riya says no aunty, its not your mistake. Riya says trust me, I did not think this will happen, forgive me please.

Riya apologizes to Amit and says I don’t love you, I m sorry. She says she loves Shivam. Shivam looks at her. Riya says she thought she is marrying Shivam, not Amit. Amit gets teary eyed. Sarla asks Anupam to see, they live for their respect, explain Riya. Shanti says Anupam is involved. Riya says its not dad’s mistake, he did this for my happiness, trust me, I had Shivam’s name in my mehendi, and shows them. Raghav sees Riya and Shivam having an eyelock. Shanti says this is a story, there are two guys at home, how could she not know. Riya says trust me, I did not know. Shanti says you knew it, you told me you work with Shivam.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to say she supported this. Kaushalya says I swear I did not know. Raghav says we will decide that later, first lets see our respect at stake and solve this. Shanti asks Raghav to stop it, and asks Bua did she do this to insult them. Bua says its not our mistake. Shanti starts arguing and says you did this to make Sarla and Raghav separated. Bua says this is not good to argue. Shanti says fine if Riya had to marry Shivam, but now this won’t happen. I will not make this girl my house’s bahu. Sarla smiles.

Anupam folds hands and asks her to understand. Sarla says I got proposal and you went to my son’s office to verify things. Raghav asks Anupam did he not find anything, he is strange dad. Sarla says Anupam said he will ask his daughter. She says she will not let Riya become Raghav’s bahu. Riya cries.

Raghav says he has given freedom to his children for their decisions, but he did not let them divert from their path. Anupam says I agree. Raghav says did you not talk to your daughter, and not realize she is saying about someone else. He says Amit was adamant for marriage and convinced Sarla and Shanti. Shanti decides in our house, and if your family had any elder, this would have not happened. Rani and her aunty are glad, as Riya has rejected Amit in mandap.

Bua says this was misunderstanding. Shanti says I can’t punish Amit, how can this happen. Raghav says this is big problem, Anupam should have thought about this. Shanti says Sarla will lose respect in colony. Shivam says no one fooled them, the truth is we both like each other, and love each other. He looks at Riya and Raghav stares at Shivam angrily. Everyone get shocked. Rani smiles. Shivam says the mistake was Riya felt she is marrying Shivam, the truth is she loves me and wants to marry me, and I also love her and want to marry her. Raghav slaps Shivam. He asks Shivam to shut up.

Ashok says listen to him. Raghav asks what should I listen, why did he not tell this before. Shivam says I would have said if I knew Amit is marrying Riya. Sarla asks did he not know it. Shivam says he did not see any banner. Sarla argues and asks him why is he lying. Shivam tells about Riya and Priya twin sister story. Sarla says now this started. Sonal says mummy you… Pari stops her. Shanti looks on doubting Sarla now. Sarla defends herself and asks Riya did she call her Priya. Riya says yes, at star pujan night. Sarla says she did mistake. Shivam and Riya look at each other.

Raghav says this marriage can’t happen, he can’t do justice with one son and injustice with other. The baraat leaves. Shivam stops Raghav.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Only feeling I get after watching this drama is Raghav has no value of his children. He is just a puppet of his mother and sister. He should atleast trust them. He never gives any opportunity to them. And also he should have same knowledge about his mother and sisters dramas.

    1. did u see Raghav said they give freedom to their kids. Ironic isn’t it. They were never given freedom and always treated like criminals in jail.

    2. Yes I agree, I get very angry when Raghav does this to his children, it’s a simple answer, if 2 people love each other then you should get them married! I mean, they were getting what they thought Riya and Amit married because they thought that they liked each other, but they just shooed of Rani, now they should get Shivam and Riya married and shoo of Amit.

    3. Some men just don’t and never will their entire life. They are completely brainwashed by their mothers and sisters. This happens a lot in India. Very frustrating.

  2. Y anyone cant remember sarla saying about twin sisters. It is the one they should be talking about . Why they say Riya is at the fault. Its just not right. Always sarla wins though she is the one who does bad things. This isnt right. Her truth should be exposed.

    1. sonal should speak out and do it.

  3. Finally shivam came at last……………………………god i got so much tension today because of this episode. I’m going to quit this serial once marriage happens otherwise ill become BP patient.
    Plz reduce the duration to 30 minutes. Anyways this serial will waste the time so at least better if it wastes less.

    1. No, it’s fine 1 hour, if they reduce it then they will rush the episode, and that’s not worth it

  4. Ohh no poor Shivam
    pyaar ke liye papa se thappad ve khaya
    . But pricap amazing….

  5. I really disappoint about today episode, my believed before is both family will blame sarla and her son badly, and shanti will known her daughter is original devil.and secondly raghav is not a good father every time he like to blamed his children for his mother and sister .And the only things I don’t understand in this drama is why this grandma hate raghva children

  6. Sahi hai sarla ka Drama khatam nahi hua per shivam Aur Riya Ko kitna kuch suna Pada . Actually in Sab serials se kuch Acha to nahi per juth bolo Sab Sikh skate hAi Aur Phir juth Hamesha Bach bi to jata hai. Now I m thik it’s really waste of time .

  7. F offfffffffffffffffffffff…… Wat a shit u show everyday…. Plsssssss can anyone expose bhu n a tight slap on raghav face n laaaaat on his bump….. He’s big f on this show. How come such a great actor like him opt for this role….. Biggest crap in the history of Indian television…..

  8. Such a crap at d end!! Y does none think and talk? Everyone blaming riya? Ridiculous.. Y doesn’t anyone remember Sarla talking about Twin sisters. Amit marrying PriyA not riya; riya showing her mehendi to Sarla and she seeing shiv am name on it;more worse shivam and riya dad , bro kidnapped by d same ppl from d same family without motive.
    Director is making d viewers crazy. If I were riya or someone in d family I could have easily co related every single thing. And caught d culprit.
    Pls writer make some sense in Us watching d serial.
    I wish she gets slapped?

  9. Finally !!!! Gosh was waiting for 3 weeks for this

  10. Sonal was trying to say about twin sister issue…but pari stopped her…evil

  11. feel sorry for ragav in this role ,he likes to stay under her mum undergarment,be a man

  12. Sarala and her mother are so cruel. Why is sarala not being exposed. Shanthi will always be screaming at her bahu for no mistake of hers.

  13. the mind of the production team is full of shit,wake up india

  14. this type of marriage do not even happen in the jungle days.

  15. dis is pathetic…sarla n amit knew evrythng since d beginning dey plotted dey lied cheated n wat not nd in d end dey r saved r shown innocent victims in d hands of riya her family n shivam….bull shit n wat d hell os wrong wid riya n shivam cnt dey understnd n say wat dat evil sarla did to dem aftr wtng fr so long diz ws d result poor couple blmd fr d evil plotting agnst dem…now evn if dey get mrd dey wil b humilaited n blamed fr ruining d relationships n gvng pain n humilation to amit n sarla…but one thing m so glad sarla amit n dat stupid pari lost aftr dng soooo much lolz can b happy atleast fr diz

  16. Raghava eat shit of your mom everday.dont have respect for his wife.if your mother tells u to leave your wife i think you will.shame on u because u dont like your own childern but u like your sister childern n you think they are more sanskari.common riya its time to enter in that family n chAnge evrything..n bring that budhi and bua on right path

  17. Sarla’s truth should come out. Her daughter and nieces should be allowed to tell everyone their side of the story. Why nobody listens to the innocent people? All these serials are teaching that you can get away with anything if you are cunning enough. Do we really need these kind of values for our next generation ? Why can’t the writers and directors show that the truth wins. Please end sarla’s drama and raghav should also know the worth of his own children. His mother and sister need to be taught a lesson.

  18. Its nat fair….fl sorry for shivam…evry day he seems at fault …about raghav ..he s nat good and strong father…bcoz he s under mother and today’s episode wasn’t gud to me…because sarla does things…under redcarpet..

  19. I don’t know what’s going on…because I comment concerning today’s episode in meri angne mein..but it turned really hard to understand what…i mean ….

  20. Lovely episode. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Love the precap – Shivam should tell his father that he should give his children a chance to speak. Find out how he got kidnapped and also Anupam does all this no tie up.

  21. OMG!!!!! It looks like shivam will stand up for Riya. But seriously poor shivam. How could pari be so immature knowing the fact that its all the mothers fault. Sarla is such a liar as well as a big sinner. Now I feel so sorry for riyas dad and bua dadi because they have to put up with all this drama and on top of that he had to plead infront of them. They just don’t deserve it.

  22. I hope that they do not get away with this whole lies created by Sarla and her son in the next episode. Otherwise the community learns that its ok to lie and get away with it.

  23. Sarla ne shivam or Riya ko sath mein dekha tha ye baat Riya janti hai to ye bat use bolni chahiye……… taki Sarla ka sach samne aaye

  24. What a crap episode! Sarada and Amit should have got caught in yesterday’s episode. If their truth does not come out at least today, it’s a waste to watch this serial which has no good moral!!

  25. very sad show .there are so many incidents and some many people who could have raised finger on sarla and amit.kidnapping,twins lie .which sarlà daughter know and keeping shivam away from marriage.why shivàm didnt tell about his kidnapping .why shivam sisters could not spoke a word.very smartly they wrote story but viewes dont like it.

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