Mere Angne Mein 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti recalling Mohit and getting sad. Nandu looks at her. Riya comes and Preeti shares her worry. Riya says you will look like a fairy wearing this red lahenga and assures her of a good future. Preeti gets a call. Riya asks whose call is it. Preeti says Sharmili’s call and asks Riya to talk to Sharmili. Sharmili tells Riya to make Preeti and Vyom meet outside, they can know each other. Nandu hides and Nimmi comes that way.

Riya says you are right, but meeting before marriage. Sharmili says they can know each other well and understand too. Riya says its nice idea. Sharmili says send Preeti to coffee house. Riya says fine, I will send her, but I have a request, I will ask Shanti, do you have any problem if anyone comes from home. Sharmili says no problem. NAndu

hears the conversation.

Kaushalya asks Shanti what work to do now. Shanti scares her of marriage breaking and asks her to check all the things well. Shanti says I will just come and has some plan in her mind. She takes Riya’s phone. Shanti calls some woman and says I m Riya, Preeti’s marriage is fixed, there are some rituals, can you come with 11 women. Woman says great, you did not tell us before, girl lost her name and even then her marriage got fixed, I will take banaras saree. Shanti says take anything from Amma ji, but come. Shanti ends call and says now I will have to go to Gupta ji, then Riya will leave from this house. She keeps Riya’s phone and goes.

Riya asks Preeti to meet Vyom, Sharmili is so good, I will take permission from Kaushalya and Shanti. Nimmi stops Riya and asks her to take Preeti, I will tell mummy, Dadi has gone back. Riya says no, I will ask them and send Preeti. She thinks Mohit can meet Preeti anywhere, it can be big issue. She asks Nimmi to inform mummy, and asks Preeti to get ready. Nimmi thanks Riya and thinks to hide this from mummy.

Nimmi makes Kaushalya rest saying she looks very tired and needs rest. She makes Kaushalya lie down and goes out. Riya and Preeti are leaving. Nimmi lies that she told Kaushalya and sends them. Vyom gets ready and Sharmili compliments him. She asks him not to get in Pari’s sight. She takes cheque from Sujeev. Sujeev gives her 5 lakhs cheque and says I m going out. She asks where. He says will I tell you everything. Sharmili says he got spoiled, Pari is changing him. Vyom says leave it, I will go now. Pari looks at Vyom and follows him.

Ashok compliments Sarla and asks why is she so happy today. Sarla asks do I need to ask you to be happy. He gives her a saree and says he got it for her and Rani. She dislikes it and gets angry on him. Sharmili stops Pari and asks where is she going. She gets busy on call and Pari leaves from the window. Rani says if Sarla dislikes the saree. Sarla says no, I will keep it. Rani says one is for me. Ashok asks Sarla to give a saree to Rani. Sarla and Rani fight for saree. Sarla tells Ashok that she has to go to Shanti Sadan now.

Shanti comes home. Nimmi worries that Shanti has come back and Kaushalya is in her room. Shanti asks where did Kaushalya go. Shanti goes to her room and sees Kaushalya sleeping there.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to apply some things to Preeti’s face so that she glows. She goes to see Preeti and Nimmi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now the children have started lying like Shanti. All this while it were Sarla’s children , and now it’s Ragho’s children . It starts with Preeti and then to Nimmi. How much does the writer/writers of MAM have satanic ideas? Even now more characters are lying and cheating! MAM is getting from bad to worse! It’s boring and excruciatingly painful to watch due to forever stupid and cunning writers. In the beginning , the story started well, but now it has deteriorated to negativity more than ever!

  2. The Director is totally lost!! The story is not moving any further for past 5 episodes. it is so boring and dull, no laughter for long. it seems they have lost lots of audience for this show. Hope Director wakes up before it is too late!!

  3. Riya is dumb family is of idiots can’t find Nandu intention

  4. This serial started with some different line and with very good actors but it is becoming worse day by day with never ending conspiracies, conspiracies from all sides. I don’t understand what they want to show. It lost it’s entertainment part completely and became very boring. Here we almost six families used to watch this show, but we all stopped watching and only reading telly updates.

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