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Mere Angne Mein 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Sarla not to do mistakes again, else her family will not help her. Sarla asks her why did Shanti give more imp to Kaushalya and Riya than her. Shanti scolds Sarla. Kaushalya hears them. Shanti sees Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I just came to talk and timing got wrong. Shanti says its fine, we will go out and talk, matter is open. She says Sarla spoiled the plan, I don’t know who told Sarla. Sarla says Preeti called me and told me all this. Preeti gets worried. Sarla says its not Preeti’s mistake, everyone has hidden this from her, she just asked me. Preeti says yes, I called Sarla to ask, what can we do if Sarla was not told this, everyone does not have such good fate, Sarla and I are in same boat, and have no value.

Sarla says leave it, they did

not say the matter. Preeti says I worried for Sarla and told her, they can scold me and I can apologize. She apologizes Kaushalya. Kaushalya says no, we did not tell you anything. Shivam says atleast misunderstanding ended. Preeti thinks to trouble her. Sarla gets glad that Nirmala has gone and Preeti came on her side. Preeti says Nandu also did not tell me anything, Nandu has become dear to family, but I did not. Shanti says enough now, everyone go.

Shanti thinks I felt bad to scold Sarla, till when will she make herself an issue. Sarla thinks Amma feels shame by me, see how I ashame you, wait for my next plan. Sarla and Pari leave.

Ashok gives cold lassi to Sarla and takes care of her. Sarla cries for money again. He says you started again. She drinks lassi. He says whatever happened, you forget this as a bad dream, now good days are going to come, enjoy it. She blames him for the getting Nirmala home. He apologizes.

Ashok and Sarla have a talk and things get normal between them. Shivam thanks Riya for solving Nirmala’s problem. He asks her to get reward and makes her rest. He says I will massage your feet. She says no, I don’t like you to touch my feet, its bad. He smiles.

Riya and Shivam romance. He gets close. Nimmi comes and smiles seeing them. She teases them and asks them to continue. She leaves. Rani and Amit argue. Sarla asks them to make her Dadi soon. Rani gets too happy hearing this. Amit asks Sarla what are you saying. Rani hugs Sarla happily and asks how did your heart get big, I will prepare, why to delay for a good thing. Amit gets puzzled. Rani checks the clothes to dress up.

Rani argues with Pari and says I should have done that before. Sarla comes and tells Rani that she won’t give money, she has given permission, thats it. Rani says I have money and i will do arrangements. Amit worries and asks Rani to come and talk to her, before celebrating wedding night, its secret thing. Rani asks what is the secret and hugs her. Amit says I asked you to talk, not hug. The man gets the flowers to decorate the room.

Shanti sees the plants. Nimmi comes and asks Shanti to come and have food. Nimmi asks Shanti who will become heir. Kaushalya and Nimmi say we helped Riya. Shivam says you helped, but it was Riya’s idea. Kaushalya says you changed because of Riya, she went to her dad, give me gift on her behalf. Shanti says I asked you all to work alone, you all worked together. Shivam says Nimmi and Kaushalya asked me to help, but Riya asked first, so I asked her. Shanti says you all broke rules, and all of you failed, I also helped and planning was mine, so I will continue to sit on swing. Shivam laughs. He says Riya gave you a letter, its that house rent. Shanti says I will not pay the bill. Shivam says you said this idea was yours, you pay the bill. Shanti says fine, I will pay bill this time.

Kaushalya sees Nandu and Preeti working, and Shivam and Riya checking phone and smiling. Preeti thinks to become helpless and then make Lucky their son in law.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Amalina

    I love Amit and Rani! They are so funny, especially Amit and his dialogues!

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Finally sarla starting to like rani

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