Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandu keeping a gift for Preeti. He sees her pic and says I will make you mine some day Preeti ji. Kaushalya comes and hears him. She says Preeti is very lucky, you will get her love some day, and blesses him. He asks her to give the anklet to Preeti, she will accept if you give this to her. He goes. Kaushalya says Preeti should understand she is lucky to get such a loving husband, I won’t give, Nandu will give this himself.

Vyom wakes up and has headache. She gives him coffee and says your hangover will go. He asks how did you know, do you like drinking. She says no, I know about it, I m sorry for yesterday, I did not make food bad, someone spoiled it. He asks who will do this, I can’t forget this insult. She asks him why is he overreacting and goes.


wakes up from sleep and sees the anklets kept on the table. She gets angry and goes to scold Nandu. He asks who are you to give me anklet. Kaushalya asks what happened, why are you getting mad. Preeti says its between me and my husband, don’t get in this. Kaushalya says then go to your inlaws, this is my house, I will not bear Nandu’s insult, I got this anklet. Preeti asks really, did Shanti give money for my gift, this does not look real, did you pick this from any stall. Kaushalya says you talk so bitter, its waste to talk to you. She sends Nandu and asks Preeti to have some shame.

Nimmi says just Pari can spoil the things in this house. She checks the food and says you did not do this right Pari, I have to find proof against you. She checks for something and gets glue bottle there. She says foolish Pari, she left this proof here, I will give her lesson in her language. Pari comes and asks Nimmi to make food properly today. Nimmi asks do you want to spoil food again. Pari worries and asks her not to blame her. She thinks did Nimmi doubting on me. She scolds Nimmi and thinks Nimmi may not know about glue, else she would have done big drama. She asks her to call Kaka and get the kitchen cleaned. She goes. Nimmi plans something.

Chanda goes to the terrace and joins the live wire to the clothes drying metal string. She shuts the power for some time. Kaushalya comforts Shanti. Shanti feels hot. Kaushalya says I will tell Chanda to make juice. Chanda starts the power and comes downstairs. Kaushalya asks Chanda to make juice for Shanti. Shanti says I will go and rest in my room. Chanda sees Riya washing clothes and going upstairs. Ruhi goes to put washed clothes on the metal wire. Chanda thinks to start her drama and rushes to stop Riya. She shows the live wire and says anything would have happened if I did not come. Riya thanks her for the favor. Chanda says you saved my life once, I saved your life today, I m upset that I m doing wrong with you and becoming your sautan, you are a good person, I feel like meeting my sister. Riya says we can’t keep two relations together, you have to choose one relation. Chanda says I can’t choose, I did not plan to come here. Riya says yes, but tell me a truth, do you love Shivam. Shanti looks for Chanda. Kaushalya says I think we are lucky that Shivam loves us a lot. Shanti says yes, but don’t talk to him about anything in this matter, as Riya is still here.

Chanda tells Riya that she can’t answer this question. Riya says fine, don’t give the answer, sometimes silence gives all answers. Chanda says think anything, I don’t want to lose a friend like you. Riya says then you have to answer me, do you want to marry Shivam. Chanda says fine, Shivam is a very nice person, and cries falling in Riya’s feet. She apologizes to Riya. Riya asks her to get up. She says I can’t forgive you till you tell me whether you want to marry Shivam or not. Chanda says I can’t refuse for this relation, Shanti has favors on me, I will tell everyone that I don’t want to marry and ruin someone’s house. Riya says then they will get someone else. Chanda says yes, that’s why I m asking you to be like my sister. Riya says I have complaints with my love and Lord, I have to see whom my Lord supports, you or my love. Chanda says I will pray to Lord, that he agrees to you. Riya thinks Chanda accepted she loves Shivam, this fight won’t be easy now. She cries.

Chanda goes to everyone and tells them that they have to switch off main power, electric wire fell on the metal string, its good I saved Riya’s life. Shivam goes to Riya and asks are you fine. Riya cries and says I will not die so soon, what will happen to me. He calls someone to come home and check the live wire. He asks Riya whats her problem, go to room and sit. She asks why are you worried for me, I m fine. Shanti asks Shivam to leave it, Riya feels bad seeing you do something good.

Chanda asks Riya to have some food. Sarla comes there and sees both of them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what’s this dragging,,,,didn’t Sharmili quit!

  2. I hate chanda when will her track end ?

  3. All Hindus are like this in India as they show in their drama? Lying n no truth at all

    1. No yaar,,,there are lots of other good dramas…this one is just an exceptional case with no positivity at all

    2. Darling there are other people in India other than Hindus. Basic fictional drama’s don’t tell the reality.

    3. oh come on!!! y r u dragging religions into this…dont be so insensible please.

  4. Hey Amisha…it’s a daily soap and nothing more..bad scripting and silly storyline and this should not be the criteria for judging any particular sect.

  5. i feel very bad for riya

  6. Dragging dragging. OMG Riya you have to learn acting . And kaushalya praising Nandu what a pity. If she knew what he did to Mohit she’d stop

  7. Keep dragging as viewers gets now up from this serial writers don’t want listen to viewers no use saying anything to them they gonna keep dragging this serial as they are now they put another negative character as chanda only riya herself no one on her side feel sorry for her still struggling for her husband and family good luck to riya hope she win I don’t know when but she should win

  8. The one who spoiled Priti & Mohit relation was Sarla n Nandu, it wasn’t Riya. Priti should blame herself for going to see Mohit and nimmi is idiot to sit as a bride. Pari, her brother, her mom & grandmother are nut case people. How come they don’t get caught. Please director & producer stoppppp dragging the story, it’s about time you end this shanti & Sarla drama. Thank you

  9. Please stop the show it’s worst director not in favour of viewers

  10. this is just a show.please do not target any religion amisha

  11. Shivani Veerendra Teki

    Hey all.. In the begining I loved this show for the language and comedy scenes. But now this has become the most hated show. So much dragging and the storyline is so bland and same old. I have stopped watching it and sometimes come here to read the episode but the story is still where it was 2 weeks ago. Repetition of dialogs is what is happening. They should move it faster. And add some masti.

  12. Some days ago a fellow commenter has said that she identify herself with the show and it is just her story. Agreed that this sort of drama happens in joint families, but not all are negative characters. Now-a-days when girls are much educated, such things seldom happens. Hence the soap is unrealistic. I have stopped watching long back. Just read the updates sometime thinking the storyline will change but it never haoppens.

    1. Hi Chee you are correct I am the person who faced the same.. like dumb MIL, dumb hubby… But I didn’t do like Riya because I am not so called very good DIL…. Because they are grown up like that we cannot change them… I struggled for 5 years and made my hubby to understand whats happening…. Logics cannot work infront of them… So left all my in law family members and made only my husband to stay with me and understand me… because husband should understand first….

      1. Feeling sorry for you, but how things are right now Swapna.

    2. Yeah things are somewhat ok now…. But not in touch with in laws not talking to them…. Even I am working lady like Riya.

      Everything is same except my FIL also like Kushiya and in place of Dadi we are having my husband’s badi mamma… Who willl always think abt her own kids and blame for everything to my husband’s siblings… But still they will not realize… till now they didn'[t relaize like shivam/Nimmi.. Like Preeti I am having one SIL. She is exactly like Preeti… I am wondering how they got this story… It’s very irritating concept but still people exist like that….

      Even I am irritated with the family so as I am independant and strong (Still I used cry a lot like Riya because I didn’t know how to explain)..

  13. Why dont you just stop watching the star plus crappy shows people. Havent you noticed all star plus soaps are so crappy and full of idiotic nonsence and overacting by all characters . Look at kokila or bhabho or sarla or whoever. These comments dont have any meaning for the producers. It only proves that there is still viewership. The only way these show will stop is when people stop watching them .

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