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Mere Angne Mein 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi’s vidaai happening. Everyone hug her assuming she is Preeti, and cry. Riya sees the knife and pulls it by her foot. She frees herself and Preeti. Riya says we have to go home. Preeti says forgive me, I can’t come here, I shall die. Riya says what are you saying, come home. Pandit tells about vidaai mahurat. Shivam tries calling Riya so that she can attend vidaai. Sarla asks him to come.

Sonal gets shoes for Vyom and says don’t know where did Nimmi hide his actual shoes. She jokes asking him to do some rituals. Sarla shows the shoe stand and says sonal is just joking. She takes Vyom back. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to hold the diya. Sharmili asks for Riya and Nimmi, where are they. Sarla says no, they will be packing bags, now Preeti’s marriage is over, so

we had deal, you have papers at home, I will come there in an hour, they are crying here, whats there to cry, big problem got away, I mean its thing to be happy.

Nimmi hugs Kaushalya and Shanti. She cries. Raghav hugs and blesses her. Shivam hugs her. Sarla acts to love Preeti a lot and cries. Nimmi does the vidaai rituals. Sharmili takes her. Nimmi leaves with her inlaws. Kaushalya cries. Everyone get sad. Shanti thinks one vidaai happened and now second will happen. Its morning, Riya and Preeti are on the way. Preeti says don’t take me home, I can’t go home. Riya says its not your mistake. Preeti says its my mistake, I went to meet him. Shivam says I called Riya, she is not answering, she is not at home. Raghav asks Shivam to call Anupam, maybe she is there. Shanti says no need, I think Riya did something again, she took Nimmi along. Raghav says I think we should file police complain.

Sharmili does Nimmi’s aarti and Pari tries to hit kalash. Sharmili stops Pari and asks her to be with Sujeev. Nimmi hits the kalash and her grah pravesh happens. Nandu rushes to temple to find Preeti. He sees the havan kund and the knife fallen there. He shouts Preeti and Riya.

Sharmili asks Vyom and Preeti/Nimmi to find the ring. Nimmi is crying. She finds the ring and ladies call Sharmili’s bahu very sharp. Sharmili says game is still left. Nimmi finds rings again. Sharmili says one more time. Sujeev teases Vyom. Nimmi gets ring the third time too and ladies clap. The ladies say this girl will control Vyom, she won thrice. Pari says Sharmili thought she is oversmart to get good bahu. Sharmili says this is just ritual, Pari ritual is over, take this plate to kitchen. Pari calls servant to take plate. Sharmili makes Nimmi sit for mu dikhai.

The lady says eldest bahu does this ritual, come Pari. Nimmi cries being tensed. Sujeev stops Pari and says I got some gifts. Pari says you can give gifts later, I liked your romance. Sujeev says I got these gifts for Preeti. Pari says I was joking. He gives gifts to Preeti and asks her why is she crying, we all are with you, don’t worry. Nimmi cries.

Nandu prays that Preeti is safe. Raghav is leaving to do police complaint, just then Riya comes home with Preeti. Everyone get shocked seeing Preeti. Pari says we will start mu dikhai ritual now and lifts the ghunghat. She gets shocked seeing Nimmi. She shouts Namita. Vyom asks what, Namita? He lifts ghunghat. They all get shocked seeing Nimmi instead Preeti.

Riya gets shocked knowing vidaai happened. They all get shocked realizing Nimmi was bride. Sharmili asks Nimmi to get out. Pari pushes Nimmi on the ground outside the house. Nimmi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Third class show

  2. Feel bad for Nimmi,she not at fault,its Sarla who caused all this,riined Preeti life.

  3. Waiting for tomorrow…

  4. Bhawanagurlove

    Please do something good to riya . why every time dadi is after her.

  5. 3rd class show.I have no intrest in this show anymore .Hate this show. sochathaa aaj pata chalegi preeti kaa kyaa hoga.mohit kyaa karega but mohit ki thoo sakal vi nai dekaya.I hate sarla & nandu sari problem ki root yeah dono hai who ruined mohit & preeti relation.feeling 2 much bad nimmi.but u r best for me among the show. I wish all person get sister like u.u r great.I’m happy aaj tumle lee rings find out karliya.It means u rules snena house & vyom.but filalal nimmi ko bahoot torture tolerate karna padega,riya will leave shanti sadan,siviya gives divorce to each other,nandu say he want to marry preeti infront of all family
    It means nandu preeti pairs will fixed 2 much disgusting.digisting & irritating twist & turns.plzz don’t do this.nandu preeti ki sadi nai honachaiyee plzz It’s a request.mohit ko fir positive vanaoo air mohpree ko eak kardoo yaa thoo preeti ki liye new hero ko entry krwaoo.

  6. jyoti balhara malik

    all falt is only on riya.osy sab kuch shivam ya other family members ko btana chaiye tha.vo kuch na kuch karty.

  7. Exactly riya shud share but shivam reacts in weird way. This is why she don’t. Atleadt raghav se tho bathana chahiye.. Nandu is nonsense I don’t want nandun preeti…. Preeti ek dam bewakoof hai.. Such a helpless character…

  8. This show is honestly lower than 3rd class, it’s completely stupid. Which idiot would leave her wedding to see her ex-lover? Oh right, Preeti. This show used to be so good, the producers are driving this show into the ground with this pathetic story line.

  9. Plzzz prity ka nandu se saadi mat dekhna ….ushe mohit se he mila doobplzzzz not nandu…..

  10. Nandu is disgusting

  11. I don’t know why you guys are hating on this twist..I’m enjoying it!!!!
    A Indian drama without twists and turns is 3rd class… not this show
    However Nandu and preeti should not get married…they have no chemistry???

  12. writers ??
    aaj je jamane ki story hai kya
    all actors r wasted ,
    time waste programme

  13. Writer showed one got hooked by crook – ie Pari and she’s leading a good life. Poor Nimmi is abused by the worst actress Pari . It’s time for Nimmi to rule. Or are we going to continue watching the low charactered Pari and her infidelity!

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