Mere Angne Mein 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya denying of what Shanti is blaming her. Shanti puts all blame on Kaushalya and says Renu has told her that I take money from Kaushalya, so she asked me to take money from the 20000rs she gave to Kaushalya. Raghav scolds Kaushalya for not taking care of her mum. Shanti calls Renu and Renu says yes, I remember you called me in morning. Shanti then puts it on speaker and changes the version to get Renu and Kaushalya in bad light. Pari comes there and sees them. She calls Sarla and tells everything. Sarla gets glad and says I will come, but after Bindu goes.

Pari says the movie here will end. Sarla says I will come. Shanti thinks what she told about Kaushalya and asks wrong things with Renu. Renu says yes, but I said that…. I did not mean that. Shanti says

best wishes for Raksha bandhan. Renu says she has sent gift. Shanti says I got it. Kaushalya tells Renu that she will talk later. Raghav gets angry on Kaushalya. Shivam says mum can’t do wrong with Dadi ever. Raghav gets angry.

He asks is he favoring his mum, its good, but you started answering your dad now, if you get in this situation, what will you do, if your wife tells something to your mum, what will you do. Shivam says I just know mum can’t do wrong with Dadi. Raghav asks him to answer him. He says I know you all love your mum a lot, just assume I die… Kaushalya asks him to stop it and apologizes. Raghav says let me say. Pari waits for Sarla.

Sarla locks her room and asks Rani to be careful of Bindu. Sarla asks Bindu to take Ashok home and give him food. Ashok says Rani will take care of my food. Sarla asks Rani to use everything in limit. Sarla asks Ashok to giv just 100rs to Bindu and asks Rani to take a video or pic of it. Ashok scolds Sarla. Shivam tells Raghav that he will do what his dad does. Raghav says my mum has done a lot for this family. Shanti smiles as Raghav supports her.

Shanti fills more fuel in the fire. Raghav asks Kaushalya to return the money to Renu. Kaushalya says I took money from Renu, I did not ask her, she gave me saying Pradeep gave it. He asks her to get money. Shanti asks where will she get it, maybe she does not want to give me. Kaushalya says she does not remember where she kept. Raghav says its other’s money and asks her to go and find it. Kaushalya and her children go to find money. Shanti cries and hugs Raghav.

Riya ties rakhi to Sahil. Everyone smile. Riya asks for her gift. Sahil asks for his gift, as she has come from inlaws. Bua makes Sahil’s dad give 1000rs, while Suman gives 100rs. Anupam gifts earrings from Sahil’s side. Bunty comes and ties rakhi to Sahil. Anupam gifts earring to Bunty too. She thanks him.

Bindu does rakhi ritual and ties rakhi to Ashok. He gifts her silver footrings and she gets upset. He says some dohas. She says she is getting late and will go now. Kaushalya does not get money and tells Raghav that she does not remember. Raghav tells Shanti that he will return 20000rs from his salary. Shanti thinks now she has to return money to show Kaushalya has hidden the money. She keeps the money there.

Rani tells Bindu why police came to take Sarla and tell everything. Bindu leaves. Rani says I know Bindu, but Bindu can’t know my truth. Renu is tensed and tells Pradeep about Kaushalya having some problem. She tells everything to him of how Shanti called her. Sarla comes and Pari tells her everything. They get glad and rush to see the drama. Renu tells Pradeep that Shanti has put the phone on speaker. He asks why did she talk to Shanti, now bear this. Renu says I did not know this would happen. He says don’t call them, Kaushalya has to manage now. Renu shows the video of Sarla checking her bag, she has caught Sarla and scolded her. Pradeep asks will she make more drama by showing this video, delete it.

Renu says no need, I have to keep this video safe. Sarla and Pari come and see whats going on. Shanti shows Nimmi the basket and asks her to check. Nimmi gets the money. Sarla says this is money bag. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she hide money here. Kaushalya says this was not the bag. Shanti laughs and blames her again. Shanti thinks she has changed the bag intentionally.

Raghav requests everyone that whoever earns in this house will give money to Shanti. Kaushalya cries and says I don’t remember. He scolds her for her mistake and asks her to apologize to Shanti. Kaushalya says yes, I will apologize. Shivam stops her and says its not mum’s mistake, it may happen that Dadi, I mean Dadi can get mistaken. Raghav gets angry and holds his collar asking him to explain how is Kaushalya not wrong. He says Shivam means I m also wrong, tomorrow Shivam will support Riya and not Kaushalya. He scolds Shivam.

Shanti says Riya will learn by seeing Kaushalya. Sarla asks Shanti not to cry on festive day. Shanti says its all over now, we shall go now. Shivam cries for Kaushalya.

Sarla tells Raghav that she does not want money, she wants a promise. Raghav asks her to say. Sarla says she wants Chandrahaar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So sad writer pls bring riya and let her teach a lesson to Santi and sarla pls now it’s enough for shivam and his mom . Don’t want to see any more drama form shantidevi pls writer do it fast …..

  2. Yeah, pls get riya back,

    Pity on shivam and his mom

  3. Please kuch toh positive show karo

    1. hyy riya…do u knw whr manmarziyaan fans r styng cnnctd aftr d pge z clsd???

  4. What the f**k!!! Why the hell this sitcom taking such depressing turn…it is so sad… And too slow track …very slow…..India is a country where women are respected but if they plot such negativity, cruelness, crushing the good people…. Like what ..has director lost his mind??? C’mon man… Hell since 3 months… Just insulting of poor daughter in law is going on… Why the hell nobody caught red hand both wamp … I hate riya’s character till now… When the hell her track will get fast and will expose Shanti Sarla and all… Its so stupid .. Intensely insulting show… One advice to director… Track it fast … And remove that a*sh*le Raghav from show.. Good for nothing … Who does this in this world… Be logical be practical man! Gear up and do something good in favor of Good castings!

  5. I know one family same like shanti and sarala. They do the same drama. They want to be always on top making others to suffer.

  6. the production team are so dumb and moronic ,what are they trying to teach the audience.

  7. you people will be always backward ,shame

  8. Raghav is so stupid. He doesn’t love his wife and children but his clever mom n sister.

  9. There are ppl in our society who love their daughters so much that they dont care about their son and his children.. This serial isnt showing us bad but highlighting the bad aspects in our society!!!

  10. Lol Ms.Dia …wat r u talking of highlighting of loving a daughter… Really??? A mother should love all her children girl or a boy…. Shanti acts as if she has rented or bought on cash her Bahu.. Arey bhai.. Usika beta usike grandchildren ..still she acts as if meherbani kar ri he… Aur yeh raghav ek no. Ka chu he… Really bad focused Harishchandra ki aulad!

  11. I so much like the pair ofShivam and Riya. More action from them instead of cunning Shanti and Sarla..

  12. Hw creep…. dey r playing dis drama like mother in laws will learn Hw to torture daughter in law…. surely dey r teaching Hw to behaving n all… so better keep busy mils in other things… otherwise mil become as shanti devil… name sake she is shanti… she is totally ashanthi character. .. blah blah…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. raghav is an emotional impotent fool, likes to stay under his mothers undergarment,shame on you for being such a father,shanti should be shown her place and kaushalya should hang herself in same ,stupid moron women,people like her bring shame to other women,darna marna hai

  14. Till yesterday I was against Shanthi handling money. But this show indicates that Kausi is half dementia and forgets everything. She is unable to handle money. Also, all mothers have a tendency to help with money or otherwise to the child who is the poorest. So in a way Shanthi giving money to Sarala can be understood. Also the show does not indicate any money hardships in Ragave’s house or family. The Asian culture expects their sons and daughters to share things with siblings. This is not in Western culture. Westerners are selfish and think of only their families. So for the time being I am willing to accept Shanti doing what she is doing. Also, yesterdays episode highlighted the reason behind Raghav’s attitude by questioning Shivam as to what he will do in a similar situ. The only bad thing is Preethi and Nimmi are not able to talk and tell that they brought the stuff to the room cos Shanthi wanted it that way.

  15. Ridiculous sheis his sister or a beggar in frm of sis. I want tgis I want that and now chandrahaar. Eat ur brother only sarla u want his everything na kill everyone n sit in their house u ****** ******* *****.

  16. omg…this episode was making me sick. how chatur one old lady can be; i dont understand the writer….why cant a person speak out n say the truth; why cant on that truth the questions be asked; why make the characters look so stupid and kushiya character….pls have some mercy on that character; i suggest – leave the house kushiya; sashikala can only sit and dictate; let her daughter n her kids fullfil all the work….show something like that…raghav is a kind of character i call spinless…who can tolerate such kind of husband or father in this time????

  17. i hate the show… after the 12th sep episode…i m off this serial…so much of negativity is beyond tolerance…no more watching yhthe show.. let the director watch it..i have banned it in my home

  18. I agree with others this show is boring and same drama between shanti and sarla
    can you not give them punishment and change the story line bring riya to change the rules in the house and support shivams mum it is too too slow and dragging and very unreal in this day and age lets have some real show where things can happen in this day and age

  19. so much dragging, same drama in almost all the episodes

  20. I want to kill whole family of ‘shanti nivaas’ & the story is over. Really They are such a bigg duffer’s and bhaiya writer maharaaj thodi daya karo viewers par.

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