Mere Angne Mein 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav seeing Kaushalya singing. She says I was so worried that I could not sleep, I got a chance to sing today as I m happy, I m sorry, I promise I will not talk in high tone again. He asks what are you doing, don’t embarrass me. She asks will you work in saree shop, I know you did what you felt right. She ries. He jokes and asks her to become actress. She says I got a gift for you, wait I will show. Riya dries her hair. Shivam comes to the room and sees her. Her hair water falls over his face. She says sorry, and cleans his face. He holds her hand and they smile. Riya says Kaushalya called us for puja, we are getting late, let me go. He says I will let you go, but there is a condition. She asks what. He says I will make you ready for puja.

Kaushalya shows tshirt

to Raghav and asks how did you like it. He asks will you make Sultan in this age. She asks him to wear it and show. She says I took money from Shanti. He asks did you ask Amma, what will she think about me. She says I did not tell about tshirt, I just said about gift, and Shanti asked me to get good gift. She asks him to wear it. He refuses. She stares at him. He says fine, I will wear, turn that side, I m feeling shy. She says fine and turns away. He changes and wears tshirt. She likes it and calls him handsome. He says I don’t like it. She smiles seeing him.

Shivam makes Riya ready. He makes her wear bangles and jewelry. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…..plays……….. He fills sindoor in her maang. She says you made my nose red in your romance. He says sorry, I will make it fine now. He holds her hand and stops her. He gets close.

Raghav says I will change now. Kaushalya stops him and takes a selfie with him. He says you are progressing a lot, this city will be short for you. She says I also feel the same, come close and click the button to take selfie. She pouts and he says I will not do this. She asks him to make lips as kissing someone. He says I know, how to make face. They take selfies. He says its very bad, delete it, if anyone sees us, they will not let us stay here. She says I will see it, when you are not here, and keep wearing the tshirt.

Its morning, Shanti puts garlands on her husband’s pic. Sarla tells Rani that she is going to Shanti Sadan. Nirmala does puja. Sarla jokes on her and leaves. Rani says where is Nirmala going and checks. Kaushalya says Raghav has gone on duty. Shanti says good and taunts on Shivam. She asks Kaushalya to chant mantras while doing rituals, do you do this intentionally, I have to tell you everything. She asks when is pandit coming, did you not call pandit. Kaushalya says I forgot. Shanti asks her to call pandit. Kaushalya calls pandit. Pandit says he has no time to come today, now its tough. Shanti asks why does he not have time, you should have called him before, anyways I will become pandit, Shivam and Riya will place the idol, come. Kaushalya says Sarla did not come till now. Shanti says she will do rituals in her home, she is not from her our family. She asks Kaushalya to worry for arrangements and sends her.

Bansi and Rajendra argue. Rajendra is angry as Bansi lost all the money in gambling. Rajendra says yes, I wanted to double money. Sarla comes there and hears Rajendra saying I have stolen money from Sarla’s house, she is mad. Bansi asks him to see Sarla is standing behind. Sarla beats them. She asks how did you both steal in my house and beats them angrily. They apologize. She says I will not leave you, I can forgive you, give all money back. Rajendra says Bansi lost money in gambling. Sarla says I will take you to police station, I want my money. Rajendra says you can get an imp news, Nirmala has fake divorce papers. Sarla gets shocked and smiles.

Shanti says I want to find my heir, who will manage Shanti Sadan after I die, I think you can do this well. Nimmi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today episode very romantic and very nice episode

  2. Why shanti say that to nimmi in precap? Is nimmi still pregnant?

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