Mere Angne Mein 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Nimmi what will she do. Nimmi says trust me, I will shock Shashikala, you just chill. Preeti says I don’t want any drama. Nimmi asks her to see Diwali and goes. Nimmi asks Kaushalya about Shanti. Kaushalya says she went with Raghav to get ring. Nimmi says ring is imp and sits on the swing. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to get up. Nimmi says I know well where I m sitting. Shanti sees the ring of less weight for Preeti. She buys the ring and asks him to note down the money. Nimmi makes Preeti dance along Kaushalya.

Sujeet asks Mama to get juice for all guests. Mata asks Mama to get Sunehri Maiyya. Mama refuses and Sujeet stares at him. Mata says if you want to be saved, run from here. Mama runs and Sujeet goes after him. He asks Mama to play dhol and dance.

Sujeet makes Mama dance and plays dhol till it bursts. Sujeet gets angry on Mama and runs to beat him. He breaks lemon on Mama’s head. Mama falls down and cries. Sujeet claps. Sujeet then asks what happened to Mama. Mama apologizes to Sujeet and cries.

Nimmi dances and Shanti comes home. She thinks whats going on. Nimmi stops dancing seeing Shanti. Shanti asks her whats happening. She says she was away from home and everyone started dancing. Kaushalya says its not like that. Shanti scolds her and asks her to get water or juice for her. Sarla beats Bansi and says how did you not know foreigner gave me fake dollars. Bansi’s wife sees this and stops Sarla. Bansi says I don’t know anything. Sarla gets Pari’s call and says I will come there soon, keep an eye on cd, I forgot something and will go home. She scolds Bansi and says you cheated me of money, I will not leave you. Rani and Pari are on the way and argue over Pari’s affair with Vyom.

Bansi’s wife scolds him and leaves. Bansi cries as his wife has gone. Riya and Shivam come to office and see everyone working with concentration. The boss asks them to start working, and no one will tell them, not even Bunty. Rani and Pari argue on the way. Pari asks for orange juice and stops at the stall. Her ex BF comes and offers lift. Pari agrees to take lift. Rani asks who is he, I m Pari’s Bhabhi and scolds him. The guy leaves. Rani tells Pari that she will have to pay for all this. Shivam waits for the reports. He talks to Riya and Bunty. The guy brings reports and says Shivam and Riya’s targets were missed and salary would be tough to get. The boss says sorry, you both have seen reports, I can’t do anything, its company policy, you have 3 days to fulfill targets, all the best. Bunty says no salary for me too. Riya says we have to do something, no salary is bad.

Shivam asks for ideas. Bunty argues. Riya asks them to stop fighting. Bunty says you both married and I took leave, what did I leave. Riya says I did not have benefit of my marriage. Shivam says I m listening. Riya says that’s why I m saying. They think to make any plan of action. Mama cries and is hurt. Mata prays that Sujeet stays normal today. Vyom comes home and they tell everything. Vyom says Pari is not answering calls. Mata ji asks him to take Sunehri Mata name and call again.

Vyom calls Pari and she answers call. She acts annoyed and he tries convincing her. She says she has come to her Nani’s place. He says I will pick you in evening. He tells his mum that Pari will come. Pari says I m more smart, I will show him. The man delivers the CD at Shanti Sadan. Nimmi thanks him. Sarla says its good I have sent Pari to Shanti Sadan. Sarla is kidnapped. Shanti tries calling Sarla. Nimmi, Preeti and Kaushalya see the video and it goes when Shanti comes. Nimmi says laptop got shut by Shanti’s voice. Kaushalya says charging went. Shanti takes the cd and goes. Sarla wakes up and sees Bansi and Lallan kidnapping her. She screams and they get afraid. They think to send the letter to Shanti.

Shanti says I don’t know where is Sarla. Pari and Rani come there and greet Shanti. Pari asks did mummy not come till now. Shanti worries and says I will call Raghav. Bansi says we will take ransom money from Sarla’s family. They think to ask for 25000rs and find mahurat for it. Kaushalya calls Ashok and asks about Sarla. Ashok says he has no clue about Sarla. Shanti panics as Ashok does not know. Pari asks shall I go parlor. Shanti scolds neighbors. Kaushalya asks Shanti to calm down. The neighbor backbite about Sarla. Shanti goes to beat them. She gets unwell and Kaushalya calms her.

Mata ji sends Vyom to Sujeet. Sujeet gets dizzy and Vyom makes him rest. Mata ji asks Vyom to call Pari and cancel today’s program. Vyom says her phone is not connecting. She says call her again. Shanti asks Kaushalya to donate money for Sarla. Bansi dressed in fancy costume comes there and throws the letter. Shanti gets the letter. Nimmi reads it about Sarla’s kidnapping. Shanti gets shocked.

Shanti gets hyper and says Sarla is insulted. Raghav calms her. Bindu speaks against Sarla.

Update Credit to: Amena

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